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Elphanor Needs Highly Dedicated and Literate Roleplayers

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Elphanor Needs Highly Dedicated and Literate Roleplayers

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ravelin on Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:33 pm

Elphanor is a kingdom that lies in the center of four other kingdoms. Each of those four kingdoms were originally a part of Elphanor centuries ago. This means they are the son/daughter kingdoms of Elphanor, and brother/sister kingdoms to each other. Each of the four are easily differentiated from each other due in part to differences in climate as well as culture and tradition. At times these differences have caused some disagreements in the past and there were more than a few threats of war. Actually war did break among the five kingdoms in a point in history, which was stopped by the younger High King. Apart from the King of Elphanor, there is yet another king- The High King. Despite his not being king of that region, he still has power over the other kingdoms which is why he is known as 'High King'. Since after the nightmare of the war that broke out years ago, he has always put forth an effort to step in and prevent outbreaks of waring acts among the kingdoms in an effort to preserve peace.

Though they are brother/sister kingdoms, each individual region isolates itself from those around them. Some isolate themselves because they pride themselves on being better than the other three, some out of hatred for one or more of their siblings kingdoms, and some simply wish to be left in peace and on their own. The four kingdoms may have seprated from each other but all of them are still highly respectful or fearful of Elphanor and will come when the High King summons them to his caslte. Elphanor itself is a netural kingdom where peace is law. Those who cause trouble or try to influence chaos in any form are punished. To try and inspire rebellion or de-throne the High King would provoke an immediate death sentence.

However, the wise old King has a trump-card up his sleeve.

On the wind there whispers an old legend about the Gods tipping the scales of fate in a way until any other that were directed to the High King's ears. The King decided to arrange each of the princes and princesses, including the heir not apart of the five kingdoms, to marry a commonder from either their own kingdom or from another. If the Royals of each kingdom could love and gain insight of the people around them who were most effected by war, he believed that just maybe they could finally look past their differences and willfully become allied kingdoms once again...

Where is the sixth crown heir from if they are not a part of the five kingdoms? Apart from the five 'land' kingdoms of the country, there is yet another kingdom. Though unlike the others, Airis is a new kingdom compared to the other five and is rapidly growing. At first, Airis was a small city off the coast of the country but now is a whole kingdom is located in the middle of the sea and has greatly prospered from the state it once was.

The High King, now an ancient man and approaching the autumn of his years is well aware that if the four kingdoms remain as they with their current levels of hostility and isolation, when his title changes to the 'Late High King' war will inevitably, in the following years, come with his passing.But since the city quickly grew into a kingdom, there are some that think that Airis should start and win a war with the five land kingdoms. Yes, it would be suicide for them to openly start a war, but with the High King not only seeking peace with the five kingdoms but also with the sea kingdom. The engagement alliance is just too tempting to refuse.

This was of course assuming that everything went as planned, but with those who are still young, one can never be certain.

Six commoners from different kingdoms have now been chosen for various reasons and will attend a ball held in the High King's castle where the princes and princesses will also be in attendance. The commoners may have heard about the princes and princesses but never before have seen them, let alone met them. Commoners were strictly forbidden from entering any Royal Palace without summons before, which hardly ever happened.

The time grows near, and the 12 youngsters bound by the King's thread of fate and arranged to be married will soon meet each other at the ball...

There are plenty of open spots for both Commoner and Royal characters, but you need to be able to post AT LEAST ONCE EVERY OTHER DAY (in other words around 3-4 times a week) with post of 550 words or more!!!

There is a number of different races that the characters can be, but some races are only offered in certain kingdoms. I expect a wide varity of characters meaning I don't want 3 characters being the same race, all the girls being loud/stubborn/head strong, all the guys being sweet and perfect gentleman, princes/princesses wishing that they had other lives, etc. If someone already has a character, that's was submited and approved, that is similar to what you were thinking of making yours. Then change a few things since someone else already made that type of character.

If you want to be a Commoner, be creative! You can basically do whatever you want with them as long it's realistic with the kingdom describtion. For example, don't have your character being a polar rancher in the desert. They can be normal commoners that were expected to take on the family business, travelers, soliders, animal ranchers, farmers, tailor, or whatever. Just make sure that they don't have a background that seems like it would belong to someone in a bad (or even good) sopa opra.

Royals, you can also do whatever you like as long it is in the prince/princess lines. They can be spoiled brats that always had their way, serious that takes their role in live with pride and take no nonsense, a troublemaker that likes to escape out of the castle, a player that never thought of the others feeling for the sake of being entertained, etc. Though I would LOVE for someone to make the Airis Prince a power hungry, stone hearted, prick. Every RP has that dude that everyone seems to hate.

Again, you MUST be able to post in the RP at LEAST 3-4 times a week!!! I will also ask for you to make your RP post around 550 but you are more than welcomed to write more :3 PM, post here, post in the RP's OOC if you want to reserve a spot after you check it out more. Reservations I'll let two days and then free up the spot.

Elphanor: Tipping the Scales of Fate
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Re: Elphanor Needs Highly Dedicated and Literate Roleplayers

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ravelin on Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:37 am

Gai and Ruthen Commoners are opened. They can be either be a guy or girl since there's only one male and one female spots left.

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Re: Elphanor Needs Highly Dedicated and Literate Roleplayers

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby KumoriRyuu on Fri Nov 04, 2011 10:49 pm

Bumping the thread and giving a word of advice to any real players interested in this rp: If you think you'd like to join this rp, make sure you're ready for the long haul. If you don't know for certain that you can stick with it to the end then don't bother joining. We don't have time for players who join an rp and then lose interest and drop within a month of getting involved.

Again, key words in this thread are in the title: highly dedicated. If you know that you are interested and want to see it through to the end, then contact Ravelin A.S.A.P because the rp will begin very soon and believe me you don't want to miss out!
Kumori Ryuu

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