Etherius 1x1 Partner Search!

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Etherius 1x1 Partner Search!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Etherius on Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:12 am

Care to steal a glance?


Hello fair wanderer who has stumbled into my musing mind. I have been out of the game with internet roleplaying for awhile, though I am experienced! So, I thought I would take this opportunity to send out a feeler, to test the waters as it were. For a partner interest check!

About me: My name is Etherius! You can call me that, E, or May. Any of those suits me fine. My favorite food is Sushi (Unagi rolls make me weak!), I love music of all types, anime, cosplay, marvel, and all sorts of other stuff. I am 18! I am going to be attending college to get a bachelors in Graphic Design here soon! (Fingers crossed) so I am fine with more mature/dark themes (If you are comfy with that as well). I am a huge nerd, I LOVE Star wars (specifically the old republic), Fantasy, supernatural (not the show) and MxM pairings most! But I can get down with pretty much anything storywise, besides slice of life. I find these storylines very dull.

My Interests ATM
1. Edo period/Supernatural (Yokai, gods, samurai, nobility, etc.)
2. SWTOR (Star wars Old Republic. Either in the MMOS timeline or Mandalorian wars --post or prior-- timelines!)
3. Other Supernatural (Not the show oops;;)
4.Fantasy! (Whether set in the Elder Scrolls, D&D, or an oc universe entirely!)
5. Custom? If you have a good idea for an RP hit me up! We can discuss it. SADLY I have never read Warriors so probably not a Warriors rp also probably not a Slice of Life RP unless the characters/story are very immersive. (Usually by adding a fictional/supernatural/ or thrilling element. I am SO SICK of "school" settings I could scream into the void.)


My Expectations
1. When you reply to the roleplay (Which I am willing to do via Forum here, Discord, or Telegram.) Please try to use good grammar, punctuation, and add something whenever you post. I know people aren't perfect, neither am I. Just don't leave egregious spelling errors and we should be fine. Also swearing is OK just don't make it every other word, it loses it's meaning.
2. 350+ per post. Please, and I honestly cannot stress this enough, NO ONE LINERS. It is one of my biggest pet peeves and it will make me loose interest extremely rapidly.
3. IF YOU HAVE ANY TRIGGERS OR SENSITIVITIES PLEASE TELL ME. I often speak very casually and don't take things into account. So, please tell me and I will do my utmost to respect this, though I am flesh and flesh is flawed. I may step on your toes accidentally, as I am blessed enough not to have any triggers. So I apologize for that in advance. I just want us both to be as happy as possible! AS FOR ME I am pretty much bomb-proof. Not much phases me, though there are things I won't roleplay just out of personal preference?
4. Please do not just vanish without notice, I know life is hectic. Mine is very unpredictable and I may vanish for weeks at a time. That being said, I will try to tell you before hand that I won't be available! Please do the same. I am very flexible posting wise, once or twice every two weeks is fine! Unless you state you need more time, which is fine, just tell me.
5. No over powered/perfect characters. People have flaws, even gods have flaws (or they should.) So keep that in mind. Also, no dominating the rp, controlling my character or killing off my character without prior discussion. The type of character and OR character pairing we do is totally open. I can play a wide variety and like MxM, FxF, MxF all the same. Even the non-binary couples. Literally any.
6. If you aren't involved, adding to the story, hashing out ideas with me. It means you aren't interested. I want us to have a back and forth. If the idea isn't appetizing, tell me! We can make a new one.
7. IF we roleplay in an existing universe, I will NOT roleplay an EXISTING character. I will only rp OCS. Thank you
8. While I am down for romance, I want to keep it PG-13. Kissing, teasing, etc is okay. If they are going to get steamy we will put something to the lines of "and they spent the evening together" etc. Then progress. I am not here to write porno.
9. I want only Semi-literate to literate roleplayers. Meaning please don't respond unless you've had semi-literate/literate rp experience! (2 prior semi/lit rps experience.)
10.Have fun with it! I am very laid-back and don't want anyone to feel pressured. Roleplaying is a hobby of mine, no need to get worked up over it.

You read through all of that and I am grateful. I'm not usually that formal aah. I just wanted to make sure to cover my bases! So if you're still interested in roleplaying with me you can hit me up on this thread OR via PM! Don't be intimidated, I don't bite.. (Much)


“The creation of a single world comes from a huge number of fragments and chaos.”
― Hayao Miyazaki

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Re: Etherius 1x1 Partner Search!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby shinigamivixen on Sun May 20, 2018 12:22 pm

*pokes pokes* okay im biting still looking for partners?

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