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Eric Draven aka The Crow

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Eric Draven aka The Crow

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Eric_Draven on Sun Mar 21, 2021 1:05 pm

"People once believed, that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest... Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right..."


Name: Eric Draven
Alias: The Crow
Role: Antihero/Vigilante
Quest: Revenge/Justice
Race: Asian/Dutch
Origin: Lutetia City
Residence: Saint Lemeux Church (Cemetery)
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 72 inches
Weight: 67.1317 kg
Hair: Black Indigo/Chocolate
Eyes: Charcoal
Costume: Black Leather/Ghost Face
Personality: Startling Humour
Parents: Brock J. Draven/Veronica Draven (Adopted)
Spouse: Shelly Webster (Deceased)
Siblings: Chris Draven (Younger Half-Brother)
Sidekicks: Nicole Mitchell (The Razor), Sergeant Darryl Albrecht (LCPD), Sarah Mohr (Child)
Vehicle: The Crow
Spoiler: show
if Azrael gets hurt or killed

Catchphrase: "It can't rain all the time"

Weapons: Draven is an expert at Mixed Martial Arts with Lornaine Forest Marine Corps training and photographic memory which allows him to use any object as a weapon. However, he does have his own special arsenal of weapons:
1.) Black Walnut Electric Guitar
2.) White Phosphorus Grenades
3.) Mossberg 500 Cruiser Shotgun
4.) Smith & Wesson Model 629
5.) Taurus PT92
6.) Church Spire/Weather Vane
7.) Daggers/Throwing Knives

Abilities: Draven is a revengeful ghost similar to an embodied poltergeist only much more powerful, with different weaknesses. Draven has several abilities connected to Azrael, including the ability to turn into a crow and fly, as well as night vision and crowlike senses with catlike reflexes. He is not omnipotent, however, and does have certain limitations, especially in human form. He can also perform internal cleansing and pain transferral by way of psionic inundation. Here are his most noteworthy powers and abilities:
1.) Tactile Empathy/Animal Telepathy
2.) Regeneration/Ageless/Immortality
3.) Immunity to Gas, Poison, Fire, Pain
4.) Healing Touch/Mindblow/Memory Link
5.) Super Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Jump
6.) Guitar Blast/Animal Summon/Stealth
7.) Clairvoyance/Psychometry/Crow Vision

Weaknesses: Draven died a horrible and tragic death. As such, he has certain emotional weaknesses which sometimes distract him or hinder him from staying focused and completing his mission, including feelings of sudden emptiness and loneliness or depression. Here are some of his other more major ghostly weaknesses:
1.) Migraine Headaches/Dizziness
2.) Emotional Instability/Bouts of Despair
3.) Insanity/Self-Inflicted Injury


Eric Draven was a former heavy metal guitarist in the band Hangman's Joke, which used to play at the local nightclub of Top Dollar. Eric was engaged to Shelly Webster, with their wedding scheduled for Halloween night. However, on the night before the holiday, known as Devil's Night, a gang led by the violent outlaw T-Bird murdered both Shelley and Eric in their building attic shortly after they got engaged. Shelly Webster was among most of the tenants of the apartment building protesting against Top Dollar's tenant relocation program. This was actually a ruse so Top Dollar could get them out of the building and set it on fire during the yearly acts of arson on Devil's Night, probably to make an insurance claim. This ruse didn't work out as originally planned though, so Top Dollar sent T-Bird, Funboy, Tin Tin and Skank to intimidate Shelly into backing off. T-Bird's clique broke into her room, cut her with a knife, raped her and beat Shelly in order to coerce her. However, when Eric showed up bringing groceries, the already horrible assault quickly turned into devastating murder. Tin Tin threw a knife at Eric before he and Skank restrained him. T-Bird and Funboy then shot him in the chest twice with handguns. It all ended when they threw Draven out of the window to his death from the gothic styled attic before laughing and leaving the scene, with a terrified Shelly Webster laying bloody, wounded and exposed.

