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Forbidden Desires (Need Seme Prince)

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Forbidden Desires (Need Seme Prince)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby goddessbastet87 on Fri Jun 21, 2019 12:54 am

Plot: Brought up in a World where he must hide who and what he is. Where not only magic, if found out, could bring a death sentence, but where his kind have been sold into slavery, he hides what he is and what he was born with. An escaped elf mage in hiding, and working in possibly one of most dangerous places he could if he was found out. The Castle. Not only an Elf but one with magic, he hides his elongated ears with long brown hair, but there is no way for him to hide his perfectly alabaster skin, that almost seemed to hold a faint glow in the moonlight. Scars decorate his back, showing he was indeed once a slave himself, as well as a dragon marking on his shoulder that marks him as a mage to those that know of the marking, now an escapee, and fighting to keep his secret hidden from all around him.

Though something may soon threaten those secrets when he finds himself soon being named Lord Of the BedChamber to the King’s Heir The Prince, after accidentally saving his life not knowing whom he had saved.. Now working for the very closely to very the people who outlawed magic, and sent his kind to become slaves, he may now also have to overcome an even more unexpected obstacle.. When he starts to become attached to the prince, though he tries to keep his feelings even to the prince himself secret, for it was unheard of for two males to be together… So there was no way that a royal could possibly feel for someone such as him could there be?

Note** We can start before The prince (YC) get’s saved or talk about where we would like to start with this. I had an Idea for where it could start a little before MC saves YC the prince, but will discuss with whom claims.**
*It doesn't matter if at first if YC agrees with his father, and slavery of the elves, Lashreal won't reveal himself on purpose.*

My Character


Name: Lashreal Rivleam

Age: Looks 18 but is actually quite a bit older.

Gender: Male

Species: Elf

Homosexual, (Uke, or Seke)

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: An obsidian, so dark they nearly look like a starless night sky

Most when they first see Lash, think that he his female from a distance. With dark brown hair that he keeps long, and normally around his shoulders to hide his elongated ears, and his lithe and slender form, he is naturally androgynous looking, with sharp features,naturally pale skin and almond shape eyes. Scars decorate his back, from whips from his time when he had been captured and sold as a slave, and a dragon marking lays on his shoulder, marking him as one with magic, though most never see it as he tries to wear clothing that keeps it covered.[/center]


Normally quiet, and soft spoken, Lash normally keeps to himself, as he believes getting to involved will endanger him.Though does have a tendency to be quite stubborn at times and tends to get annoyed easily. Though his eyes seem to grow darker when he is angered or annoyed, though most who have witnessed it takes as a trick of the light. It isn’t easy for Lash to trust people, and he tries to keep himself at a distance. Lash normally tries very hard to keep in control of himself, he tries to keep what he is feeling and thinking from showing on his face or in his eyes, though his control is not perfect. He tries to be diligent in most everything, especially in keeping his secrets.[/center]


+Excellent hearing
+Excellent vision
+Very Agile and fast
+Able to use different kinds of magic: Elemental,{is better at controlling Fire and Earth magic than any other} Conjuration, Enchanting, and light healing magic.
*Good at hand to hand combat
*Good with Bows, and daggers, especially throwing daggers.

Weakness’s/Bad Habits:

-If he gets really annoyed he’ll run his hands/hand through his hair.
-sometimes mumbles to himself in elvish
-heals faster than a human, but not to an extreme extent
-Bad with sword, spears, and such weapons.
-Weak at Water magic
-Weak at Hexes


+Being out in the forests
-having to hide constantly
-not being able to use his magic as he likes
+Practicing his magic
+Practicing with his bow or Daggers
-The King


Lashreal was born to two Elvish Nobles who were highly skilled in using magic. He spent his first years being taught how to use his own magic properly. He was taught to hone the magic that he held with himself, taught how to control it, and how to hide it, for this was when people were starting to at magic as bad thing, as thing to be scared of. Though when Lashreal was real young magic had yet to be outlawed, though it was starting to become a danger to hold magic within oneself, and those who did were always looked upon as if dangerous. Though it wasn’t long before that fear drove things to change, majorly especially for some, Lash being one of them.Soon people’s fear of magic and magic users made things go downhill fast. War broke out, and because many blamed the elves for magic even being brought into the kingdoms, elvish were attacked. Villages ransacked, many elves were killed, some on sight, some were even taken for reasons unknown.

