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Epic: Kouketsu vs. Sohjin [Final Fight]

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Epic: Kouketsu vs. Sohjin [Final Fight]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kouketsu on Sat May 13, 2006 1:02 pm

[09:52:08] * Heijin`Daijoudan then grinned as he seemed to reach over his left hip where his blade was stationed; removing the blade from the belt on his waist. He slid his left leg backwards, with his right leg shifting forwards somewhat as his red hair seemed to glimmer a bit, grasping the sheath of his blade with his left hand, his right hand hovering over the hilt of the blade, his left thumb pressing against the tuska of the said blade; he did all this, raising his left heel somewhat, entering an Imperfect Form of the Battou-Jutsu stance.

[09:52:25] * Akikazu`Hidetada made a brief procession forwards, pattering footfalls making audible echoes along the quieted Isamahii Garden. His eyes elevated, darkened in all shades and made scan of the area before matching with his opponent. He would draw between his lips one long, languid breath and exhale. His form would compose itself fully and pass glance to two blades, one extending from either side.

[09:54:55] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly dashed a this foe with an unrelenting burst of his own sudden speed, shaking his head somewhat as he thrust the blade out in an arc towards the oncoming foe, his crimson hair seemed to flow somewhat with the wind as he did this, his eyes gleamed in the light of the moon.

[09:54:57] * Akikazu`Hidetada would hasten forth upon his words towards the form of Heijin, his left arm reaching down and drawing forth the blade he had stored there. He would approach Heijin and release it forwards, slashing it vertically towards his chest as he went.

[09:55:15] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly allowed the sheathed blade to slam agaainst the foes blade, allowing it to be trapped under the weight of the said blade as he unsheathed it with his free hand, grinning a bit.

[09:55:18] * Akikazu`Hidetada would fall back momentarily at the sight of the amazing speed his foe had met his blade with. He would clash with the man for a few moments and then retract his blade, rotating around his form.

[09:55:36] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly allowed the blade to fall atop of the foe's shoulder whilst having pinned him, allowing his eyes to glance at him further as this all went on, hoping to cherish these moments.

[09:55:41] * Akikazu`Hidetada would then attempt to slide it down along his spine following his rotative movement behind the foe. Glaring with his cold eyes, he would try to fully drive it in as he went.

[09:55:57] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly muttered out.."Kousoku..", and, with a brilliant burst of his own sudden light, he suddenly disspaeared, allowing his body to disperse, leaving after images in his wake.

[09:56:11] * Akikazu`Hidetada glared towards his foe once more and fell back for a few moments, his blade retracting into the sheath that lay at his left side. He would draw forth his opposite blade and begin jabbing behind him.

[09:56:21] * Heijin`Daijoudan then reappeared behind the foe, thrusting the hilt of his blade within his spin with a sudden brute force, sending the foe forward with the force of the attack as this all went on, his sapphire eyes watched him.

[09:56:36] * Akikazu`Hidetada would rotate his body around rapidly, attempting to catch his opponent as he removed himself from the air. He would shove his blade forward as he appeared directly for the attack of his foe.

[09:56:42] * Heijin`Daijoudan then spun on his heel a bit somewhat as he unsheathed his blade, the second one, and slamed it across the back of the foe's head as he flew forward somewhat, shaking his head a bit as he did so.

[09:56:59] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly kicked off of the dirt away from the foe, shaking his head as he resheathed both of his blades, hoping to land neatly in the dirt behind him, his eyes glimmering.

[09:57:03] * Akikazu`Hidetada fell back at that moment once more from the blow approaching for his form. He would attempt to remove himself from the melee to regain his composure, sliding his blade back into his sheath.

[10:08:17] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly dashed at his foe, allowing his blade to travel above his head somewhat as he traveled forward at amazing speeds, allowing his facial expressions to differ from before, now becoming a lot more determined.

[10:08:19] * Akikazu`Hidetada dashed forth upon the words uttered from his mouth once more, redrawing his blade as he approached Heijin at unparalleled speeds. His form glided across the battlefield as he hoisted it up and drove it forwards towards his chest.

[10:08:40] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly kicked up off of the ground somewhat as he glanced down at his foe, Akikazu as he quickly muttered out.."Hishou Shinsoku..!" and disspapeared into tan aerial manuever.

[10:08:43] * Akikazu`Hidetada would attempt to throw his weight to drive his blade up into the coming strike he knew that his foe would throw at him. He slid his blade upwards before even making his previous attack.

[10:08:59] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly reappeared beside the foe, allowing the blade to travel into the man's ribcage with relative ease, allowing the blade to pierce through his body with speedy resonance.

