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Elemntal Monarch - Registration

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Elemntal Monarch - Registration

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SWAT-Calibur on Fri Apr 06, 2007 11:52 pm

Alright, I am looking for a grand total of 5 RP'ers with excellent skills with grammar and posting. I would like to set up a RP with these Roleplayers.

The Roleplay would consist of:

Five Elemental masters-


The plot of the RP would be consisted of these five elementals meeting eventually (You may not meet each other till after five posts of travelling or your home.) When they do meet, they get into a fight, not a serious but just to understand the other elemental better and get to know them. Eventually when they all meet, they go after the Darkness Elemental, Sarite, who has taken over the world in a sense and cast chaos and destruction over Earth (Pretty much, Hell on Earth.) And the Elementals are the resitance who plan to take down Sarite and restore balance to the world, but once done with the balance restoring, well that is up to the RP'ers if they wish to continue, if interested, please place your characters Bio below.

Name, Element, Weapon skills(No guns.) Home Village.

Alright, this is a bit late, but the villages are as follows.

Thestalos - The land of fire, named after the fire monarch Thestalos. Almost anyone from this village, who controls fire is a lethal being to be messed with. They have also been supressed by Sarite, killing anyone who is caught, or can control fire.

Mobius - Land of Water. Named after the frost monarch, Mobius. Tho' no frost elementals have been around since, Sarite pays little to no attention to this village, but kills anyone who leaves the village.

Granmarg - Land of Earth. Named after the earth monarch, Granmarg. Sarite has yet to penitrate this village, but keeps trying to, slowly killing off any members they can, forcing Granmarg to fight back.

Zaborg - Land of Wind. Named after the wind monarch, Zaborg. This village lies within the sky, floating about the earth. Sarite contantly wars with this village due to it's imbalance of limited goverment. This village is neither weak nor powerful.

Crescent - Land of Metals. The name was originated after all the monarchs joined together, forming a new village that was supposably supposed to be the closest thing to perfect. It has been taken over by Sarite and corrupted. But there are still a few who rally together and refuse to bow down to Sarite.

Sarite - Land of Darkness. Named after it's leader Sarite. Has conquered the whole world nearly, bringing hell on Earth forcing the main villages to rise against. Knowing that the year of the Monarchs is nearing, he has raged a most powerful attack against the main villages, trying to kill them, and is nearing it. (This is the village the elementals will war against, and it will not be an easy win. There is a certain way they must kill Sarite, and you will find out later on the RP.)

Now, I do not plan this to be a short RP, so only join this if you are Dedicated to finishing this RP to the end.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SWAT-Calibur on Sat Apr 07, 2007 12:00 am

Village: Crescent( Land of Metals)

Name: Thresh Rayquaza

Weaponing: The most skill Swordman known to all villages.

Appearance: Around 7'. Holds three blades on his left side of his body. Holds four swords on his back and one Buster Blade on his right side of his body. His armor is Dragon Armor, giving him the appearance of a dragon in a human looking shape. Pure muscle, about a 60" chest. (Yes, this gut is massively muscular, but abnormally flexible.)

History: At the age of three, he was blinded by a Sritian warrior, so everything he would see from that day on would be black. He slowly began to use the earth as his eye's. At the age of sixteen, his Swordsmaster was slain, and he saw it all in his head, as the earth sent him the images. He then had released a long-lost wrath against Sarite, swearing to take them down and destroy them for good. Working hard everyday, taming his metal control. This massive amount of energy and stregnth used in this, built his body to a rather large thickness, appearing as a giant to many.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Avius on Tue Apr 10, 2007 4:04 am

(I was looking at this and it sounds like fun, but I was thinking it could be even more interesting if you threw in more elements. For example light and shadow, death and life, order and chaos, nature and machine. I was also curious to see that the element of darkness is evil, I don’t know, I guess I always saw darkness as more of a neutral entity. It is not the night that people fear, but what it holds within.)

Element: Fire

Thestalos: Every so often in Thestalos children are born with the ability to wield fire. Although such children are not rare they are also not a common occurrence. The reason why some have the extraordinary ability is unknown but babes born with it are commonly viewed by the people as gifts from the Monarch Thestalos.

At an early age these children are trained by other with the gift known as the Elders. Devoting years to the art, those with the gift are molded into tools of battle combining the skill of the sword and prowess of fire into a lethal battle rage known as the Sin’car. Upon reaching adulthood these warriors are charged with the protection of their people, and over time these defenders of Thestalos have become known as Sentinels.

When a Sentinel is no longer able to perform his task of defending his people due to age he retires into the Council of the Elders who’s duty is to provide guidance to all people of Thestalos and training to those with the gift.

Name: Avius the Nameless

Background: Born with the ability to wield the element of fire Avius was considered a gift to his people, as were all children like him. Tragically the notion of Avius being a gift quickly vanished with the beginning of his training. Avius was some how handicapped in his ability, whether it was due to his unwillingness to learn or because of some unnatural defect it is unknown. He was unable to protect himself from the fire he was born and destined to control, something completely unheard of. Every time Avius called forth the fire it burned him and scorched his skin as if he were a normal man sticking his hand atop a torch. Avius quickly became mutilated by the fire he would call forth, his entire body marred with the scars of each previous encounter, unlike his peers who could protect themselves from the effects of their own fire.

But it wasn’t Avius who resented those born with the pure form of the gift, instead it was they who resented him. They saw him as a hideous monster, unfit to join the ranks of their perfect Sentinels. Some thought that Avius had sinned against the Monarch Thestalos to be cursed in such away, while other thought him simply a rebellious student. Even Avius’ own parents came to see him as a curse upon their people. Unable to stand the sight of his mutated flesh Avius’ parents along with the Council of Elders banished him into the uninhabited lands of Thestalos, afraid of the wrath of their Monarch if they allowed him to stay. Avius was only a teenager at the time.

Despite being forced into exile Avius continued to practice calling for the fire for years until mastering the art. Even though no one else would consider him a master of fire because of what he did to himself every time he used it, he was still able to as much with it as the best of the Sentinels. In fact he was able to do much more with the flames than anyone else alive, for what Avius lacked in the defensive side of fire he made up for in offense. Sacraficing protection for speed and sheer ferocity.

To this day Avius wanders around in the wilderness of the lands of Thestalos, exileed into a life of solitude. Taking on the title of The Nameless, because without a name he did not exist. Heartlessly seperated into a life of emotional aloofness that would one day be the reason why he was the only one remaining with the gift of fire.

The impure form of a gift that Avius saw as a curse.

(I took the liberty of making some background for the lands of Thestalos, just a little something to actually give my character depth and a history. However if there’s any problem with it just let me know so I can change it.)

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SWAT-Calibur on Tue Apr 10, 2007 5:22 pm

(It's not bad. I just gave it a somewhat background, the Rp'er should give the city more depth. But yeah, it's good. Later on in the RP, the other elements will come in. But for now it is the basic elements till things start going.))

-Accepted- Avius the Nameless
-element- Fire

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