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[Multiverse,Trinity Blood]Father Abel_Nightroad

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[Multiverse,Trinity Blood]Father Abel_Nightroad

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Father_Abel on Mon Mar 05, 2007 11:59 am

Name: Abel Nightroad
Born: Created 2088 A.D. in London, United Kingdom
Hair Color: Whitish
Eye Color:Grey
Clothes: AX Preist Outfit
Bio:A Catholic priest who seems to be nothing more than a clumsy, absent-minded fool on the surface. In truth, he is a Crusnik, a vampire of extreme, extraordinary power, and is an ancient being, hundreds of years old. He is a vampire that feeds on the blood of vampires. But despite his strength, he adheres to a principle of pacifism and often refuses to outright kill his opponents. Abel is shown in flashbacks to have a hatred for humanity, but at some point that changes into his current pacifistic and peaceful outlook on life. He acknowledges having greatly sinned at some point in his life, though it is unclear as to what sin he committed, and much of his current personality is based on retribution for his sins. Abel has at one point referred to his Crusnik form as "a mark of his sins", though it is unknown what he meant by that. He has feelings towards Esther Blanchett, though they are more related to her similarities with a woman from his past. In his human form he fights with a gun that shoots silver bullets. As a Crusnik, is able to transform into various forms based on the amount of nanomachines in his body that he activates. In his higher forms he wields a huge scythe materialized from his own blood. In The Star Of Sorrow II, it is revealed that pre-armageddon, Nightroad was a Lieutenant Colonel in the UN Air Force.

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Krusnik Form
Weapon:Death Reaver Blood Scythe
About Krusnik's:Abel, Krusnik 02: with 40% of Crusnik nanomachines activated, his eyes become red, his teeth become fangs, his nails turn into claws, and a gigantic scythe made of blood materializes in his hands. At 80%, he grows black wings and can generate massive amounts of electricity. At 100%, he turns into a humanoid creature with dark skin, black bat-like wings and blue markings that cover his entire body. He also generates more electricity than his 80% form and the other end of his blood scythe also becomes a second blade. Abel has also demonstrated what may be form of telekinesis. In example, Abel can draw blood directly into his body without using his fangs. This was shown in episode 14 when Abel absorbs blood into his wings. It is possible that this presumed telekinesis is actually a result of Abel controlling the Bacillus nanomachines present in Methuselah blood (on no occasion was he seen doing the same with the blood of normal human beings). When not in Crusnik form Abel appears fairly weak, and fights with a pistol containing silver bullets. He is, however, strong enough to throw a man across a room.

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