(FIC) Want YOUR Interest Check Featured For a Week?

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Thinking about starting a roleplay, but don't have the idea completely finished? Post it here, not in the main OOC forum!

(FIC) Want YOUR Interest Check Featured For a Week?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby ViceVersus on Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:16 pm

Howdy-hey, guys & gals. Your friendly neighborhood Sato here with a weekly contest for y'all to sink your teeth into!

Want YOUR Interest Check to make it big?

The Interest Checks forum is chock-full of great ideas, but some of them get buried. This contest will give you a chance to have your Interest Check thread stickied at the top of this subforum for everyone to see -- for seven days! Here's a highly scientific picture to show you what I mean.


How can you do this? Myself and a few other staff members will be looking for the following criteria in your post:

    1.What is your roleplay idea about? This does not necessarily mean just what happens. This isn't a pure summary of events. What is the theme of what you will be writing? What do you want users to walk away with? Help us understand the atmosphere and purpose of your story.

    2. What makes your vision interesting? What is it about your concept that is compelling? Help me feel like I need to join your roleplay. What sets it apart from everything else in the forum? There should be a clear goal outlined for characters and prospective players -- along with consequences for meeting, or failing to meet that goal.

    3. Explain what you expect from players. This could include typical post length, how often users can expect to post.

    4. Introduce yourself! Who are you? Maybe you've had a ton of experience GM-ing this genre, maybe you're the new kid on the block, but you're ready to dive in. Help us get to know who you are, and your vision.

All threads submitted to the Interest Checks forum are valid for the contest, and considered an automatic entry. I will be PMing weekly users asking if they would like their thread stickied -- if you want to opt out, that's totally fine.

Please review your Interest Check and make sure that it falls in line with our additional guidelines.

What this contest seeks to do is encourage users to really flesh out their posts, and give a well-rounded look into the story they are trying to tell to better communicate their ideas.

The contest will typically run from Saturday-Saturday. Since this is the opening week, there will be a few extra days to get threads in. Even when threads are removed from being stickied, they will have a tag (FIC) that shows they were a previous winner. Again, GMs can opt out of this if they prefer.

Please leave any questions below, or feel free to PM me.

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