Final Veracity (a Sawtooth Wolf Pack/Yellowstone RP)

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A realistic wolf role play based on the experiences of Jim Dutcher’s Sawtooth wolf pack, and the rugged beauty of Yellowstone National Park…and its equally breathtaking wolves.

*side note; i know it's a lot to read which is why you should feel free to read it at your own pace

Rules; okay so obviously there are certain things that won’t fly here i.e. godmodding and powerplaying but beyond that I think that we should just feel our way along until questions come up. So for the time being just do your best to rely on that golden thing known as common sense but if a question does arise please, please, and please don’t hesitate to ask it because I would be more than happy to answer it!

Anticipated Questions;

How many characters can I have max? 3 (although your second character must be the opposite gender of your first, while the third can be either sex)

What’s up with the rank ratio? By default there is a male and female equivalent of every rank except that of the Alpha. In the case of the Alpha only one wolf of either gender will hold that rank until they decide that they want to take on a mate. Furthermore that is the only rank in which the male and female equivalent must be mates. Finally regardless of the results in a rank challenge, the outcome will never effect the mate of the person that either lost or won.

How does my wolf get a higher rank? By challenging other wolves, however you can only challenge once every 10 OOC days. If you are the challenger and you win you simply switch ranks with that wolf, however if you are the challenger and you loose you automatically go to the bottom of the pack while the wolf you challenged retains their rank unaffected.

Can we have mates? Any wolf who’s rank is higher than that of Omega is allowed to claim a mate however the Alphas are the only one’s allowed to breed period.

Umm what if the response you just gave on one of the questions listed above didn’t answer my question? Well then send me a pm and ask me your specific question of course!

Synopsis; even with their combined efforts, it took the farmers, hunters, and invasive diseases seven long decades to truly make a dent in the Yellowstone wolf population. Of course initially the decline was viewed as a natural thing, even an inevitable thing, but when the larger packs began to dwindle (and the gene pool evaporated with them) scientists and supporters alike finally began to worry. However it would take the lapse of another two decades before a true hero finally emerged. He was a young scientist by the name of Dr. Adrian Molnaire, and his grand idea was not just to introduce a new pack stock full of new blood, but also to educate the wolves against their predecessors mistakes. In fact he planned on copying the design of the great Jim Dutcher, with the only difference being that his wolves would eventually run free. However before Molnaire, his team, and the wolves could get there he was required to ensure the government (and cautious farmers alike) that he would not let a single wolf free until they had successfully met some very important criteria.

Thus Sawtooth Acers was founded, a modest building built just outside of an enclosure which would serve as a primary school for the next generation of wolf ambassadors. Here the wolves are meant to bond, grow, and flourish into higher thinking and higher functioning individuals. And when (and only when) this family of canines has proved that they are ready for the wild will they be officially reintroduced into the natural habitat of Yellowstone Park that awaits them. Where they will undoubtedly need every skill that they manage to achieve during their time at Sawtooth Acers.

*side note; the wolves here are supposed to function as a family, helping one another and contrasting a support system i.e. a pack so that they will be ready for the wilds of the wild. Thus your wolf’s goal should be to both bond and ascend as the wolves do their best to reach the second phase of this RPG…release. However not everyone will make it….

Setting; Sawtooth Acers (brief description)
-The Plains; broken up all over the land are flat expanses where a wolf can just run for the sake of running
-Mixed Ground; just as common are areas in which foliage merely dots the land
-Deep Woods; a few spaces in which sunlight is lost beneath a thick canopy and all sorts of other plant life
-Water Sources; from trickling brooks to two grand lakes, a wolf could never truly go thirsty here
-Food; technically the staff will provide food sporadically in the form of donated road kill, but on occasion live game will be offered not to mention the small mammals that already roam the grounds
-Boundaries; thanks to extra super special precaution there is no escaping Sawtooth Acers, period

The Sawtooth Acer Pack Ranks

Alpha; Sindre
Betas; Montaha & Koda
Gammas; Maria

*upon joining your wolf will automatically ascend to the highest rank possible, however as the rules state all they need to do is challenge the one above them in order to attain an even higher rank…

JOINING APPLICATION (please fill out this form and wait to be accepted)

