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In a forest

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In a forest

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Fri May 05, 2006 8:43 am

Lacuna ran. She followed a tug inside her, guiding her through the night, pitch-black with a thick layer of clouds covering the moon and stars which could have let her see. Instead, she trusted this tug, jumped over unseen pits when it told her, avoided the trees it knew were there. Finally, she came to a stop, reached down, and picked up the little tiger cub. Immediately she felt her healing powers respond to the cub, felt the small wound close.

So you are to be my companion. That would have have been fatal on someone as small as you, but even two days from now you would've survived, and a week from now it would've been a scratch. You're only a newborn, so it will be awhile before you will be useful. But it's better this way, I won't have to worry about taming you. What is your name? I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.

Talking the whole while, so the tiger would know the sound of her voice through anything, Lacuna took some rope out of her pack, looped it around the cub's dead mother and dead sibling, and dragged the carcas with her. After all, tiger meat would give her strength like none other, and the skin would be quite beautiful. She also needed a new buckle for her belt. The tug pulled her into a small cave, she hung the dead mother from a tree.

The next day, the firt thing her violet eyes saw was the little tiger cub for the first time. It was a white tiger, and female. The cub had a streak of yellow down it's back, and her legs were already long, showing promise that she would be a swift runner.

I name you Yani Vinashu, beautiful streak. I'll call you Yanishu.

Chattering about anything and everything, Lacuna made breakfast for the tiny tiger. Taking some of the dried meat in her pack and crushing it into a fine powder, she mixed that in a bowl with some of the water in her canteen. She dipped her finger into the gruel and fed it to Yanishu. Then she had her own breakfast of trail mix, and went to the mother hanging from the tree. She took the mother down, and saw what had happened.

So, you had a tangle with a bear? Most likely it smelled the blood of birth and went after an easy meal. But it didn't eat you, did you fight too strongly?

She took it down, skinned it, dressed it, and set the meat out to be dried. Then she fed the baby again, still on the meat from the pack. She would not give it its mother's meat, that would be wrong and could hurt the training later. She rolled the hide up. It was mangled in spots, but it would make a good lining for her winter clothes. She would take it to a friend who did leather-work. He would not charge her, for he owed her. But for the next couple days, she'd camp here and hunt for her new charge, keeping the tiger meat and the other meat seperate.

OOC: This is just background for Lacuna. Pronunciation guide:

Lacuna: La koon uh
Yanishu: Yah nee shoo
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Fri May 05, 2006 12:44 pm

A week after finding Yanishu, Lacuna arrived at the house of her friend. Her light triple-knock was answered by a large human whose arm muscles were bulging.

Lacuna? Come in! It's good to see you!

Jack, it's good to see you as well. I have something for you.

She entered the cabin, and laid the bundle of skins from her hunting on his floor. Then she took out the skin of Yanishu's mother, and held up the tiger cub.

[color=Violet6]This is Yanishu, my companion. I found her near the body of her mother, who had a run-in with a bear. The bear was nowhere near. She was newborn. This is the skin of the mother. I'd like it if you could prepare it to become the lining for a good pair of boots, gloves, and a winter cloak. You may do as you wish with any extras. And please, take the rest of the meat. She deserves to be appreciated, and I dare not make a mistake with her cub and accidentally feed Yanishu a piece of her mother.[/color]

You know you don't have to give me anything...

She stopped him with a gesture.

It would be a favor to me. You know I hate to see any of a good creature go to waste, and I cannot use all this. If it bothers you that much, I'll spend the night and you can slip some coin into my bag.

He laughed, and accepted the suggestion that she spend the night, saying nothing about the money. She looked around, and asked about his wife and daughter. His face grew dark.

There is a lord who has decided to take over this portion. He set himself up in a castle nearby about two years ago and has been taxing people into starvation. I couldn't pay the tax, so he took my wife last year, and came to take my daughter today. He noticed a certain look. Don't get yourself in trouble over this.

He is a tyrant. I will not allow tyrants in this woods. If they are unharmed, he will simply recieve a warning. But if he has violated them, his life will be a living hell.

She didn't add that last thought, knowing that Jack woudn't like her to cause trouble on his account. But his entire family had been friends of hers for a long time, and she was not going to let anyone mess with her friends. Her tendancy to hold a grudge was well-known, and had caused her to be outcast from her clan. She still guarded the woods, and no elf ran from her in fear, but they would not house or feed or clothe her, or acknowledge that anyone owed her anything. That suited her just fine.

I will still stay the night, but I'll be leaving most things here. I will take only my food pack and Yanishu. She didn't need to mention her weapons, that was always a given.

Is it smart to take her with you?

She is my companion. She will not give me away, and will not be seperated from me. You wouldn't be able to handle her right now. It will take a bit for her to recognize you as friend, and she won't take food from someone she doesn't know. I do not know how long this will take.

