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Epic: Avram Turner vs Burori

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Epic: Avram Turner vs Burori

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Tue Apr 11, 2006 8:19 pm

Veteran DBZ fighter Burori meets inexperienced (in RP) Jedi, Avram Turner.

Burori hovers down from his perch in a nearby tree using his ki to support his normal Saiya-jin form. Then as he floats to a gentle stop 20 feet from his previous location, he places his hands out to his sides as he bends his arms at his elbows, open handed at first. Then suddenly, the calm face he portrayed before, turned from a slight smirk to a wide maniacal grin at the exact moment his fists clenched, and he summoned his ki force as he burst into a Super Saiya-jin form, his hair golden. The ground beneath him shatters into a crater five feet in diameter, with him still hovering above it, the force from his ki shoving small rocks and dust in a radial pattern from him. His golden aura is barely visible at this point, signifying his control over his power.

Avram senses what is going on and rushes to the scene. Seeing Burori, he activates his lightsaber, switches it to the extended blade setting. Summoning the Force, he levitates, moves toward him and swings the lightsaber at Burori when he is one meter away, the blade is currently two meters long.

Smirking as he catches the motion as it is being executed, he moves his form with such speed he leaves a residual image behind where he once was. The blade passes through this smirking image as his body comes around the back side of Avram's right arm, as it swings away from him now. Extending his ki on beyond his aura now, he opens his left palm and shrinks the energy in the now green-tinted air in a small marble sized ball in his left hand as he reaches forward with a snap of his own right arm to grasp the wrist of Avram's right arm.

Avram dodges grasp, turns to face Burori and temporarily turns of the lightsaber. He launches Force Lightning from his hands out to Burori. Then he switches back on his lightsaber, puts it in normal mode, and postions it to block the ball of energy.

Instead as the lightning arcs through the air, Burori moves his body back with near-zanzouken speed, narrowly avoiding the spreading fingers of lightning, if only for a moment. However, this moment is enough to launch the energy he formed in his palm into the path of the lightning. At the lightning collides with the ball, the ball suddenly expands back to its larger size, expelling the energy that was put into it in a forceful wave that knocks the majority of the bolt aside. However still, a streak of lightning licks across his right shoulder, leaving a searing, blistering, mark that runs a course like a river. Clenching his teeth yet still smirking, he spreads his arms, still hovering, into a formation like a star. He then begins to charge his energy into his palms.

Avram postions his lightsaber to block a forward attack and sets up as box of Force Energy around him, as solid and impenetrable as Adamantium.

Continuing to hover backwards from his foe, he positions himself higher into the air, at a distance of about 100 feet now from him. Pushing more and more of his ki into his palms, his aura gets weaker as the energy is visibly streaming from the air into the palms of his hands. Any trace of pain is now lost from his face, as he looks down on the small form of Avram. The attack he charges grows in power at the time ticks on.

Avram levitates himself to eye level with Burori. He then creates a Force Storm around Burori. Force Lightning bolts stream over to him from all directions.

Smirking ever still, his form is flipped backwards in mid-air as his entire body twists 180 degrees to the left, performing in effect an immelman maneuver, so he is now inverted and facing his foe. Suddenly bursting into a Super Saiya-jin rage once more, his aura suddenly increases back to full power and beyond, allowing his body to transform into the Legendary Super Saiya-jin form, increasing his strength, speed, and all around lethality. The energy that suddenly radiates from his body is extended just in time to hold back the brunt of the force lightning. But as the lightning continues to push on the aura, and the ever-charging attack continues to suck energy from the now increased aura, the aura collapses, being mainly sucked into the attack. The final waves of the lightning attack slam into Burori's battle-conditioned body, again causing him to clench his teeth, yet not distracting him from the battle.

Avram is now enraged. He opens himself to the Dark Side,letting it's energy flow through him. He charges forward, and now moves to chop of Burori's head with his lightsaber.

"Heh..." Burori grunts as this falls perfectly into his plan. He uses his newly enforced speed to zanzouken, still inverted, on around the swerving lightsabre with enough clearance to slam his palms together in mid zanzouken, while he reappears, palms pointing towards the ex-Jedi's back, a good ten feet from his forcefield's surface. Then bringing the massive, charged ball that is now in his hands back in towards his chest, he re-absorbs all of the energy he placed into it. His form increases in size once more, his muscles becoming stronger. His speed remains the same, unaffected by the increase in muscle mass. He reverses the immelman maneuver, returning himself to the same level and orientation, yet behind Avram. His calm smirk returns to his face, the blisters already cooling upon his skin. He chooses against attacking this time.

Avram again turns to face Burori. He uses the Force to put Burori into a hibernation trance. Burori falls to the ground, unable to remain levitated. As Avram watches, a smirk appears on his face.

Burori's Legendary Super Saiya-Jin state is then reduced to the normal state, his hair returning to the black color it once was as he now lies still, for now.

Avram gathers the Force. He creates a wall above Boruri and drives it down onto him. Killing Burori.
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