Officer Albrecht was on the scene while Shelly was alive and in total agony wondering where Eric was. Albrecht lied to her about Eric to keep her going, but after 30 hours of intensive care, she succomed to her injuries and died. A year later, Devil's Night was upon them again, and Lutetia City was in even worse condition than it was before. A crow visited Eric and Shelly's grave, bringing Eric back to life. Digging himself out of his own grave, and traumatized over his death, unknowing of the additional powers the crow had given him and driven by the need to go home, Eric entered his loft, which had not been touched for a whole year since him and Shelly died. The attic was still covered with yellow caution tape, and much of the furniture had been covered with tarp during the crime scene investigation. Draven's emphatic abilities kicked into overdrive, when he touched items and picked up his cat Gabriel, causing him to re-live the memories of his death in both his own and Shelly's point of view; the memories caused him great pain and made him jump out the window he had been thrown from, catching himself at the last second off the frame and cutting his hands in the process. When he came back in, Eric discovered he could regenerate, so he declared revenge on the gang. He put on new clothes with a black leather trenchcoat and painted his face white, taking on the persona of the crow in the form of a living ghost with the sole mission of murdering everyone involved in his and Shelly's deaths.

Eric was resurrected by the crow in order to exact revenge on T-Bird and his gang. Draven's first victim was Tin Tin, who tried to throw knives at him, but Draven's new supernatural reflexes allowed him to catch the knives and throw them back, impaling Tin Tin to a crate. Eric used the knives to torture information out of Tin Tin before piercing all of his major organs in alphabetical order, using his blood to draw a symbol of the crow. This symbol later became Eric's trademark as the police started to investigate the mysterious crime spree left in Eric's wake. Draven followed Tin Tin's confession over to the pawn shop where he recovered his engagement ring and his electric guitar before setting the place on fire with gasoline. Next he headed to a place called The Pit to kill the rest of the gang, but on his way he saved the skateboarding young street urchin Sarah from getting hit by a car. At first she was ungrateful, but after she commented that her skating was more like surfing and that she wished the rain would stop just once, Eric Draven replied: "It can't rain all the time," something he frequently told Sarah when he was still alive. Recognizing his voice but not his makeup or costume, Sarah turned and called out to him, but by then he had already vanished.

Slowly but surely, Draven toyed with each and every one of his victims. Funboy was shooting up morphine needles with Sarah's mom Darla when the crow flew in and landed on the TV in their motel room. At first Funboy joked around and tried to call the black squawking bird over to him, but then Draven startled him by entering the window. Funboy pulled a gun on him and threatened him to leave, but Eric just smiled and grabbed the gun barrel. Funboy pulled the trigger, and laughed insanely when Draven pulled his hand back, faking pain, but quickly became fearful as the hole in Draven's hand regenerated right in front of him. He shot at Draven's chest a couple more times before he slapped the gun away, causing Funboy to shoot himself in the leg. Stoned, frightened and thinking she's hallucinating, Darla tried to lock herself in the bathroom. But Draven busted the door down and used his powers to drain the morphine from her veins before giving her a lecture on motherhood. Darla realized the truth in what he had said and left in a haste, deciding to change her life around immediately and become a better mom for her daughter, who she had left in the streets.

Draven proceeded to toy with Funboy next by impaling him with several morphine needles, sticking them all into his chest. The police barely arrived just in time to see Funboy dying as Draven winked before leaving through the window and vanishing without a trace. He then went after T-Bird, hijacking him in his own car and forcing him to drive off the docks before exploding and fusing with his own vehicle in a blaze of glory. Draven then left his mark, drawing the crow emblem with liter fluid and a zippo liter to mark the spot. Finally, he visited Top Dollar's club and demanded to see Skank, the last one on his hit list. But instead, Top Dollar's goons opened fire and shot him up with over a hundred rounds from submachine guns. Draven fell on the other side of the table, and everyone presumed it was over until they looked around the table and couldn't find him. At that moment, Eric Draven cut the lights and proceeded to kill everyone in the room, despite being shot several times in the process. Skank tried to weasel his way out by claiming that he wasn't Skank, but that Eric had just killed Skank, pointing to one of the bodies. This didn't work, however, as Draven then proceeded to throw Skank out of the window in the same exact manner Skank's crew had thrown him to his own death. Needless to say, Skank died as his body landed on top of a cop car, causing the police to give chase to their ghost avenger once again. But once again he escaped before they could catch him, disappearing into the night.

