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Essentials - Securing L3 for Father.

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Essentials - Securing L3 for Father.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Essentials on Sun Feb 19, 2006 3:33 pm

The shuttle slowly made its way into one of L3 Auxiliary Prime's ports. Anubis's fedora was tipped forward, eyes closed, and arms crossed. It had been several hours since his battle with his brother. No one else was in the cabin of the shuttle, the pilots were in the cockpit, but Anubis cared not of them.

A slight smile crept across his face as he remembered his father's words. Giving him his new mission. Slowly, his eyes opened, and he turned his head to peer out the window.

With the collapse of the FRE Faction, L3 was in shambles. No one was strong enough to bring L3 back to being a prosperous colony. Some wanted to turn to the recently re-established colony government that L1 had just returned to, others, a larger majority, wanted to turn to GaiaZ like L5 had. That was why Anubis was here.

Anubis -
And I will be like you brother. I will save your precious home, just as you did some three years ago. I will do this for you, and for Father.

The Pilot's voice came over the intercom informing Anubis they had docked and that he could exit the shuttle. The DSX would have to be sent up later, for now it was safely hidden and being repaired on Earth. This pained Anubis, for he felt it's call deep within himself.

He stood to his feet, sliding his arms into the blazer he had thrown over the seat next to him, and made his way towards the exit. As he got to the door, he stared at himself in the mirror, straightened his tie and smiled wickedly.

Anubis -
Perhaps I should have worn a pair of sunglasses, or would that be too much like you, brother?

The door's vacuum seal released, popping opening with a hiss, Anubis began his walk towards what remained of L3's delegation. The head of this group wore thick glasses, Anubis had been briefed that this man's name was Ernest Hanson.

Ernest - You must be the representative of the GaiaZ organization.

Anubis - That is correct, Mr. Hanson.

Ernest blinked as he adjusted his thick frames. He was surprised that this man had already knew about him. He reached out holding his hand as Anubis stopped in front of him. A shiver ran down his spine as their eyes met. Anubis took his hand firmly, shook it then walked on.

Anubis -
Our leader would like the people of L3 know that we have full intention to bring the new L3 Prime to completion, whether you decide to turn to us or not.

The group followed Anubis, Ernest walking quickly to get in front of them. He was the only one speaking for them, so he should be ahead, or at least that's what he thought.

Ernest - We are delighted to hear that Mister...?

Anubis quickly stopped, his well shined leather shoes making a squeek.

Anubis - You well refer to me as Anubis. Now, let us go to somewhere more appropriate for proper discussion of this nature.

Ernest -, we ave a car waiting for us.

Anubis - Good. After you.

Ernest awkwardly stepped past Anubis, who held his arms out as a motion to move ahead. Anubis followed behind Ernest. This made Ernest feel uneasy. He didn't know what it was about this man, but something about him...

Anubis - Does something bother you, Mr. Hanson?

Ernest jumped, and went wide eyed as the arrived at a long limousine. He opened the door, holding it open for Anubis as he began to stammer.

Ernest - No sir...

Anubis smiled as he got inside.

Anubis - I'm glad to hear it, Mr. Hanson.

Arriving shortly later at Auxiliary Prime's main government building, the delegates and Anubis sat in a conference room with a long table, Anubis sitting at the head of this table. Anubis had talked several minutes of the advantages of joining with GaiaZ, but it was very little more than what L1 could offer them, it was now time to scare them. Anubis stood to his feet, picking up a small remote from the table and pressing the button. The lights darkened and a holographic image appeared in the middle of the table, displaying Earth and her surrounding colonies.

Anubis - The colonies have always had to be fearful of our mother Earth, however, now we must fear our own people. Three years ago the Colonies under the leadership of a man known as Sin, were restructured to combat the ever present threat of the Earth. Through this men, like your former leader Kiyoshi Kazami, were put in place of leadership due to their involvement in the organization known as "}{ell's Gundams". This very same organization would later rebel against their leader, and flee to MO-V to build up their own forces, separate from the colonies.

This was when your more recent predicament began. The FRE Faction, led by a, rather unstable man, named Raphael Winson took power over L3, when the colonial government began to crumble. L3 was then even heavier militarized, and the true War of AC 199 began. Many of your people died because of the attacks of }{G, and later the Trinity Alliance. You even lost your main colony, which Winson dropped on the Earth, in what he called an unavoidable sacrifice.

Anubis paused, letting his word sink into the minds of those around him. He then pressed another button showing satellite photographs of L1 and their increased armament.

Anubis - As you can see here, those in L1 must believe in the same things that Winson believed in. And that...that is War. We of GaiaZ have preached of Pacifism, ever since the end of the War of AC 199 that claimed so many of your loved ones. You now have a choice. Join with L5, who are already benefiting from GaiaZ leadership, or suffer the fate that you have so many times before.

Anubis sat back down in his chair, the delegates murmuring to themselves. Finally, Ernest stood.

Ernest - Anubis...if we side with GaiaZ, how will we defend ourselves if L1 attacks us?

Anubis smiled.

Anubis - GaiaZ has plans for such actions. Do not think for an instant that we will let an attack go unaccounted for.

Ernest sat down and the delegates again began murmuring to themselves. Arguing over trivial things, until finally, an agreement was made. Ernest again stood.

Ernest -
And who would lead L3?

Anubis - I, of course.

Ernest - Then it is settles, L3 will join GaiaZ.

Anubis - I am delighted.

Anubis continued to smile as he thought "Brother, you would be so proud of me."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Essentials on Sat Mar 25, 2006 1:18 am

Anubis stood infront of a large window, looking out as several shuttles came into one of the ports of L3. A sly smile crossed his face. If not for the recent break in, that he had learned about from a now dead officer, things would be going perfectly. However, that was only a small set back. One easilly fixed and made sure not to happen again.

He had put L3 on a high alert. No one got in, no one got out, with out his specific approval. These shuttles, were essential to keeping the safety of L3. Two hundred Gun-Marine and another hundred Gun-Ace mobile suits, ordered from Einhardt R&D. Not to mention his dear Gundam would be arriving as well. Arming the mobile suits would be no problem for L3, and since even before FRE occupied the L3 cluster, there were always plenty of pilots. Well trained, and now even more deterined to protect their home.

The mobile suits were loaded off of the shuttles and then began then transport to the many bases, where they would be assigned pilots. Then, in one shuttle, a dark mobile suit began to appear in the illuminated port, as it was rolled out of a shuttle. Anubis began to crackle loudly.

Anubis -
Ah, my dear see your precious form once more.

The slight cosmetic redesign of the Gundam to match his namesake, would make it so that the DSX would not cause fear in the people of L3. Since, prior to this the DSX was involved in an attack by }{G against the FRE. Now, isntead of bringing fear to the people, it would bring pride and devotation to the cause.

An officer walked up to Anubis holding out a data pad.

Officer - Sir, all preparations have been made.

Anubis - Superb.

Officer - No ship, mobile suit, life boat, or any kind of debris will be allowed near the cluster, unless proper channels are met, and we recieve your approval.

Anubis - Otherwise...

Officer - ...all objects will be targetted with the colony defense laser grid and mobile suits will be deployed. If object is determined to be threatening, or if your order is given, the object will be destroyed.

Anubis - Excellent.

Anubis took the datapad, checking over that his orders were carried out perfectly. Noting that they were, he handed the pad back to the officer.

Anubis - You are dismissed.

The officer left Anubis, who went back to smiling evilly at his personal mobile suit.

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