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From Royalty to Servitude (Need Seme)

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From Royalty to Servitude (Need Seme)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby goddessbastet87 on Fri Jun 21, 2019 10:30 pm

1: Anime and pictures like that please! Dominate male, species history your choice, make him be able to handle the prince though. When the rp starts it will be Leirhan’s 18th birthday and for the knowledge of the person who claims, Leirhan is a virgin. :-)
2: Do not claim if you are not into a little non con at first please. It will not always be non con, but at first Leirhan will fight. Keep in mind he’s not used to being controlled, and used to getting his way in most all things.
3: I am a multiparagraph rper. I love detail and long replies, I do not require this of you constantly but please try is all I ask.

The plot: Leirhan gets captured and sold in a slave auction, which is where your character will come into play. YC will receive an invite to the auction in the mail we go from there!

Name: Leirhan Demetrius Larraza
Age: Turning 18
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown. His abilities aren’t human but he knows not what he is.
Marital status: Single “I have no interest in relationships.”
Virginity: Ask and maybe I shall tell you.. Then again I probably won’t so don’t bother.”
Height: 5ft 4inches
Weight: 134 lbs
Hair color/texture: Copper, gleams in the light. Soft like silk.
Eye Color: Dual colored. One is a yellowish gold and the other light blue. “As if you do not have eyes to see that”
Markings: A Type of brand done in three steps on his right shoulder blade given to him in a three week period after Birth marking him as Heir to his father’s Throne and of royal blood.

Personality: Leirhan is feisty, and tends be arrogant and prideful as well. He tends to be snappy, and can have quite the mouth on him, comes being raised spoiled having everything handed to him on a silver spoon, or more like a gold one in Leirhan’s case. His mouth always seemed to land him in trouble, his arrogance always seemed to anger those around, but he paid them no mind, snubbing his nose at them. He was always a free spirit, never doing as he was told, wandering in places in he shouldn’t. Thinking without speaking, and mumbling are two bad habit’s of his, he has never really been one to watch what he says. What he says sometimes has a way of coming out snide, and condescending, which he never had felt the need to fix, in any way. He tends to try to be pushy, and is stubborn to a fault.

+Music,of any kind and can play many instruments as well as writes his own music.
+Singing: Leirhan had lessons from a very early age how to sing, though his teacher found out very quickly the boy was a natural and did not really need the lessons at all. He has a beautiful voice and often will sing quietly to himself or even aloud when he thinks he is alone or while playing an instrument. This has always been one of his finer qualities, and attracted him much attention, as his singing had often been compared to those of angels and the sirens of days of old. He has stopped event’s at his father’s Palace walking by singing aloud to himself, he would feel the eyes on him and just merely smirk tilting his nose up rather prudishly as he kept walking. He enjoys writing his own lyrical pieces, and trying them out with different instruments, of which he is skilled in many.
+Dancing: Dancing had always been a passion of the young Prince he enjoys watching and even occasionally would join the entertainers for the fun of it even though his father thought this beneath him.
+Art/drawing/ painting: Though not many know it Leirhan is quite talented when it comes to art. He loves to draw, and often would spend hours locked away ignoring everything with a pencil or brush in his hand, putting what he had seen that day onto paper.
+Exploring:This being one of Leirhan’s favorite past times, as this is one way he got ideas for his art.
+Animals/ nature: He has always felt a certain connection with animals, and nature in all walks of life. One thing many do not know about the prince is he is rather adept at gardening and growing new flowers and plants. He has quite the green thumb!
-Being forced to attend his father’s lessons which he often skipped and left before the arrival of the tutor. All besides his art, Instrumental and singing lessons which he rather enjoyed the high praises of his tutors.
-Being told no: Leirhan being raised to have practically anything he wished at the blink of the eye is not used to be told no by any means. The one time his father tried to he got snappy and stormed off causing his father to feel bad over the incident to then which he went out and got what his son had asked for to make amends.
-Not having music to ease and calm his thoughts.
-Not being able to speak his mind and being told to be silent.
-Not being able to explore, and get new ideas for his art or music.
-Being told to sit still, or stay in one place: Leirhan has never been good at staying put, even during events his father would put on he would often wander off going into areas which he knew he wasn’t allowed.

Fast healer: Leirhan and his father realized from a young age the prince had amazing healing abilities, but his mother also had this same ability so they assume it came from her. Though they noticed the brand that they gave him as a baby never healed completely and though resilient he does scar.
Slightly enhanced speed: Leirhan has slightly enhanced speed of which he does not know where he got it from, not knowing much of his mother he can only assume it came from her.
Synesthesia: Ability to ‘see’ sound. Often Leirhan will not look at person when they are speaking, but around them. This is because he is judging by the colors he sees with the sound of their voice how they are feeling that moment. This is often how he could tell when someone was angry, scared or annoyed among other emotions. It took him a while to learn to what colors he saw went with what emotion and sometimes he still has a bit of difficulty but often he can tell.
Perfect Pitch: With the Synesthesia Leirhan also has perfect pitch. He can sing and play in perfect tune whether it be instrumental, or in voice. Though this also came with a weakness told further down.
Athletic: From a young age Leirhan found he enjoyed athletics, watching or participating. That he was rather good at most he came across. His speed helped even only slightly enhanced, helped give him a slight edge when he decided to participate in such activities.
+Enhanced hearing along with the Synesthesia: He has extremely good hearing, though it also is part of what causes his Migraines.