The war went on for years, but the elves were sorely out-manned, and eventually those that did survive were caught, and sold into slavery. Eventually those who captured the survivors found where he and his family were hiding. He woke one night to hearing his parents yelling, before his mother had rushed into the room and hurried him out of bed. Though it didn’t do any good, even leaving through the window as he and his mother did, they were soon found as they ran, and his was mother killed trying to protect him from them. Lash tried to fight back, not realizing one of the captors was behind him and he was soon hit from behind. When he woke he was shackled, though not alone. After that things got worse for the young elf, being so young at the time Lash didn’t even know the common tongue, or at least much of it. Those who had captured him took the time to at least teach him the common tongue. Though after he was soon sold to a man, and being untrained caused him nothing but Grief. Time after time he would remember the feeling of a whip against his skin, and bear the marks that it gave him. More than once he had been caught trying to heal himself, but instead of turning him over to the Royals, the man who had bought him just ended getting worse in his treatment when handling Lash. The one who had bought him started getting worse as time went on. After almost beating, and whipping him death, after one of the times he fell unconscious; Lash woke deciding he would rather risk his life trying to escape, than staying where he was and almost definitely dying at the hands of the man who thought himself his Master.

He waited until his “Master” was asleep sneaking into the man’s bedroom first set fire to the curtains, then walked from the room just as quietly as he walked in, stealthily leaving the house, but not before setting fire to a couple more items that would help the process along. He only watched the smoke, and flames in the house for a few moments before he turned, when he heard a scream, and ran from the area stopping for no one. He hoped that the man wasn’t of importance, but he also didn’t care, he started wearing his down to hide his ears, stopped using his magic and hid the marking on his shoulder with an enchanted necklace he started wearing. He didn’t know how long he had walked, or how far, he didn’t look behind him and only stopped in a few places, looking for small paying jobs he could do quickly and with ease just to get by. His looks never made things easy for him, people would look, but none asked keeping to their own, merely figuring he was from another land. Though, finally having earned enough to buy a horse, that made his travels much easier, it got him further from the burned manor he had been living at before.

It wasn’t until he reached a small village, though nearer to the castle than he would have liked, that he decided he was far enough. He settled as far from others that he could, but still moved among them, merely telling those that inquired he was from a distant land, to settle their curiosity. Lash settled there, enjoying the peace he had gained, close enough to a wooded forest, and some trails that he could enjoy what nature would have to offer. He eventually got job, working alongside a blacksmith, and made it the castle more often than he would have liked to, but delivering weapons to the guardsmen, and the like were part of the work he had acquired. He never really spoke to anyone there, but did once have the task of delivering the King a sword that had been made especially for his heir, Lash had done most of the work on it himself. After that he decided he no longer needed to move any further, deciding he was as safe as he could get, and just would be careful. He had made a life for himself at village, and most no one bothered him. He started practicing archery, and one of the towns people he spoke to after telling him of his history as a guard taught him combat. Lash excelled in Hand to hand combat, archery, throwing daggers and knives and using close range weapons such as daggers, all which he had made himself and in secrecy enchanted using his magic. He now oftens hunts in the nearby forests, as well spends a lot of his nights out in the forests, practicing with his daggers, and throwing knives and daggers. His days are spent working at the Smith’s, or delivering packages, such as weapons, armor, and such, to different guard positions, whether it be at other guard posts outside the village, or around the castle itself.

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