Name; (self explanatory)
Gender; (please only reply with either male or female)
Phase; (please only reply with yearling, adult, or senior)
Health; (please only reply with a number between 1-5)

Eyes; (please only reply with some shade/combination of brown, orange, gold, blue or green)
Coat; (please only reply with a shade/combination that is natural/realistic to that of a wolf in the wild)
Build; (please only reply with slender, athletic, or muscular)

Personality Type; (please only reply with submissive, neutral, or dominant)
Quirks; (this field is optional)
History; (this field is optional)

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Name; Montaha
Gender; female
Phase; adult

Eyes; a mix of pumpkin orange and goldenrod
Coat; off-white with a small silver saddle on her back
Build; athletic

Personality Type; submissive
Quirks; she commonly displays extreme signals of submissions to both genders without hesitation
History; n/a


Name; Sindre
Gender; male
Phase; adult

Eyes; dark hazel
Coat; black with a band of cream draped over his shoulders
Build; muscular

Personality Type; dominant
Quirks; Sindre likes to size other males up by shoving them roughly with his massive body
History; n/a
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Eyes;A deep blue like a lake.
Coat; All white fur but has jet black paw's.
Build; muscular

Personality Type;neutral


Eyes; A beautiful golden brown.
Coat;A deep brown with a patch of black on her belly and both ear's.
Build; slender

Personality Type; neutral
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Ugh what is this feeling…? Smacking her jaws together quietly as she did her best to get a feel for her suddenly sleepy limbs, all at once however the offensive white hot sensation of light was added to the equation. Wh-Where am I? pulling her white paws inward abruptly, the female blinked weakly against the invasive sunbeam, as the rest of her world bled into the light and became a nauseating haze. Ugh that fog-it-it’s there again! Punctually remembering at least this fact, on the impetus of pure instinct the she-wolf slunk even further away from the odious light source.

This is how she had felt before everything had suddenly gone dark. No wait! First there had been that sudden pinch in her hip and then things had gone black…like scary black. Blinking rapidly as her eyes did their best to sort everything out, in the meantime Montaha breathed deep sporadic breaths as various signals assaulted her senses all at once. I don’t think that was a dream. Swaying her harvest colored eyes from side to side if only to be met by similar shades of metal, naturally the wolf’s tail came even closer to her body as realized the frightening familiarity that the moment held.

It had happened again, of course it had only happened once before but now oh now she could remember the initial terribleness of the moment. The humans had put her to sleep again, the only difference now was that this time around she hadn’t waken up where she had fallen. But instead she was somewhere different, somewhere way different that didn’t smell a thing like home. Although suddenly I’m wishing that it was. Tucking herself against the cool of the cage as a slow whine began to stir at her throat, abruptly though this noise was quieted as Montaha suddenly became away of an approaching shadow….

Stocky black legs carried the wolf over the short grass with unimaginable ease, while his eyes moved with far less fluidity. Where in the heck were they and more important why? After all this place didn’t smell a thing like his home, heck it didn’t even smell like that clean white place he had visited once. What had they called it-a clinic?

Nevertheless as the large black wolf with the caramel mane carried himself over the field, it was obvious that he wasn’t exactly devastated by the change. Sure his old home had been nice but presently he hadn’t found a reason to hate this place either, in fact it was proving rather interesting thus far. It started off with that awful groggy feeling but once that had worn off, well once that had warn off Sindre had realized that it was a novel atmosphere of wander. A jackpot of fresh scents! However instead of chasing after a rabbit’s trail or something of the like the wolf found himself drawn to a particularly intriguing scent. For it was that familiar and well loathed scent of red hot fear.

Prancing up the metal box that matched his own to some degree, the wolf peaked in without hesitation and subsequently found exactly what his keen nose had hinted to. It was a wolf, a female to be specific and for the life of her she was pitying like something his handlers had once served him. “Come out.” Barking the order with a cool dominance, the wolf then retracted his nose from the wide cold opening before speaking more words of bitter encouragement. “From the looks of things you don’t know anymore about this place than I do, but I bet that if we did something more productive than cower we could figure it out.” Snorting lightly at the end of his phrase, the wolf abruptly turned from the opening just then. Yet while he had made the move for dramatic effect his interest was promptly peaked by another scent of interest. They were not alone….
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