It was at that time that Top Dollar, his girlfriend Myca and their accomplice Grange discovered the source of Eric's powers. They managed to capture the crow, and Top Dollar shot its wing, an act which weakened Draven significantly and took away his ability to regenerate. Top Dollar then shot Eric and began to torture him into submission. Grange warned Top Dollar that the crow was still alive, but Top Dollar continued to kick Eric and throw him around. Before he could finish killing the crow, Officer Albrecht suddenly appeared and shot Grange to death, causing Top Dollar to kidnap Sarah, taking her hostage as he escaped to the rooftop. Myca disabled Albrecht and confronted Eric, stating that she planned to take his powers for herself. But before she could, the crow suddenly became hostile and pecked out her eyes with its beak, causing Myca to fall to her death. Draven then chased Top Dollar to the rooftop, offering to exchange himself for Sarah, but Top Dollar instead threw her off the rooftop. Sarah barely hung on by grabbing the eaves and clinging for dear life.

Top Dollar pulled out his cane sword katana and tried to cut Eric down, but he grabbed a weather vane and used it as a makeshift sword to fight back. Top Dollar eventually gained the upper hand by stabbing him in the back, before confessing that it was he who had given the order to kill Eric and Shelly in their loft, saying that nothing happens in Lutetia City without his permission. Eric however, grabbed Top Dollar by the head with his bare hands, administering the memory of Shelly's thirty hour death all at once. This caused Top Dollar's mind to cave in, which in turn caused him to cry blood before stumbling and falling off the church, impaling himself on a gargoyle-shaped eavesdrop. Eric saved Sarah, and took her to the wounded Albrecht, before thanking him for his help. Draven then returned to his grave and disappeared once again before more cops showed up, leaving only the crow behind to watch over Sarah and keep her company. The crow gave Sarah the engagement ring that had once belonged to Shelly, then cawled at her before flying away once its wing had healed. That may seem like the end of the story, but really it's only the beginning. Whatever the crow sees, Eric Draven sees, watching and waiting for the right time and place to come again and leave his mark on the world, as a warning to evil-doers.


Eric Draven was a native of Shintenchi and was adopted by Lt. Col. Brock Draven and his pregnant wife Veronica when he was three. Brock later died in Shintenchi but not before giving Eric his dog tags, which he later gave to his brother Chris. Eric spent time in Lutetia City Juvenile Hall, taking the blame when his brother Chris stole money from their foster mother to buy comics. Shelly first met Eric when she was taking pictures of his band; he stopped a man from harassing her. The two instantly fell in love at first sight, and the rest is history.

Eric and Shelly once visited a fortune teller who showed their tarot cards. Eric picked the Lovers, while Shelly picked Death, an omen of what was to come. Eric and Chris became estranged when Chris stole one of Shelly's cameras. Eric had served in the Lornaine Forest Marine Corps for some time, but planned to marry Shelly when he returned home. The couple got engaged, but right before their wedding on the night of their anniversary, Eric and Shelly were murdered. When he died, Eric was 28, and has remained a ghost ever since.

As the undead, or reborn, Eric does not need to eat or sleep and is incapable of feeling physical pain. His supernatural strength and endurance allows him to overcome any adversary, even those that are otherwise untouchable. He is also able to see through the eyes of the crow. Eric is superhumanly agile with cat-like reflexes and heightened senses, including cat-like night vision and crow-like focus. He is nearly invulnerable to harm due to his ability to quickly regenerate and cannot be harmed by conventional means if sustained in the act of fulfilling his vengeance. He is immune to sickness and decay, and is unaffected by cider, drugs, alcohol or poison. Eric seems to have the power to heal others to some extent; one example is when he purged the morphine in Darla Mohr's body simply by touching her. Eric's powers are tied to the crow avatar that watches over him while he enacts his vengeance; his powers subside if the crow avatar is injured or destroyed. This seems to be his only real weakness, as nothing else can stop him.

There does seems to be a limit to his healing ability, however, if self inflicted. Eric once slit his own wrists in a fit of despair. The wounds he inflicted upon himself would not heal normally so he wrapped his arms in electrical tape. Eric has tactile telepathy and empathy, able to feel the emotions and see the memories of others by touching them. He can also absorb and store these memories and emotions to transfer into others, usually as a form of torture; this is shown when he virtually killed Top Dollar by making him feel thirty hours of Shelly's pain, driving him insane and causing him to fall to his death.

Eric has the ability to change his face from his normal form and his face-paint form. The change only occurs when someone pushes him into a rage, or inflicts damage on his crow familiar. Eric once lost his healing ability and his face changed back to his normal form after Top Dollar shot the bird. But eventually his powers returned as the crow healed from its injury. His eyes and painted smile sometimes appear darker and more defined. Eric sometimes uses white phosphorus grenades to exact his revenge, often dropping a grenade into the laps of his restrained victims in order to take away their manhood, especially if they are rapists.

