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End of Peace...

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SinfulSoul on Thu Sep 15, 2005 3:18 pm

The Taurus mobile suits were only gaining more and more velocity as they pulled closer into Earth's gravity coupled with their existing momentum from the transport shuttles and their own verniers. The explosion would have slowed the down slightly, however their current frictionless momentum would easily overwhelm any such counterforce. And though the pilot's screens displayed a bright light that overloaded any visual feeds for a temporary period of time, the basic radars were more than enough to maintain the Taurus formation and locate the giant hunks of mass.

The nine Taurus mobile suits had moved ahead of Zhelir as a defensive wall that would be closing in at a high rate. They would not allow the enemy to escape, not this easily. Using primarily their radars for this brief period of time while the visual sensors started to recover from the giant flash, they Taurus mobile suits would advance towards the only hunk of moving mass that wasn't a part of their formation. The Taurus mobile suits had already readied their beam rifles and were preparing to fire.

After a solid 10 seconds the visual feeds had finally recovered from the flash, and though they had been slowed down marginally the distance between them and the fugitive pilot had grown significantly smaller. All nine Taurus suits were easily within firing range due to the long reach of their equipped laser weaponry. A maximum of five additional seconds were used to steady their aim as Earth's atmosphere drew ever closer. Already heat had begun to build up on the surface of the mobile suits, but the SIG pilots intended to push their suits to the limit. Three mobile suits had set their aim on the head of the enemy mobile suit where the visual sensors and the vulcan guns of the Leo suit were expected to be. Another three set their aim on the remaining large thruster that was already having difficulty stabilizing the Leo as it entered the atmosphere. And the final group of three Taurus suits set their aim on the right arm of the Leo with the intention of sending the Leo into a spiral fall from the impact of the attack. Once their aim had been set, the order was given to open fire. After this first volley of shots, Zhelir would be able to take over the rest while the Tauruses secured the general area.

Should this Leo and it's pilot survive, they were determined to make the landing a living hell and even more determined to send the suit off of it's intended course. The SIG pilots knew that they would have trouble if the Leo entered into the airspace of a military base - Even if it entered as a flaming ball of rubble. This suit simply could not be allowed to land on Earth.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aarkon on Thu Sep 15, 2005 4:16 pm

Aarkon tried to keep the pod steady, not wanting to fall too off course, the heat around the pod building higher and higher each passing second; pieces of the pod flaring off and shooting off behind him from the heat. More warning commands applied on the screen as stabilizers and other systems began to burst into flame. The bandages on Aarkon’s face began to become wet. ‘INCOMING’ flashed on his screen. They were firing, it seems that Aarkon had underestimated thee pilots… These years of peace hadn’t softened anyone it seems. Though how would the public feel seeing Mobile Suits fight in their air. Aarkon ran his fingers over the keyboard, only to draw it back as it sparked into electrical discharge. Aarkon winced as he looked at his hand, the bandages were burnt off.

The Taurus took their aim carefully, staying steady even in this freefall into deadly atmosphere, seems they all had something in common; they weren’t afraid to die. Aarkon placed his burnt hand onto his face and began to laugh into it. His laugh grew louder and louder as he pressed the communication system, broadcasting it to any available system; anyone could hear,
”HA! You fools, you’re very good, I must admit. But there’s something that we don’t have in common… You may not be afraid of death… But I embrace it!”Aarkon pulled a lever down from the ceiling and pulled it back, then rotated it.

The Pod slowly opened, the heat hitting the Mobile Suit full force, causing its armor to slowly melt away; much like it would be doing to the Taurus once they reached the point he was in. Aarkon pushed the petals down and pulled on the thrusters before shoving them forward, putting all power to them. His Mobile Suit used the force speed of his pod along with his own velocity, doing much like what the Taurus did. The only problem was that the speed he was going now would kill most humans. The white and sweat soaked wrappings on his face soon began crimson as his wounds opened up. The same went for his arms; blood trickled down out of his sleeves. He could feel his ribs begin to crack as he coughed up blood.

Shots. Aarkon winced as the pod behind him broke apart, a few of the fire coming and blowing into the Mobile Suit, the right shoulder being blown apart, the arm hanging by cords alone, which soon melted, sending the arm off into a random spiral. Another beam struck the lower part of the Mobile Suit’s left leg, blowing it clean off.

