Forest of the Fall: Birthright

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Forest of the Fall: Birthright

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Tiko on Wed Dec 26, 2012 1:45 pm

Forest of the Fall
I've moved on. If anyone stumbles on any of my old roleplays or wants to hit me up for nostalgia sake, feel free to shoot me an e-mail me at or hit me up on Good luck RolePlaygateway.

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Re: Forest of the Fall: Birthright

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(Post co-written by NotAFlyingToy and Wraith)

What little sun managed to eke through the cover of black, twisted limbs and brittle wood shone down upon the leader of the Mira as he marched with determination towards his intended target. Two days past the departure in the valley, and the Shief still hadn't yet shaken off the elder's betrayal, and the village had felt it. Borders patrols had been meticulously reworked, any percieved slack tightened, orders barked.

If any among the village had ever wondered about cracks in their leader's visage, evidence of that wonder was beginning to show.

The Mira stopped in front of the one he sought - Saryth - and waited until the other acknowledged him.

"You are to expand our knowledge of the forest, and secure further boundaries in case of the outsiders thinking of vengeance. You're to take Myst - he can learn of your techniques."

Saryth was to be found in the place he favored when in the camp, standing in silent observation on the outside of the ring in which the young males of the tribe were honing their skills as warriors. He was at times merely an obsever, and at others, the low rumble of his voice could be heard issuing direction, or a warning when one failed to execute correctly. It was where he was comfortable, emersed in that communal parenting world, and willing to pass on the skills that just surviving bore witness to. He was aware of Golitah's approach long before the shief stapped at his side, largely because of the distraction that came upon the cubs who were mid wrestling match when the male ventured close. One risked a look up and over the black furred Mira's shoulder, and the bite of Sartyh's voice would be heard first, directed at the youngling, before he he turned to adress the shief.

" And now you are dead... Again.." It was an even spoken request, and was answered by the sheepish fall of small shoulders and a swift, grim faced nod before the boy turned to face his opponent again. Then, Goliath had his attention.

" As you will.." The answer came easily, though the male remained aware of the activity over his shoulder. " Myst.. is troubled." That addendum came without invocation. " A useful, and needed distraction." What the hier apparent was troubled about, the sentinel offered no indication. It was merely an observation spoken aloud, in the event that the shief had not registered that resistance that simmered below the surface in his son.

Goliath took in the answer with a slightly quizzical look, which was in turn smothered by his usual, default glower. "Troubled? Is my son lacking in his duty?"

Saryth turned a half glance toward the older male, and looked away again, dark eyes narrowing on the pair who were locked once again in the expanse of the training ring. " He does his duty." A simple enough answer. " But he questions why." The male turned, crossing his arms over his chest and his look on the shief was steady. " There are times, my friend, when it is wise to see with a father's eyes, as well as those of a shief." A black ear flicked idly. " The shamana, is his mother.." as well as that leader of their faith.

The shief nodded, his frown deepset and angry. "You will discuss this with him," he said. "When you take him to the forest, you will ask him upon this, and report back to me."

He tapped a foot, impatient. "Can I count on you for this, Saryth?"

The sentinel spent what may have been a too long moment studying the face of the shief before he dipped a dark furred skull in agreement to the request of the male. " I will speak with him." He paused. " But know that a father's ears may come to hear truths that a shief would rather not." The thickness of his tail flicked idly. " He trusts me. He will speak." His arms fell and he turned to face the youths who had broken apart for a break. " When would you have us go?"

"At once." Goliath stated, folding his arms. "You are... a trusted scout, Saryth. You are honorable."

Saryth nodded again. " I will need time to prepare. If we go beyond the boundary it is best to be prepared for the unexpected. " We will leave at sunrise." He lifted a look out over the camp, a sweeping look offered for the presence of the younger Mira. " I will find him. We will be gone for some time.." Another look flickered at the shief. " We go alone?" It was rare enough that a mission of greater magnitude would be accomplished without a full scout patrol moving through that unknown territory.

Goliath nodded. "You know these woods better than most. I need to keep those that we have here until I am sure that a counter attack is not forthcoming. The last we tangled with the outsiders, we lost too many."

Goliath touched the sentinel's shoulder, the act itself rare from the leader of the Mira. "Be swift, and may your prey see naught but your arrows."

With these words, the shief spun on his heel and marched away.

Saryth was still under the contact, well he knew the honor that it shared. There would be no further communication from the sentinel; rather, a look that might almost have passed for pensive on his dark furred face flickered through his eyes before he was turning around to cross muscled arms over his chest again in barking an order to the youths again. There were responsibilities pending in those later hours, but the male was not one to leave any started task unfinished.

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