Fallout New Vegas Roleplay Idea

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Fallout New Vegas Roleplay Idea

Postby Vegasboy on Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:08 pm

Alright, members I would like to start a roleplay relating to Fallout New Vegas. Before I do though I would like to post the idea to see if there are any takers. That way I don't start an Roleplay no one joins so heres the idea:

20 years after Mr. House gained control of Hoover Dam and now has control over most of the Mojave. The Courier is dead, and vegas is hotter than ever. Buzzing with activity it is still the hotspot of the Wasteland. Those who have less than the required 2,000 bottle caps are cast into Vegas's shadow Freeside. Freeside is packed with people trying to save the bottle caps to get to the strip and win their riches. Everyone in Vegas earns money, loses money, drinks, and has a good time. The Lucky 38 is still private to Mr. House and few enter.

It would be Semi-lit to lit
The playing of the game is not required though recommended and if you don't I would read wiki if I were you.

So feedback? Any takers?
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