Shadow began to spiral downwards, most of his sensory offline now. He turned the Mobile Suit and pressed the fire button for his Vulcan Guns; bullets moving towards the Taurus only to melt before they could reach their target, now being nothing but large liquid clumps of burning metal. His intentions exactly, they would pound and sear the oncoming Mobile Suits.

Shadow exited the atmosphere finally, heat still building up from the freefall. He lifted his remaining arm and launched a small grapple hook wrapping around the pod that was off from him, which too had exited the atmosphere. Aarkon pulled on the controls, sending the pod in front of him, then released the grapple and launched a Flare at the inside of the pod; aiming for the computer systems that weren’t destroyed yet. The flare exploded within the pod, blocking all visible view of the falling Mobile Suit, but the electrical discharge would scatter most radars.

Aarkon slammed on his thrusters; the pod would fall into the ocean; far up the Northern Continent, but the Mobile Suit would be no where to be seen at this point in time; the Taurus wouldn’t have pushed themselves further into the atmosphere; only the Mercurius would have been able to make it like he did, because he had the pod’s protection. And the decoy would be enough to get away…

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zhelir Darkfall on Thu Sep 15, 2005 7:04 pm

Zhelir roared in fury. Sure, they knew exactly where the enemy had fallen, but there were several problems with this.

First, he had ample time to escape the Leo and get away from it while it sunk, as Zhelir would indeed be taking the non-suicidal route.

Second, Earth's defenses were sure to be buffered, after the NY Harbor attack.

Third, he didn't want to just capture his mark, he wanted to kill him. He wanted to stomp him under Mercurius' mighty foot. But he had orders.

A quick reversal of his thrusters dulled down his momentum, and a continuous thrust away from the atmosphere provided him with enough resistance to keep from completely melting. He wasn't going to play it so safe as to avoid all damage; that would give the man too much time. He was only going to be cautious enough to maintain functionality.

He sent a broadcast back to Sinful. I'm in pursuit, Sin. But some reinforcements and a shuttle or somethin' would help. I don't know if I'll have enough fuel to break orbit off this rock, and I'll need a way to transport the pilot and his suit, anyway.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SinfulSoul on Thu Sep 15, 2005 9:18 pm

The Taurus mobile suits began to smolder and the outer armor was slowly starting to melt. The Taurus mobile suits did indeed have a high heat tolerance compared to the Leo, however even with it's more advanced design the Taurus suits still couldn't enter the atmosphere safely without the assistance of a transport shuttle. The shuttles were equiped with the ceramic lining required to make it through Earth's atmosphere safely. After small fragments of the Taurus mobile suits began to break away, the pilots began to pull back and let Zhelir continue on after the enemy mobile suit. Just as the Taurus suits began to pull back, yet another large flash went off and a large amount of electrostatic disturbance spread through the area. Their radars were instantly jammed with clearly false readouts rendering them useless until the electricity released dissipated. The Taurus mobile suits used their reverse thrusters to counter their momentum and stay in the furthest reaches of Earth's atmosphere.

Meanwhile back on the L1 colony, Sinful was constantly being updated through various channels about the events taking place. One of the various radios he had set up on his office desk then chimed in. The voice was easily recognizable as Zhelir's.

"I'm in pursuit, Sin. But some reinforcements and a shuttle or somethin' would help. I don't know if I'll have enough fuel to break orbit off this rock, and I'll need a way to transport the pilot and his suit, anyway."
General Sin pondered for a few moments before coming to a conclusion. He then replied to Zhelir's broadcast.
"Zhelir, the L2 colony is still a 15 minute ride with our fastest shuttles to your current position. I'll send the transport shuttles that are already out there back to pick up the Taurus suits and move them safely through Earth's atmosphere. A dropship to pick you back up would be too risky in a hostile zone. They'd be nothing but sitting ducks, so I'll have to try sending a small refueling ship. It should be enough to get you into space, and from space the Taurus transports can drag you along with a few rope lines. If anything goes wrong, I'll make arrangements. Just stay low until the Taurus transports land. Stay safe, Zhelir."
And with that he forwarded the orders to the L2 colony and immediately preperations were set in motion. The other colonies were alerted to have their mobile suits ready to launch at a moments notice and the small refueling shuttle was not far behind the Taurus transports.

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