+Weaknesses/-bad habits:
+Though athletic he is not wise in the ways of combat nor skilled in such things.
+His Synesthesia can often give migraines, in which he normally would need a medication to help calm and a darkened room where he could rest. The medication he took helped dull the effects of his Synesthesia at least long enough for him to regain his composure and is given in an injection form which he always carries on him. If not taken care of the migraines tend to become debilitating and have even became as bad as to cause him to pass out from the pain they bring and the strain. Though he doesn’t tell many of this weakness and often people find it out from the young prince collapsing, or swaying when his vision blurs from effects of the migraines.
+Leirhan’s Synesthesia though a gift to him, was also a bit of a curse at times. Due to his ears being sensitive as well it causes very loud sounds, especially high in pitch, to nearly incapacitate him bringing him to his knees from the pain, though he has never told anyone this weakness.
-A bit ill tempered at times when he finds himself uncomfortable.
-Smoking: Though a horrible habit, it always helped calm him in times of great stress, and irritation.
-Mumbling: To himself or even aloud when he is irritated.
-Walking off when he gets irritated or annoyed.

History: Leirhan was born into a royal family, always having everything handed to him. He is the first and only son of Gabriel Larraza, as his mother died shortly after his birth. His father tended to over spoil him to make up for the loss of his wife, wanting to endear his son to him. It worked in a way, but caused trouble among his court as his guards and servants would often come to him with complaints saying how Leirhan was behaving towards them and others in the city, to this Gabriel would merely laugh and say “Boys will be boys! What do you expect of a teenager?” At the time Leirhan was turning 17, and the Gabriel’s people were telling him that he should do something before the boy landed himself in a situation he could not get out of, but the King paid no mind merely saying. “It’s a phase. He will grow out of it in time, he’s not even 18 yet, give him a little time.” Well goes to be told, a year later nearing his 18th birthday Leirhan had not grown out of it.

His father tends to allow him to run things, allows him to order the servants who tend the castle, even though he is so young. Leirhan’s father, Gabriel, just never really put a stop to it and before he knew it his son had pretty much became so spoiled he didn’t pay mind to no one. He stopped listening, heeding his warnings about roaming and exploring areas of the large city. Leirhan even started demanding the guards that his father had ordered to keep him safe to stay out of his way when they tried to intervene and keep him out of areas he was told to stay away from. Thing was the guards and servants were trying to protect the young prince, not control him and keep him from doing as he liked, but Leirhan never saw it this way. He would yell and shove at the guards telling them he is prince, and he did not have to take orders from someone like them. The guards would go silent at a loss of what to do, and back away leaving once told by Leirhan to do so, they would protest and say that Gabriel sent them to keep him safe, to which Leirhan would glare at them replying rather snidely. “But my father is not here is he? Which means you take your orders from me and I demanding you leave me be.” To that the guards couldn’t really say anything, and would cave leaving the young prince to his own devices and rabid curiosity. This started when Leirhan had reached 13 years of age, and would continue until two days before he hit 18 when things would dramatically change for the young prince.

Present day: Storyline beginning.
It had been two days before Leirhan’s 18th birthday. As all of his other ones his father planned a huge celebration, but this one was special in Gabriel’s mind, Leirhan’s father. He had been turning eighteen, and that was a big day in some people's minds, to Leirhan it was just another boring event he was supposed to attend.Whether it was for him or not he would rather spend the day outside exploring. He tended to find these social gatherings rather tedious and annoying, and did not see why he should attend. He of course he would at least make an appearance first, and then while everyone was distracted slip away like he normally did. He had planned it perfectly, he made his appearance smiled and socialized for a short while before waiting for everyone to leave to head to the dining room where the meal was to be held. From there he would sneak out the back gate, hop over it just like he did any other time he wanted out of the palace without being seen. It worked every other time, and it would work this time as well. It helped that the guards around the palace would be switching shifts at this time as well.

He had waited for everyone to follow his father out of the room, following shortly after himself, glancing around and paying no attention to the conversations going on around him. To many at once to focus for him, the colors of their high, excited voices a little distracting, and causing his head to start to ache. His hand had moved to his eyes as he walked, the brightness a little blinding as he walked. He already had his sketching materials, his medicine and even some wine from his father’s wine cellar. He didn’t need all these people to have a good birthday all he needed was his sketch pad, the wine, some good smokes and to be alone and that was exactly what he was going to get in his mind. Or so he thought as he started out, at least, though that wasn’t what took place.

Any questions please feel free to ask! Otherwise have fun!

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