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Establishments: Sparsian Academy [Sparsia, Calismus]

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Establishments: Sparsian Academy [Sparsia, Calismus]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kouketsu on Mon Jul 03, 2006 11:37 pm

Sparsian Academy

There is no institution throughout the entirety of Ghalerion more famous than the Sparsian Academy in Sparsia, Calismus. Established in the 150th Year of Gaius, the Academy has turned out world famous scholars, warriors, musicians, and artists alike. Known for it's rigorous instructing schedules and fervent dedication to seeking out and acquiring people with natural talent, Sparsian holds a reputation second to none, and is credited alone for turning the city of Sparsia into the high-class beacon that it has become.

The Sparsian Academy specializes in teaching fencing, artistry, musicianship, philosophy and theology, along with an incredible history program that educates its students on the true story of Ghalerion. Students there are also introduced to 'magic' in the final courses before their graduating year, allowing for them to finally gain full cultural understanding of the world of Ghalerion. Students of all races, creeds, genders, and classes are allowed at Sparsian, the only discriminating trait in relation to being enrolled being the talent, ability, and drive of the student. Most students who enroll are also expected to live at the Academy for the entirety of their instruction, acquiring more knowledge outside of class from their peers and other faculty.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kouketsu on Sat Mar 10, 2007 10:13 pm


[align=center]Academy Rules

Student Conduct

1. Unless within an appropriate class or otherwise stated under special administrative conditions, magic usage is completely unacceptable and forbidden. Simply put, DON'T DO IT.

2. Only students second-term (Typically 8th year) and beyond are allowed personal possession of any weaponry.

3. Students are expected to treat all peers, faculty, and visitors with the utmost respect and tact. Failure to comply results in immediate discipline under grounds of insubordination.

4. In all facilities, faculty members are given seniority and are to be followed. In the case of an absence of a faculty member from any given location, teacher aides followed by senior students are to replace them in responsibilities. In the dormitories, senior students (Final term students, essentially) are given precedence and instructed to lead their respective houses.

5. Sexual harassment and deviance are absolutely forbidden and not tolerated to any degree. Students caught in such will face the harsh consequences that follow

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kouketsu on Sat Mar 10, 2007 10:22 pm

Read if you want to, but scanning would at least be advised.

Sparian Academy Courses

Educational Information on the Sparsian Academy (Don't have to worry too much about all this. Just general background stuff for characters/plot setting, etc.)

Fencing, artistry, musicianship, philosophy, theology, and history are the primary subjects of study taught at the academy. All students are required to take and complete at least one four-year course in each field, to select at least two fields of study in which they will progress following such, and one field in which they will specialize (To participate all 13 years in chosen field). The course listing and descriptions are as follows:


Fencing I - Mastery of swordplay is an absolute necessity in these chaotic times, and Sparsian will make no concessions otherwise, offering Fencing I students the skills necessary to wield basic single-handed weaponry, in addition to techniques, studies of motion, and light study on advanced combat tactics. All students are required to take Fencing I or have passed an equivalent assessment exam before proceeding into any advanced combat courses.

Fencing II - Picking up where Fencing I left off, the second-year fencing course focuses on much more advanced battle techniques, usage of two handed weapons and more complex arms. All students are required to pass a final live action sparring assessment to pass the course.

Competitive Combat - An alternative to Fencing II for the more accelerated or interactive learner, students wishing to take Competitive Combat will be thrust forthwith into battle! Weekly spars and leisure duels are not only common, they're a requirement for success in the class. Recommended only for those with prior experience in combat or that excelled in Fencing I.


Aesthetics in Art - The basic [required] art course offered at Sparsian, Aesthetics in Art essentially instructs students in the elementary techniques used in creating and critically evaluating art in both visual and rhetorical form. Students will be subjected to some of the finest original works the world over, in addition to eventually crafting their own pieces. Final examination centers around producing a meaningful piece of either visual artwork or rhetorical composition.

Advanced Art - Focused completely on visual art, Advanced Art is recommended for students more slanted towards the creative graphic side of Aesthetics in Art. While extensive art knowledge may not be a necessity, personal creativity and insight are both absolutely required.

