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embarrassed to have a caregiver (OPEN AIM/MSN)

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am looking for a role play with a girl. who is the shy, outcast type. She dresses unlike the other girls, maybe a bit punkish and doesn't have many friends and still is very innocent, and doesn't know a lot about life. She is very ashamed and shy about her body, still growing and at that awkward stage of growing up. She is a bit chubby and at that difficult stage of puberty, where to conception she doesn't look like she should, but its just her age and part of growing up.

She lives in a single parent household, her mom and dad recently got a divorce where her dad had a good job as a manager of a chain of clothing stores. Her mom is now working very hard as a office manager, to try and give her daughter the same lifestyle she has. She is very protective of her daughter and always worries about her.

The girls mother asked a family friend to come pick her up from school and watch her for a few hours, this was a last minute situation because she had to do some last minute overtime for her boss. Her mother did not want her staying by herself as she is over protective. So she got a family friend to come take care of her for a few hours till she gets back in the evening. The girl is very embarrassed by this and ashamed to have a sitter at her age. The girl is very insecure and ashamed by her body (as stated above) and doesn't like to be looked at by people. The gentleman is very nice and knows this is awkward for her due to his gender and her age. Problems may arise, but they both try to make it an easy night so they can get through it.

This role play isn't about having sex, its about an embarrassed insecure girl getting through a difficult situation. IF YOU WANT TO CYBER DON'T BOTHER ME PLEASE!

If your interested in the role play or want to know more about the role play message me on


Hope to chat with you soon!
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