Her friend nodded. They spent the night talking, both about the tyrant and about things in general. Lacuna went to bed before Jack did, and when he woke in the morning she was gone. Only the supplies she had left betrayed that she had been there at all.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Sat May 06, 2006 12:23 am

OOC: To keep people seperate, I'm giving them different colors when they'll be speaking a few times.

Lacuna had fashoined a sling out of some of the already cured leather in Jack's cabin, knowing he wouldn't mind and would've insisted on her taking it anyway if he'd thought of it. Lining the sling with leaves, she used it to hide Yanishu under her clothes before going invisible. She snuck into the castle, and found her way to where a bunch of girls were being held. Jack's daughter was posing for a portrait in a beautiful dress. She approached the girl's best friend, who knew about invisibility.

Tamara, it's Lacuna. Tell me what's going on.

Let me explain to the others first. Everyone gather close. You can't see her, but someone is here with us. Her name is Lacuna, and she can help get us out of this.

They're more likely to believe if they hear me, aren't they? Hello everyone.

Despite the warning, several of the girls jumped, but to their credit, no one screamed.

Someone please explain what's going on?

A girl with black hair down to her shoulders spoke up.

My name is Nicola. The Lord is bride-hunting in a strange way. He decides who the painter makes a portrait of. All the portraits are shown and then hidden with cloth. When the artist is done everything, the lord will pick a portrait at random. Whichever girl is depicted will become his wife.

Why hasn't he finished yet?

I have made a deal with him. We like each other, so it's no problem. Except, he's painting as slow as possible but soon he'll be done, and then the choice...

You are right in time, he'll be done in three days and there are no more taxes due soon so there will be no more girls. You can help us, can't you?

Of course I can. Tell me where his bedroom is.

Following the directions they gave her, Lacuna made her silent way past the gaurds. She got in, and he wasn't there yet. So, she waited. The room was decorated with very expensive things, and Lacuna was disgusted at the blatant show of too much wealth. After an hour, the lord entered, and closed and locked the door behind himself and sat down at a desk. Lacuna drew her sword and stood behind him. She pressed her blade against his throat and leaned in close.

Don't move. I don't like what you're doing to those under my care. Return the women and girls, give the portraits to the families. Sell half of your decorations and distribute the money among the peasants. You cannot tax them into starvation without paying for it later, for who will work the fields if they're lying in bed? If you don't do as I say, you can expect more than this, here she sliced into his arm, not fatal, and she would give it the scar-healing before she left. Be glad you hadn't touched any of them yet.

Who are you?

I am the guardian of these lands. Any here are here with my permission. Those who aren't welcome and stick around long enough for me to find them regret it quite quickly. I am being lenient, because no one has tried in awhile so you might not have heard. I am as real as the scar that is now on your arm.

As she had spoken, fire had raced down his arm from where her hand was on his shoulder, and gathered around the wound. As it dissipated, a silvery scar was left where her blade had touched. She kept her blade to his side as he unveiled the paintings, paid the artist to finish the last one, and released the girls with their respective paintings. The darkhaired girl stayed behind with an arm on the painter's shoulder and a wink aimed straight at Lacuna, who hadn't become visible but had felt the empath. Lacuna stayed until the wife and daughter of Jack were released. She followed them back to Jack's house, dreading his gratitude.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Sat May 06, 2006 7:49 am

Two weeks later, she passed through again, just in time to see two guards force a woman from her house.

Why are you taking her?

One of the guards leered at her.

Don't concern yourself with this miss, just go back home and mend clothes.

Lacuna bowed her head, ducked into an alley and went invisible. She met back up with them, grabbed one and had her sword to his throat.

Answer the question!

The one who wasn't being held drew his sword and looked around nervously, but it was the one being held who answered.

She has been chosen to be the lord's wife.

Since when is a wife taken by force! Release her.

The one with the girl refused.

Please man, it's got a knife to my throat!

Correct your language. I'm a she.

Pardon me, but I thought you left that behind when you died.

I am very much alive. Now let the girl go!

The guard let the girl go, and she released the other. The two turned tail into the woods, not daring to face their lord without the girl. The girl fled into her home. Lacuna made sure she arrived safely, then ran to the lord's castle. She practically flew to his room. It was locked. She knocked the door down. The lord turned around, and seeing no one cowered.

Did you think I was kidding? You do not mistreat those in your care. You wish to marry, you must woo her like any other man.

She was shouting at him, and moving closer to him. When she was right above his cowering form, her blade cut through his leather pant-leg, cutting his thigh uncomfortably close (for him) to his ability to procreate. Again the fire appeared, and a silver scar.

The next time you mistreat your people, I will throw you out. She then repeated the scar on his other leg. Any elf who saw him wouldn't need him to shed his pants to see that, and would know what it meant. You are now branded. Don't think simply covering up the mark will save you, there are those who can see these scars through clothes, through ice, through stone. Behave, or you will find yourself without a head.