Architecture & Construction - Focusing on sculpting and architecture, this course focuses on what many consider the more practical side of artistry, in constructing tangible structures and designs applicable outside of Sparsian. Final exams consist of a class project in which the students are assigned a task to design their own structure (What that establishment is comes down to student preference) and city design. In the past, exceptional designs have actually been used as inspiration for ongoing construction in the constantly moving Calismus.


Music Fundamentals - Each student will be instructed in a myriad of instruments, eventually choosing at least one to specialize in. Music fundamentals offers students an education equally in both playing/technique and personal composition.

Symphony Orchestra - If your passion following Music Fundamentals lie in wowing an audience, playing atop a stage before thousands of eyes, then Symphony Orchestra is most certainly the choice of course for you. With a specialization in actual performance, students regularly are assigned to perform outside of class, and practice is a daily requirement.

Composition - For those more interestedi n crafting their own symphonies and requiems, Composition imparts the skills necessary to compose pieces that even the greatest of history's composers would be impressed by. A strong focus is placed on music theory, including notation, timing, melody, harmony, and a wide variety of other topics.


Philosophy Concepts - Essentially the "Philosophy 101" of the Sparsian Academy, Philosophy Concepts will give students from a very young age a crash course in some of the most insightful and challenging topics concerning all matters from the general to the specific, hoping to effectively exercise the mind. Formal debate and free discourse are both common methods used throughout the four years.

Critical Analysis of Civilization & Man - A course that takes the generality of Philosophy Concept's most pressing questions and delves into them until there's virtually nothing left to consider. Discussion is heavily utilized and class participation is an absolute necessity. Course only consumes two years, only counts as half a normal credit towards graduation.

Advanced Philosophy - Advanced Philosophy is a student-centered, student-taught demanding course that stretches even the most gifted comprehensions to their absolute limits. All are expected to participate and develop their own thoughtful and provoking (Perhaps even controversial) questions and projects that are used to teach and engage the rest of the class.


Principles of Theology - Basic theology centered around the Kelian story of creation and the six Deities. While other faiths and beliefs are touched upon, they are not firmly delved into.

Critical Deity Studies - Critical analysis of the six Deities and their histories, backgrounds, actions, and judgments throughout Ghalerion history. Deity conflicts and compromises are studied, in addition to extensive civilized debate between students on the current pressing issues within the religious realm of Ghalerion.

Alternative Faiths - A course that attempts to unravel the mysteries of the currently established alternative faiths and the burgeoning ones as well. Udorism and Criticalism are the two primary faiths studied and students are expected to compare and contrast the two religions with one another and each with the Kelian faith as they further their knowledge on the wide world of organized faith.

The Fall of Ezekial - One year course accounting for half a credit, this course studies the reign of Ezekial the Absolute, the faults of his reign, his crimes, the Five Years Tribal War, and his eventual trial and exile from Eden.


A Brief History of Ghalerion - Two year introductory course required for all students studying the first 700 years of Ghalerion history. Topics covered in-depth include the Five Years Tribal War, the Gyperion Tribal War, Ezekial's Trial, the Siege of Dame, and the establishment of the three current countries.

Historical Anthropology - Takes a look into the interaction of the various races throughout Ghalerion's history, from both an objective and sociological standpoint. Critical analysis is made of interactions, similarities, and contrasts between the mortals and Kelians, as well as some degree of study on the various other races of Ghalerion. Not a requirement, but strongly recommended for all students.

Modern Civilizations - Focused study on the countries of Ghale and Calismus, the youngest and most thriving civilizations in all of Ghalerion currently. Close attention is paid to the most prospering cities and analysis is made on current international interactions and tensions. The final section of the course consists of an in-depth study and extensive discussion on the future of Ghalerion.

Ancient Civilizations - For those more interested in the days of old, Ancient Civilizations runs students through the major Ancient civilizations of Ghalerion, ranging from the Ancient Kelians and the Gyperion Mortals all the way to the country known as Tensoku today.

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