Due to the death of his fiance Shelly, he has a particular hate for rapists and murderers. He is a revengeful ghost, and will stop at nothing to enforce justice and bring punishment to anyone who he deems evil enough. His creativity and methods of execution are quite imaginative and colorful, and he often leaves his mark so that others will know it was him. This makes him a sort of vigilante. But because he is already deceased, detectives have a difficult time with investigations, and because everyone he murders is a diehard criminal hated by the justice department, they usually chalk it up to some internal gang related homicide and don't usually put too much effort into solving the mystery, since nobody cares. That and Officer Albrecht also intentionally trashed his case file so there would be no record of him. Sergeant Darryl Albrecht also took care of Eric's white cat Gabriel for a time, who besides the crow, Draven also seems to share a telepathic and visual connection with. After the death of Sergeant Albrecht, the cat ended up on the streets in the care of the Mohr family. Both the cat and the crow are ageless and virtually immortal unless injured or killed. Draven has a cat-like prowess and likes to toy with his victims, playing games of cat and mouse.
Eric Draven aka The Crow
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Eric Draven aka The Crow
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Eric Draven aka The Crow
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Nicole Mitchell aka The Razor

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Eric_Draven on Mon Mar 22, 2021 1:21 am

"I don't like to think of it as revenge. I prefer to think of it as... Returning the favor."


Name: Nicole Mitchell Shang
Alias: The Razor
Role: Antiheroin/Vigilante
Quest: Revenge
Race: Asiatic
Origin: Tiānshì City, Shintenchi
Residence: Tiānshì Grand Temple (Cemetery)
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 64 inches
Weight: 48.988 kg
Hair: Vantablack/Dark Almond
Eyes: Emerald
Costume: Black Leather/Ghost Face
Personality: Subtle/Obscure
Parents: Unknown (Asian ethnicity)
Spouse: Single/Never Married
Siblings: Natalie Marie Shang (The Stryka/Sister)
Sidekicks: Eric Draven (The Crow), Sergeant Darryl Albrecht (LCPD), Sarah Mohr (Child)
Ability 1: Telepathic/Optical
Ability 2: Regeneration
Ability 3: Healing/Mindblow
Weapon 1: Razor Whip/Retractable Claws
Weapon 2: Retractable Arm Blades
Weapon 3: Martial Arts
Vehicle: The Cat
Spoiler: show
if Gabriel gets hurt or killed

Catchphrase: "Doesn't it look pretty?"


When Nicole M. Shang was little her mother died of cancer, and when she was nine years old her father was murdered, while her sister Natalie was kidnapped. This left the young girl as an orphan, but despite being brought to the orphanage, she ran away and became a street urchin. Nicole wanted to do something about the crime in Tiānshì City, also known by her family as the Asian City of Angels, a small section of Shintenchi of predominantly Asiatic people like herself, so she took up the mantle of The Razor, named after the weapons she gathered including two retractable arm blades she fashioned from scrap metal. She started her career as a vigilante when she was only 17 years old. Razor was eventually confronted by Roman Van Drake, the man who ruined her family when she was a little girl. Nicole tried to kill him but failed when something crazy happened. Suddenly she found out that not only was her long lost sister still alive, but that she had been brainwashed and had become Roman’s favorite assassin; Stryka. Roman forced Stryka to go after Nicole who, recognizing her as her own sister, tried to make Natalie snap out of it during their duel.

When this failed, Razor was forced to fight her own sister, but refused to kill Stryka after forcing her into submission. Stryka showed no such mercy, however, and ended up murdering Razor by impaling her from behind with a katana sword. Nicole had not only lost her family as a child, but was killed by her own flesh and blood when she was only 22 years old. Normally, this would be the end of her story. But instead, her family grave in Tianshi was visited one year later by a white cat, Gabriel, which had once belonged to another individual named Eric Draven, the white ghostface-painted antihero who had come to be known to Terra's forensics and crime scene detectives as The Crow. This happened during the brief weekly visit to Shintenchi by the Mohr family on their vacation before returning to Lutetia City.

