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FRE Faction - For the Glory of a Purified Earth.

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Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

FRE Faction - For the Glory of a Purified Earth.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sat Dec 03, 2005 2:33 am

A black limo drove down one of the roads in L4. Lord Winson smiled as he looked at the buildings.

Winson - Soon, even this will belong to me.

Winson looked over at Commander Harrison Mitchells.

Harrison - It's just another colony. Nothing impressive.

Winson - Oh, you just don't understand the beauty of the Colonies. You take them far too much for granted.

Harrison - Hmph...just a floating, spinning, trailer home, being pulled around by the truck of Earth's gravity.

Winson - You talk as if you were a man from Earth.

Harrison - I'm not. I just don't like to get too poetic with this kind of shit.

Winson - Indeed, but you are my subordinate, and thus, you must listen to my poetic ramblings.

Harrison smirked at his leader as he put his head back and mocked him.

Harrison - "Indeed."

Winson shook his head ignoring the comment as he brought a wine class up to his mouth. He inhaled it's fragrance and twirled it in it's class before savoring it's taste. Slowly, he took the glass away from his lips.

Winson - The Colonies represent how man has grown better than it's mother. It has grown to the point where it can leave out and make it's own home. For one-hundred and nine years we have lived out in space, I believe it is time we cut our ties to our mother, and let her rest. Let her once again live.

Harrison - It sounds like all a bunch of bullshit. Why don't you just tell people your true plan.

Winson smirked as he took another sip of his wine, then put the glass down completly.

Winson - Humanity is stupid. They would fear such actions. However, once I have control over the colonies, it won't be a difficult matter to put into motion the purification of the planet. Speaking of which, you're new mobile suit should be completed soon.

Harrison sat up and smiled broadly.

Harrison - My Gundam! Finally!

Winson - Yes, it shall be impressive.

The Limo pulled up to where there was a large gathering of people. Lord Winson was scheduled to give a speech, to influence the people to make a vote to have him as their new leader.

Winson - Ah, here we are. Time to put on the show...

Winson smiled as he exited the car. There was still a nasty scar over his eye and he wore an eye patch now. His want for revenge was insatiable.

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