Forgiveness - Romantic Drama RP, One Role Open!

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Forgiveness - Romantic Drama RP, One Role Open!

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I've had this idea floating around for five years now, and I would really love to write it out. I've had my RP partner drop out on me twice now with this particular story, though, and it's been pretty disappointing ^^;

The story is about two childhood friends meeting again as high schoolers, years after one of the boys got run out of town for accidentally causing the death of a bully. He returns, having grown up in America (surrounded by American views/culture) and changed his name, and is reunited with his friend, who... hasn't changed at all.

I like the idea of a very strained romance- American romance is pretty forward, with declarations of love and physical affection and lots of PDA. I'm not an expert on Japanese culture, but I know that romance there is pretty different. PDA is not as common and saying "I love you" is a much bigger deal than it tends to me in the US. So a clash of cultures and the overall tension of one party believing he deserves to be bullied while the other protects him from it.

I also like the idea of there being an underlying side drama to it all. A love triangle, disapproving parents, the townspeople not liking that the new kid and his mom are suddenly buddy-buddy with the kid who's known for being "complicit in murder"- something like that to spur angst.

My vision of the characters is pretty specific and I understand if it puts people off that I have such cut-out roles for them already, but the way the story functions, it's just kinda hard to shove in a new role at this point. I would be down to discuss changes to the story, however. It's definitely an old one and could probably do well with a new perspective.

The RP and my current ideas (subject to change & improvement) are here!

If anyone is interested, either leave a post here or shoot me a PM! I have lots of free time and would really like to do an RP uwu

Thanks very much!

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