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Fallen Angel: Birth Of The Mercenary

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Fallen Angel: Birth Of The Mercenary

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mercenary on Wed Aug 09, 2006 3:39 am

The moon shone it's silver light upon a lone figure upon a rock. The shadows danced as the trees swayed, the river continued to flow, and the waters shone. Life teemed all around, peaceful and serene. But upon this rock, a man was at war with himself...

I remember when I used to have a name. When I use to have a purpose. When I still had a country to fight for. I gave them everything. My heart, my soul, my undying loyalty...

Finally, the figure stirred. He tilted his head back, running a finger over the black eyepatch that covered his left eye. He was revealed as a man of african blood. His hair was as black as the wings of a raven, and fell on either side of his face in two sable waterfalls. He lowered his head and sighed deeply. His thoughts began to drift to the past...

The Sanc Kingdom, AC 202: Jyotika's Reign

All was well within the alabaster walls of this grand city. The Sanc Kingdom was a nation of pacifists. Those who knew nothing, and wanted nothing to do with war. Or so they said. Jyotika's work had not gone unnoticed. Though no one said it, the people of the Sanc Kingdom lived in constant fear...

On the island known so long ago as Crete, the "White Knights" were gathering. All of them were sons of the Sanc Kingdom, but has left the nation to pursue military endevours. A woman of the Peacecraft bloodline had been their direct means of information as to what was going on on the side of the city's walls. The Asian Nation overtook the Sanc Kingdom in a bloodless coup. Leos were positioned on the outskirts of the city, "protecting" the people. The show of force to a country with no arms of it's own was enough to keep them oppressed. Silently, the will of the Asian Nation was imposed.

In a darkened room, six men sat around a table staring at a holographic display of the entire Sanc Kingdom. One of them rose and began to speak. He motioned to various spots on the map, causing images of possible opposition to appear.

"Alright...It seems the promise of protection has turned into a totalitarian reign and The Queen had called upon her knights to reclaim the Sanc Kingdom. Leos and positioned here, here, and here. We're outnumbered maybe three to one, suit to suit. The Queen has also relayed to to us that there's police units patrolling the streets...."

After the plan of attack had been drawn out, The White Knights donned their armor. A heft sum of money had been poured into the creation of the "Knights Armor". Knights Armor was six gundanium mobile suits designed for special operations. The newest of mobile suit technologies had been poured into these weapons, making them some of the very best weapons money could buy. Under the cover of night, The Knights took flight.

The Queen had called all the citizens of the Sanc Kingdom to the cathedral for the christening of her newborn child, Alexi Peacecraft. Hopefully all of the citizens came. The death of civilians was not something she wanted on her hands.

The first shots shook the foundation of the city. Like six wrathful angels, The White Knights descended upon the Sanc Kingdom. Particle cannon fire rained from the skies in streaks of bright yellow, tearing the bodies of Leos asunder. Explosions rattled the walls of the city. It was time for the the knights to take back their kingdom...

(To be continued...)
"War is my business...and business is good."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mercenary on Wed Aug 09, 2006 7:38 pm

The Asan Nation's Leo sentinels never saw it coming. The six white and silver gundams landed on the outside of the walls and began to advance in. The air raid sirens cut through the night.

"Everyone stay here! It's not safe to leave!"
The Queen said as she clutched tight to her newborn child. She silently prayed as she clenched the cross around her neck with one hand. Hopefully her White Knights would be the salvation of the Sanc kingdom and it's people.

Captain Stryker, who was the second in command of the Knights, found himself descending upon two Leos on the south end of the city. Thrusting forward, he brandished his beam sabre in a flash of blue light. The vernier thrusters in the heels of his mobile suit flared up, causing the unit to seem to blur from view for a split second.

"Hyper jammers! He's got jammers! I can't see em!"
One Leo pilot said to the other. Suddenly, Stryker appeared in front of them. A swift swipe from left to right split the Leos in half at the waist. Though the knights were shining examples of honorable men, they were ruthless in battle. Stryker had a reputation for being merciless. So merciless in fact that he was known as "The Death Angel". And upon wings of metal, The Death Angel shall bring his judgement upon those he found unworthy of life. By sword and shield, he took life and exacted justice.

Code: Select all
FOEHAMMER [Foehammer to Death Angel, rendezvous with the rest of the unit at the cathedral, nothing follows,over.]

DEATHANGEL [Understood, moving to the cathedral, over and out.]

Foehammer, the leader of the knights, was waiting for the rest of them to gather. Leos burned around the city. Where they once stood as symbols of silent oppression, they now lay in humbled heaps of smoldering metal. The mission had been accompished thus far. As the other five knights began to descend upon the cathedral, Foehammer raised his particle cannon and began shooting them down.

Code: Select all
DEATHANGEL[What the hell are you doing?! Check your fire, Foehammer! Check your fire!]

Foehammer didn't respond. Instead, he opened his chest and unleashed his missiles, blowing four of the five knights out of the skies. Stryker evaded and descended on the other side of the city.

Code: Select all

FOEHAMMER [They're all dead...and you're next...]

Stryker closed his eyes fight, trying to blink away the tears that had welled up in his eyes. Those men were his brothers in arms. They were his family. And right before his very eyes they had been slain by one of their own. A roar busted from the throat of Stryker as he thrusted forward, tearing down the main street of the city. Asphault rose from the streets and windows shattered in his wake. He was closing in like a screaming demon. Beamsabres collided, sending sparks into the air like fireworks. The Queen tried to establish communication with the knights, but a bullet from an unknown sniper's rifle had silenced her permanently. Suddenly, Asian Nation security forces descended upon the dueling mobile suits. Leos and Mercurius sentinels loomed in the air.