[10:09:04] * Akikazu`Hidetada would leap back momentarily and begin rotating rapidly as he did before, attempting to drive his blade out in all directions awaiting the coming manuever of his foe.

[10:09:20] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly allowed his blade to travel upside through the man's chest, allowing the blade to tear out; or at least this would have been so if he hadnt leapt back away form the foe once more.

[10:09:29] * Akikazu`Hidetada would match his blade with that of the foe as he approached him from his disappearance. He would throw his blade directly forth for the coming attack of the foe, shifting his body as he did so.

[10:09:43] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly dashed towards the man once more, allowing his second blade to be torn out of the sheath in succesion, allowing the blades to travel in an "X" formation through the foe's blade as he did so.

[10:09:48] * Akikazu`Hidetada then fell back from the clash momentarily and gave his own blade a quick flick in the direction of the man's right arm, attempting to paralyze him before his next coming strike.

[10:09:59] * Heijin`Daijoudan then allowed more pressure to be exerted through the X, allowing the foes blade to break under such turmoil, he watched this going on as he did this all in one move.

[10:10:09] * Akikazu`Hidetada would flow back into his movement at that moment, realizing they each had met each other with strikes, attempting to throw his weight into one more final assault with his foe.

[10:10:16] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly kicked off of the ground once more, allowing his body to sail through the air as his crimson hair semeed to flow back a bit, shaking his head.

[10:14:21] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly dashed at his foe once more, allowing both of his blades to travel in succesion to his body, somewhat adjacently as he did so as he began to fade away with his own Shinsoku speeds, shaking his head as he did so.

[10:14:24] * Akikazu`Hidetada returned to the fray upon the words of the man, drawing forth his blade as he rushed and poising it a bit behind his body. He would sling it forth directly for his foe as he approached, attempting to pierce through his body.

[10:14:43] * Akikazu`Hidetada would then rotate following his attempt and try to glare around for his foe once more. He would wildly swing his blade around his body on all sides, attempting to predict the coming strike of his foe.

[10:14:46] * Heijin`Daijoudan then reappeared in the air above the foe, perfect symetry being used somewhat between his blades as they both seemed to fall upon the foe's head with a relentless strike, his eyes glemaing as this all went one.

[10:15:01] * Akikazu`Hidetada would leap highly into the air upon that and shove his blade upwards to match that of his foe. He would attempt to parry in full, rotating around as he did so with his motions.

[10:15:07] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly muttered out something as this all happened, being now vulenerable in this fight as he quickly faded with the Kousoulu once more, allowing himself to not be seen at all.

[10:15:24] * Heijin`Daijoudan then reappeared in front of the foe, allowing his fist to travel into the man's face with an utter force that would shatter bones in this strike of the futae No Kiwame.

[10:15:26] * Akikazu`Hidetada then attempted to drive his blade inwards as he rotated around. Seeing that his foe had removed himself once more, he engaged in a dive towards the ground, awaiting the coming strike.

[10:15:41] * Heijin`Daijoudan then quickly allowed his body to travel backwards somewhat, allowing his hair to flow gently as this all went ont, muttering out.."Shukuchi..", disspaearing with god like speeds.

[10:15:53] * Akikazu`Hidetada threw his blade full on into the coming strike as he dove, gaining momentum as his body flew towards the ground. He would attempt to strike out at any coming attack. Seeing that he missed, he fell back.

[10:16:01] * Heijin`Daijoudan then nodded somewhat a bit as he unsheathed both of his blades into the man's chest as this all went on, grinning as he took a step forward with his left leg, mutterering out.."Iai Jutsu!"

[10:16:16] * Heijin`Daijoudan then allowed his blades to keep traveling in succesion with his blades, allowing the blades to keep going at his face and chest unrelentlessly.

[10:16:17] * Akikazu`Hidetada glanced around for a few moments before ascending once more into the air, throwing his blade out downwards at the foe as he arose into the atmosphere, throwing it out with great velocity.

[10:16:32] * Heijin`Daijoudan then allowed his body to cover the distance between the two, throwing down a kodachi to unsheath the tanto behind him, his eyes glimmering somewhat as this all went on.

[10:16:43] * Heijin`Daijoudan then allowed the tanto to travel into the man's neck a bit, ignoring pain from the succesion of the attacks, to finally, kill him.

[10:16:50] * Akikazu`Hidetada fell back from the fray, feeling the sting of a blade strike that caught him upon his form. He would fall back for a moment and then resheath his blade, falling from the foe.

[10:18:10] * Akikazu`Hidetada collapsed upon the ground, breathing heavily from the strike his foe had impaled upon his form. He would heave his breath a few times as his eyes strained to view his former foe.

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