She left then, and went back to check on the girl. It was Nicola, who had gotten engaged to the painter. She looked very disturbed about something.

Thank you for saving me. Um, why couldn't I feel you this time?

Lacuna smiled. What use would going invisible be if I could not become invisible to all senses? Lords would simply take to keeping an empath by them.

I know I can do more with it, but I don't know how...

I can train you in a couple years. Right now, I have another duty. Besides, you are not done growing into it. Grow strong, and I hope you are very happy with your artist.

Nicola blushed, and then felt the wind as Lacuna left.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Mon May 08, 2006 8:42 am

Two years later, the artist opened the door to an elven woman with long silver hair and violet eyes with a white tiger by her side. He was startled to see the tiger had violet eyes.

May I help you with something?

Is this where I may find the woman Nicola?

That depends on what you want with her.

Lacuna was very pleased with his protectiveness of her.

Two years ago I promised to train her in the use of her gift.

How do you know about her gift?

I am the voice and sword that saved her from marraige against her will. My name is Lacuna.

Please come in, she is out back doing laundry, but she should be...

He was interrupted by a blur of black flying past him and almost knocking Lacuna over.

You came back! I knew you would! Now you can show me how to shield properly and heal and...

Lacuna smiled, and gently detached Nicola from herself.

Yes, I can teach you all that, but please calm down!

To her credit, Nicola calmed down immediately.

Did you finish your laundry?

Nicola blushed as though she were a youngling caught stealing pies off the windowsill.

No, I hadn't yet.

The first lesson is no lessons will be given until after your housework is done. Now let's go finish. Will I be staying with you, or should I look for somewhere else to stay?

Well, we do have a place you can sleep...

His eyes strayed to Yanishu. Lacuna followed, and grinned.

This is Yanishu. She's house-broken and will sleep outside in clear weather. She'll also provide for your table with hunting. I, of course, will help with the house-work as long as I'm here. Um, I never did catch what your name is?

The man nodded at the tiger, nodded thanks for the help with the housework, and then started. He thought she knew everything, Then again, he thought, Maybe she's being polite so we don't get nervous.

I am Lon. Welcome to our house, I'm sure you will be a great help to Nicola, who has been driven crazy everytime someone with emotions too strong for her to block out comes within ten feet of the house.

Shielding will be the first lesson, and I'll start it right away. I should tell you, I do not have empathy, so I can only give her basics to help her out for now. I will have to find a real empath to teach her the rest, and that may take awhile.

We don't have much...

Don't worry about money. Most empaths will teach for room and board, knowing how difficult it is for an untrained one.
And knowing how easy it is for an untrained one to go crazy or turn evil. But she didn't say that thought outloud. It would generate fear in Lon, which would not help her training. But elves all learn the basics of training for all the disciplines, since the basics are much the same for everyone. Now, I must begin.

Bowing, she went outside to help. As they washed and hung the laundry out to dry, she took Nicola through finding her natural shield, grounding it, and strengthening it. By the end of the day, Nicola had a well-grounded shield and could check and fix it no matter what she was doing. Lacuna was very pleased that Nicola learned so quickly, and so well.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Mon May 22, 2006 8:53 pm

After three months of working with Nicola, Lacuna had taught her almost everything she knew about the empathic abilities. There was just one last thing, and it would be part of the first thing the new teacher would ask Nicola, once the new teacher was found. So, the morning she left, she woke Nicola up early, and they both went downstairs to talk.

Nicola, I have one last thing to tell you before I leave. You need to think on this, and think on it well to be able to answer the question your knew teacher will ask you. I have lived with you, so I know you believe in some sort of God. So, what do you believe?

Nicola had to think about this. She had to think about it awhile before she finally started speaking, slowly at first.

I believe that all life comes from God, and that all love comes from God. I believe that God blesses those who love others, and takes his blessings away from those who act against love.

Lacuna nodded.

This is what you need to think on. God is love. God is life. Life is love.

God is love. God is life. Life is love.

Now, I need to go, so I can find the one who will finish teaching you. Once I find her, she will teach you how to heal the really bad emotional wounds.

So, you actually have someone in mind for me?

I do. Do you see this token?

She held up a token with a tiger on it. Etched in the back was a star of blue, carved in a way that can only be done by healing energy.

Friends of mine carry this token. If you say my name, Lacuna, the back flares up. If you say the name Yanishu, the front flares up. Only I can make these, and only I can give them. Once they are given away, the flaring fades, unless they are given by me. If you have doubts, ask for the token.

They stood and went to the doorway. Nicola hugged Lacuna and Yanishu.

Thank you so much. I'm going to miss you.

I'll come back. You can count on it.

Lacuna mounted Yanishu, and rode off to find the teacher for Nicola.

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