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Fuoco Trinity: Jader's Ultimate Attack

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Fuoco Trinity: Jader's Ultimate Attack

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jader on Sat Mar 03, 2007 2:24 am

Just thought I'd post the Fuoco Trinity. It's basically three consecutive attack that ultimately kill Jader.


Jader would dig his feet firmly into the terra, growling as the fiery beast circulating about his soul slowly began to awaken. The machinations curled, begging for deliverance, but patience would have to be a superior virtue in such endeavors. The flames of Con Fuoco became a physical manifestation, coursing across the rippled tanned sinews of the large Italian like serpents, and the energy would slip into a focused location: his right fist.

Fresh crimson trickled from his palm, the tightness of his fist reaching maximum proportions as he began roaring loudly. Veins coursed over his muscles as the sudden outward surge of energy cause the surface around him to shake violently. Gaia groaned for release from this torture, but it would not stop now. Muscular physique seemed to swell with the rapid processes of energy lacing their way about his infrastructure.

His heels grinded into the earth's visage as his right fist clenched even tighter, fresh blood drawn from the palm of the indicated hand. "GOD! HEAR MY PRAYER! MAY YOUR WRATH REIGN FROM THE HEAVENS UNTO MY FIST, GRANTING ME THE POWER TO PURGE ALL VIOLENT TENDENCIES FROM THIS WORLD! GRANT ME THE COURAGE TO OPEN THE VERY GATES OF HELL AND ROB LUCIFER OF HIS FLAMES! ALLOW ME TO USE THESE FLAMES TO SHAKE THE VERY FOUNDATIONS OF EVIL! GOD! GRANT ME STRENGTH!" Jader bellowed, and would unleash an animalistic roar, slumping his upper body a bit as crimson bolts of energy began ripping scars into the ground around him.

From the night sky a beautiful orb of ivory hue shot towards the countenance of Con Fuoco like a comet, and slammed into his tightened right fist. The energy of God himself coursed through his body as he reared his fist back, gathering every single ounce of energy coursing through his body directly into his fist. "HELL! OPEN YOUR GATES AND RECEIVE RETRIBUTION! POUR FORTH YOUR FLAMES UNTO MY SOUL OR SUFFER THE WRATH OF GOD HIMSELF!" Jader commanded viciously, and would drive his fist directly into the earth.

Jader 's fist riveted the very foundations around him, pillars of earth erupting from the impact as a deep crater formed beneath the man's large frame. The earth groaned as a deep wound opened, revealing the depths of Hell beneath Jader's feet. "Hell's Fire. The Hand of Lucifer," Jader announced his attack with an ominously low tone, and from the fiery depths came the flames he beckoned forth. They slammed into his body, nearly picking him up off his feet, but his monstrous frame dug into the ground, growling a bit as he maintained control of the foreign power surging through his body.

Demonic entities filtered around him, attempting to rend flesh from bone, but the righteous fires of Con Fuoco overcame such petty obstacles. The fires of Hell were pacified into his own being, and would now be enslaved to serve the saint's endeavors. His body was completely consumed by the flames, and now all that could be seen by optics alone was a great flaming ball of blue, red, and black. The different colored flames circulated madly before shooting high into the air.

Jader's ever intimidating voice bellowed from the depths of the fiery sphere, "FUOCO ARMAGEDDON! 1000 METEORS!!" And such a statement would contain a foreboding greater than even Lucifer's darkest intentions. The flames dispersed skyward towards the Heavens, and then shot back down into the earth. One thousand flaming balls of energy slammed into the land, causing shockwaves and explosions of the like. Trees were uprooted, the ground was torn from its foundations, and the monastery shook violently. Explosions dotted the countryside in a spectacular display of Jader's power.

Jader gave one final animalistic bellow of triumph, gathering the last of the collected energy and flames gathered from himself and the depths of Hell. "IF I CANNOT MOVE HEAVEN..." He started, gathering the essences of both energies into his powerful hands as he raised his muscular appendages towards the heavens, high above his head. His sinews rippled as he held the energy securely in his hands, hazel optics burning brilliantly as the flames circulated about his arms. "THEN...I SHALL RAISE HELL!!" He finished, and with that, would expel the collected energy in a massive beam of power, fire, and passion. The beam struck the ground, and with it, a massive explosion ensued. The monastery was protected by Jader's very will alone, while the rest of the land was completely torn asunder.

Fire is a very peculiar element. It can crash, it can flow, and it can burn. While the gentle and warm flames of Jader would embrace his brothers and loved ones, the powerful and wrathful fires of Con Fuoco would deliver a swift and deadly justice upon his foes. Such a deliverance was being inflicted upon Gaia itself, but she understood that the sharpening of such skills had to be performed. Jader would rectify such scars with his next move.

He let gravity take its hold once more as he raised his left fist. The entire appendage seemed to turn a complete ivory color, tanned epidermis no more as a dome of holy energy surrounded his muscular physique. "I have raised Hell, and now I close thy gates. It is God's will. Father, protect my brothers. Give me the strength to
shut the gates of this abyss and bring about the salvation of our planet. Amen.." Jader gave a prayer, and as soon as his form touched the surface of Gaia, he would bring his left fist crashing down into the gates of Hell. The holy energy erupted, the gates screamed in agony, and were soon clamped shut. Con Fuoco slowly stood and began his second most powerful attack.