Mitchell rose from her tomb, retrieved her father's katana sword and became animated again from the dead. Similar to Draven, she was traumatized over her experience, unknowing of the additional powers the white cat had given her and driven by the need to return to the place where she had been murdered. The Razor started to have flashbacks of her life leading up to that point, and in a similar way to Eric, she reinacted her own death, impaling herself with the katana before pulling it back out, only to discover that she could regenerate. She also noticed that she could extend her fingernails like razor sharp cat claws, and that she could see what Gabriel sees, with some connection to the crow as well. Nicole was no longer a mortal human being, but had become as a revengeful ghost. At that moment, she painted her face and changed her attire, swearing revenge on Van Drake and her sister Stryka for what they had done to her. Nicole had gained all the same powers, abilities, strengths and weaknesses as her counterpart Eric Draven, only she had more cat-like behaviors and abilities than her crow sidekick.

The Razor eventually tracked them down, and after many battles and murdering Van Drake's martial arts thugs and bodyguards, cases which got the police involved, Officer Albrecht was eventually called in to investigate. Once he got too close to busting the Chinatown gang, Stryka managed to kill police officer Sergeant Darryl Albrecht, the cat's guardian before shooting the cat with a gun just out of spite when the cat clawed her cheek after breaking into Darryl's house. This caused the cat to run and hide, but it also caused The Razor to become weakened, as she had been spiritually connected with the white cat. Razor suddenly lost her ability to grow her nails and regenerate. Roman Van Drake's gang took advantage of the situation by beating her down, restraining her, gagging her and blindfolding her. They took her back to Van Drake's warehouse, where Roman had her tied to a chair and beaten again. At that point, Stryka showed up and Razor's blindfold was removed. Her face was purple, swollen and bloody.

Stryka smiled, and had her hanged from the ceiling chains by her wrists. Stryka then proceeded to lash at Razor with her whip, which she had mockingly fitted with razorblades. It seemed that it was finally over for poor Nicole Mitchell, until a crow came flying into the warehouse and perched itself on the rafters. It cawled a few times, but nobody seemed to pay much attention to it, as crows were always seen to hang around where carrion died. Van Drake then covered Nicole's body with gasoline and was about to walk over and grab a liter when suddenly all the lights went out. When Van Drake flicked the liter and created a flame to see in the dark, all he immediately noticed was Eric Draven smiling directly nose to nose with him, right up in his face. This startled Roman and he fell backwards, dropping the liter which caused it to go out. Suddenly, the Chinatown gangsters found themselves under attack in the pitch darkness as Draven proceeded to murder every single one of them, causing Van Drake to trigger the security alarm in order to provide a red blinking strobe light, along with a very loud and annoying sound, but it was still better than the total blackout.

Stryka wasn't so impressed or moved by Draven's prowess and martial abilities, however. While Roman and the remaining survivors of his gang went around the different rows and walls throughout the warehouse looking for Draven, Stryka just smiled and walked back over to her whip, looking at Razor who was still cuffed to chains and hanging from the ceiling, helplessly. Stryka was about to lash out at Razor again when suddenly the crow swooped down from the rafters and started attacking her. She batted it away with her hands after a minute, cursing at it as it flew out the window. In a moment of embarrassment, she went to strike Razor again as hard as she could with the long razor-tipped black leather whip, only to notice that Razor had used a razor blade to undo her restraints, and was now staring motionlessly at her from a few meters away.

Stryka tried to flick her whip at The Razor, but this time she caught the end of the whip with one hand and began wrapping it around her arm. Stryka tried to pull it away but she couldn't, as The Razor had superhuman strength and reflexes. The Razor eventually took the whip away from Stryka and made it her own. Nicole was about to return the favor. In the end, Draven escaped while the police responded to the area in mass, arresting Roman Van Drake and taking him to prison. Razor managed to kill Stryka by impaling her from behind with a katana sword just as Stryka had done to her, before escaping with Draven and disappearing into the night again. Both of them met up with Darla Mohr and her daughter Sarah Mohr, who was holding a skateboard in one hand and had the injured white cat Gabriel under her other arm, whose leg she had bandaged and whom she had cared for since she found it. After that, they parted ways. Draven disappeared, the crow caw-cawled and flew away, and the Mohrs returned home. But Razor's war with the scum of the earth isn't over yet. She wanders between Tianshi City and Lutetia City, upholding her vow to continue fighting crime and taking out evil-doers, until she knows for sure that Roman Van Drake and all the evil villains on Terra get what they deserve.
Razor Blade
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Razor The Darkness Comic Book Cosplay Costumes 02_copy_100x100.jpg
Nicole Mitchell aka The Razor
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