Code: Select all
FOEHAMMER [Looks like your number's up...]


Suddenly, Stryker unleashed everything in his arsenal upon Foehammer. Bullets riddled his armor while missiles and particle beams ripped him limb from limb. Stryker gritted his teeth together as he watched Foehammer fall in a burning heap. Suddenly he found himself under the guns of the sentinels that had arrived. One mercurius unit descended in front of Stryker, knowing he was completely out of ammo. The pilot spoke over a PA loud enough for the citizens to hear, but was silently jamming Stryker's own so his responses couldn't be heard.

"Thank you for your services, Captain Stryker. We have successfully terminated the interior resistance you informed us of. Thank you for securing our place as the rulers of this area."

The people were in shock. Had Stryker truly betrayed them?

"What?! What are you talking about!?"

"Now now, no need for theatrics Stryker. It was you who told us of The Queen's relaying of intel. it was you who told us of about the strike tonight..and it was you who told the sniper where he could take his best shot at the queen. You've done well...."

"That's not true! LIAR!"

Stryker lashed out with his beamsabre, only to find that Mercurious had erected planetary defensors. Suddenly particle beam fire riddled his unit, tearing it apart. Stryker closed his eyes and gave everything he had to the verniers in the back and the legs. He flew off in a random direction, feeling himself spinning out of control. Particle beam fire continued to fire at him. One lucky shot successfully took him out, sending him spiraling to the ground

"Shall we go after him?"

" one would survive that crash...As you can see, the Sanc Kingdom's own soldiers can't even be trusted. If you had just let us protect you, then perhaps your beloved queen would still be alive! We will now move our forces in, and you will begin to live by the laws and standards of the Asian nations. Those who fail to comply will be executed. No tolerance. It's for your own safety, we assure you."

The Asian nation had successfully rid the Sanc Kingdom of any outside help. All that lived here would abandon any hopes of freedom they once had. The reign of terror had begun.

I felt like the entire world was slowly turning around me. Blood was in my eyes, so I could see nothing. The rushing wind deafened me. Is this what death feels like? I extended a hand to the heavens, praying that God would reach out and catch me, but there would be no answer, no hope, and no salvatation for me. The impact with the ground jarred me back to reality. I raised a hand to wipe my eyes, only to find that a shard of metal had been lodged into my left. I remember screaming as I pulled the shard out, but there was no pain. No pain on earth could ever surpass the pain of losing my brothers, and the trust of my people....Foehammer set me up. It doesn't matter though...I'll see him in hell, and kill him on sight...

(to be continued...)

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mercenary on Thu Aug 10, 2006 8:47 pm

I woke up to the sound of turning wheels and trotting hooves. My face ached, almost as if I had been fist fighting all night. When I opened my eyes, I saw a figure leering over me. Instantly my hand snapped out and seized the neck, but when I felt that the skin was soft, I released. Fingers trailed over my forehead causing my eyes to close again. A voice spoke softly.

"It is are safe here..."

The voice belonged to a woman. But who was she. I opened my eyes again and tried to touch my face, only to have her pull my hands away.

"I am sorry, we could do nothing to save your left eye, but you are safe with us."

"Who are you?"
I asked. There was no way in hell I was going to go off with a complete stranger. When I studied her face, I saw that she was a beautiful woman of middle-eastern descent.

"Amira of the Maganac..."

I didn't say anything after that. I was thinking. Maganac, where had I heard that before. Oh yes, the Maganac Corps were a band of guerilla fighters that lived in the deserts of the middle east.

"Where are we going, Amira?"

"Home. Have you no name, soldier?"

"Not anymore..."

She sighed with disdain, but caressed my face with the love only a mother could possess. I actually felt safe. When I looked out of the back of wagon, I realized we were in the desert.

" long have I been with you?"

"We first came across you 10 days ago. You were barely alive. It seemed as if you had been crawling for miles because we could not see your mobile suit...Can you remember anything?"


I couldn't remember anything at that point in time. I didn't remember anything after pulling the metal from my eye. I guess My brain shut off but my body wasn't ready to quit. We rode on until suddenly there was darkness. When the lights finally came back on, another face was over me. This man and Amira were speaking back and forth to each other in Arabic. I began to interject, throwing my own Persian Farsi into their conversation to grab their attention.

"Ah, you are awake! Good...Welcome, friend. I am Rasid Kurama, leader of the Maganac Corps. Amira says her and her caravan found you quite a way south of the Sanc Kingdom, so they took you when they caught the flight to the desert. Amira tells me you don't remember anything. Perhaps I can be of some assistance.."

I only nodded. The Maganac were good to me. They nursed me back to health, and in exchange, I fought for them under the alias of "Saladin". They Maganac had their own slew of nicknames for me. The Cyclops, The Persian Lion. I particularly liked that one because it paid homage to my African and Persian heritage. I served the Maganac for five years until I decided it was time to leave. Rasid Kurama asked me to stay, but I knew there was much to do. We made an oath of eternal brotherhood to each other. The Maganac were the closest thing I had known to family since the White Knights. Leaving them was hard, but leaving Amira hurt the most.

(to be continued...)

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