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Facing Chaos

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Facing Chaos

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Inu_Kun_ on Sat Jan 17, 2009 9:16 pm

Okay, this is just a roleplay based on the series "Night World" by L.J. Smith. and "The Vampire Diaries" also by L.J smith.

I think I'll explain the basic story line of the books and then get to the story line of the Roleplay.
Vampire Diaries
Elena, the blue eyed blond who falls for the dark mysterious Stefen. Of course, Stefen must keep away from Elena in fear of what he might do, because the blood of a hunter runs through his vaines, and hunting is what he has done since theItalian Renaissance. But no matter how he tries, he falls for Elena, and loves her to deep for his own good. When he thinks things couldn't get worse, his Creep of a brother named Damon, decides it'll be fun to mess with him and Elena. And because of everything that is going on, it leaves fragile Human Elena defenceless to the Power that is after her, and one day, she is no longer a fragile Human, but now a powerful Vampire, no longer remembering her love for Stefen, but now falls for Damon.
As time progresses Elena's memories return and she Damon and Stefen all join together to find and defeat this evil power that is destroying all those dear to Elena. Another Vampire,Kathrine, as ancient as Damon and Stefen is The Power, and with just a touch of sunlight, and without their protective stones, both Kathrine and Elena meet their end, but thats not where the trouble ends.
Kathrines creator is now tormenting Elena's home, and there's nothing she can do about it. Now it's up to her best friends Bonnie and Maradeth, to work with the reluctant brothers Stefen and Damon to find and destroy this new evil. Finally, with the help of Elena's spirit, everyone is saved again, and due to some sort of mirical, Elena is brought back to life, not a vampire, but a human again. Together she and Stefen watch Damon disappear, but is that where the story compleatly ends?

Night World

Vampires, werewolves, witches, shapeshifters live among us, the human, only we don't know. The night world is a secret society with very strict rules. No falling in love with humans, and no telling humans about the Night World. If any Night People do, the penilty is Death. But it seems the Soulmate Princepal is taking effect, and more nightpeople are falling in love with humans, thus breaking both rules at the same time.
Those who fall for humans, and the humans that fall for Nightpeople, all join another orginization called "Circle Daybrake". Circal Daybreaks main goal is to get Nightlanders and Humans to coexiest without wanting to kill one another. Most of the members of Circle day break are soulmates and include:Gillian and David(Witch and Human), Rashel and Quinn(Vampire hunter and vampire), Hanna and Therrie(Human and Vampire), Poppy and James(Vampire and Vampire), Ash-his soulmate is still human and still with her family-(Human and Vampire) and finally Thea and Eric (Witch and Human).

Now for the Roleplay story
(Now it's not based on the members of Circle daybrake, but on the soulmates they find.)
Living a Normal day of a normal life together, Stefen(I'm going to change the whole, burning in sunlight with out a protective stone thing) and Elena find themselves thrown into a secret society called "The Night World" where they meet thoes who belong to Circle Daybreak. That's when they learn of the danger of what they are really facing. The members of Circle Daybreak must split up, and find all thoes effected by the Soulmate Principal, before the athourities of the Night World get ahold of them, and kill not only the Nightpeople, but also the humans and their families. Not only are they risking the lives of the newly found soulmates, but also their own lives.

You can have more than one character, but if you do, I would prefer if you didn't have two of the same character(Unless your a Lamia(born vampire) changing a human into a Made Vampire, or a witch awakening to your powers)
And you can also play your characters soulmate if you wish

Speices:(Vampire, Werewolf, Shapeshifter, Witch or Human-can be normal or a hunter-)
Appearance:(anime picture or just words)
Where they live:(opptional)

Species:Lamia(born Vampire)
Bio: Kourtnee's mother was killed by a Vampire Hunter when she was just a child, and she grew up being tossed around foster homes, until she met her best friend Danny and her soulmate.
Where she lives: Washington

Bio: Sapphire goes to school, like any other teenager. She has friends, like any other teenager. She has a boyfriend, like any other teenager. But the one thing she doesn't have in common with other teen age girls, is her heritage. But when word gets through Night World, Sapphire has two choices, destroy herself, the last of her family tree, or join those who wish to use her to harm others.
Where She lives: Oaklahoma

Species: Human-hunter-
Bio:Camouflage and stealth are Paula's best qualities. With the ability to hide in the darkest, smallest corners, and be able to sneak up on some of the most well known Nightpeople, she's got it made. But when the Hunter becomes the Hunted, is there enough time for her to trust Jacob, on of the Night Landers she's been hunting all her life, to save her?
Where She lives:right now, Miami

Bio:Surrounded by a loving family and a bunch of awesome friends, Emily can't help but enjoy the amazing life she has. But one day, when attacked, Emily does something she doesn't believe. The wolf inside comes out. Horrified with herself, Emily runs. And where she runs to, can either destroy her or help her. Will she choose to take in the dark and become one of the most feared Night People of her time, or will she choose to push it away and join the Circle Daybreak?
Where she lives:NYC

Bio:As a child, Aislinn never believed in the boogy man, or the monster in her closet. And she definitely didn't believe in werewolves. But when her best friend Emily vanishes,and horrible wolf attacks happen Aislinn finds herself changing into different animals Aislinn decides it's time to start believing in what she was told as a child, and face the Nightworld.
Appearance:Image {without the glasses)
Where she lives:NYC

Please join, if there's any questions just leave them here,and I'll do the best I can to answer them!

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Re: Facing Chaos

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Chained_Angel on Sat Jan 17, 2009 9:44 pm

Name:Angel Samantha-Rei (sometimes she goes by her middle name)
Bio:She grew up as a part of the nightworld , abiding by it's laws and its tradition. Along with her sister, she goes to school like a normal teenager, but she's anything but normal.
Appearance: Very pale, almost white hair, and brown eyes with a gold tint.
Where they live: Las Angolas

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