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Skyward Bound

Extra Info and Q&A!

a part of “Skyward Bound”, a fictional universe by H3R0.

A fantasy set both above and below the clouds. (See inside for more)

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Skyward Bound”.
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Extra Info and Q&A!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby H3R0 on Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:55 pm

Here, I'll be putting up more information about the world that isn't included in the Intro. Please don't post here unless you have any questions concerning the roleplay or the roleplay's universe, etc. If you have questions, feel free to ask away! I'll try to answer anything I can~

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Re: Extra Info and Q&A!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby H3R0 on Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:03 pm

➽ Magical strengths, weaknesses, and abilities vary from person to person on the continents. Some people can be born naturally amazing at magic, other people can learn to be amazing over time, and other people might not be able to do anything more than maybe scoot a few pebbles around. Someone may be good at fire magic and terrible at healing magic, while someone else could be good at plant magic and unable to use any protective magic period. It's an extremely varied thing, just as we are as human beings.

➽ Sexuality and gender is pretty casually viewed, although some people may still have their negative thoughts about it or consider it "unholy," but they would most likely be a great minority. Creatures on Epiternal are even more accepting since there are so many various races and species. There could be frog creatures who reproduce asexually and change genders every week or something. WHO KNOWS HAVE FUN

➽ Nearly all humans don't know Epiternal is real. It's just lore. It's not even taught in class as an existing thing. The creatures on Epiternal don't know the continents or humans exist; however, again, there could be lore about it. And well, Epiternal has craters where the continents came from, but most people don't assume that chunks of the planet magically flew up beyond the clouds forever ago. (but that's what happened, so.)

➽ The continents are far enough away from one another that they can't be seen from any angle from one continent to another. However, they're close enough that it doesn't take a day to get from one to the others. I'm gonna say, like, an hour or two by bird, maybe a bit longer for winged humans. Travel is allowed between continents freely. People can visit each other as they please.

Continent Laws
    -Only winged humans are permitted to live on Alata. However, winged humans can live wherever they please. Normal, non-winged humans are not allowed to live on Alata, but they may live on Aeternus and Carismi. Normal humans can visit friends or family members, vacation, or shop on Alata as they wish, but if they are suspected of living there, they will be banned from the continent and removed immediately. It is against the law to have a normal human living with a winged human. If a winged human is caught letting a non-winged human live with them, they'll be removed as well. (Think: illegal immigrants).

    -No slavery (it isn't really a thing on any of the continents, or Epiternus, really).

    -No murder. No manslaughter (well- I mean. You'll get in trouble if you accidentally cause the death of another human being).

    -No stealing. No kidnapping.

    -No keeping fairies against their will. No harming the fae. Don't do anything against a fae's wishes. Keep your evil little kids away from their wings.

    -No killing birds. In the case that a bird attacks a human, it will be put down (this is a rare situation--think of how dogs are for us).

    -No fire magic in the forests unless it's a controlled fire or in designated areas (like for camping purposes or whatever).

    -No necromancy. Don't be that guy.

    -Winged humans are not permitted to go below the clouds. Nobody is permitted to go below the clouds unless in an accident/crisis situation.

➽ Alata is the wealthiest and Aeternus is the poorest, with Carismi being middle class/in between. HOWEVER, Aeternus has the lowest crime rate. There's less people and they're mostly hippy dippy nature types, people happy with simplicity, farmers, etc. those types (not all, but we're talking in general here). Carismi probably has the highest crime rate just because they're the most average of the three.

➽ There are average-sized fences around the outside of Carismi and Aeternus to keep people from falling off the edge.

➽ Since the continents are above the clouds, the humans who live there have never seen rain, snow, or experienced most natural disasters/phenomenons. However, Epiternal deals with these things naturally. On the continents, water comes from magic and help from condensation in the air.

*more will probably be added, but that's all for now*

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