Jader exhaled deeply, eyes closing as his mind focused upon future thought processes. Any normal foe would be dead after being the victim of such a powerful attack, but Jader could not let his next attack become rusty because of his own cockiness. He was now in a kneeled position, left leg maintaining his fortitude upon the ground while his right knee was raised. His arms spread outwards and lowered, palms placing their positioning gently upon the scorched earth. A strange wind picked up, circulating about the spectators before spiralling in a vortex about Con Fuoco's form. His auburn mane danced from the gentle caress of the wind, and strange emerald energy orbs, numbering in he millions, crawled like picnic ants across the earth towards the large Italian's location.

Jader's expression was that of a deep meditative state, his brow relaxed and yet ever concentrating on the task at hand. Suddenly, as if called by some unknown beckoning from the man, all types of animals began to gather in a large circle around Con Fuoco. Mammals, insects, amphibians, and more classes of the Animal Kingdom than this author can even name lowered their bodies to the earth as if succumbing to their birthplace. Even the creatures of the sea gathered at the shore, offering their beings to the very foundations of Jader's soul. The emerald orbs of energy slowly snaked up his body and seeped into his epidermis, giving him a strange green glow of power. He slowly opened his eyes, the hazel hue now changed to a deep emerald green, "Earth's Love: The Kiss of Gaia," He said calmly, the last of the energy seeping into his body as he slowly stood to his feet to begin his final and most powerful attack. This was simply a preparation.

Jader would continue to stand there, eyes empty and devoid of any thoughts or emotions. The physical form of this being seemed to have become an empty shell. Not even the fiery passion and essence of fire seen earlier could be spotted anymore. Where did Con Fuoco go? Where was the kind and rambunctious Saint jader? Only time would tell.

The emerald tinted epidermis of the man filitered with the very strength of Gaia herself. The animals filtering around the being slowly raised their bodies. Their calls echoed about the air, and it was a sorrowful melody that eminated about the area. Jader slowly raised his muscular upper appendages towards the Heavens, his head also directing itself skyward.

"God, open your gates, for your son has journeyed to receive salvation. Open your heart, for he wishes to receive the love that you have promised all of your children. This world is full of near limitless sin, and I ask to use my body as a vessel for your swift and heavy retribution," Jader spoke, his voice calm and emotionless. The celestial diamonds high above began to intensify in their light, and from this light came beams of holy energy numbering in the millions. They shot towards the Earth, gathering just above Con Fuoco in a large sphere. The blinding light, brighter than three suns, did not harm Jader at all, and his eyes only widened as the beautiful chorus of angels echoed around the monastery.

"God...I give myself to thee! Come forth and display thy wrath!! COME!" Jader beckoned, and the sphere suddenly crashed down into Con Fuoco's form, filtering into his body as he screamed in agony.

Jader would hit the ground, sinews convulsing as the white tendrils of holy energy danced about his epidermis. He screamed once more as the overwhelming power of God himself poured into his mortal frame. His right fist smashed into the ground, sending a linear explosion of energy trailing across the ground and into the forest, a massive explosion following. The man slowly stood, his muscles bulging, and he had completely take on a different physical appearance altogether. His flowing auburn mane was now long, straight, and completely white. His eyes were completely white, devoid of all life except for one singular essence: Con Fuoco had been reborn into a physical manifestation of God himself.

Jader's display of power began, and it would take the most skilled of fighters to even keep up. His form seemed to fade from existance completely before being born once more miles away. The sudden takeoff shattered the sound barrier seconds later, and the energy shot off from the expulsion riveted across the earth. He was gone once more, now reappearing darting across the air with a vapor trail of energy followed closely behind. His mortal muscles screamed in agony at the pressure inflicted upon their beings by such super-human endeavors, but Jader had yet to begun. There remained the final act to be performed, and he would not disappoint his audience. He bolted upwards through the air, gathering speed before he stopped abruptly, rounding to look down at the very distant ground below.

Jader 's muscles once more screamed for release from this torture, but the man ignored it. His final attack had to be carried out whether it killed him or not. The energy of God filtered throughout his body, and yet with its positive effects came its negative afflictions. Blood seeped freely from his mouth, signifying internal organ damaging from the constant flow of energy. His muscles bled on the inside, and once more cringed with pain. Jader expelled every single ounce of energy outwards around him, collecting it into a circular dome around his body. "All Entity."

He vanished inside the dome, and with a sudden burst of energy catapulted down towards the earth. The ball of energy he had settled himself inside of whistled through the air as it picked up speed and velocity, the sound barrier shattering once more. Sparks of energy rippled through the atmosphere like bolts of lightning as he drew ever closer to Gaia. The ball of energy smashed into the surface with the force of 5 nuclear warheads, Jader's actual self being buried deep within the Earth's hot mantle. The explosion and shockwaves of the actual impact tore open the Earth like a hot knife through butter, the energy screeching across her expression.

The entire earth shook under the force of God's might. Chunks of earth were sent high into the sky along with a cloud of dust that almost completely blotted out the sky. The violent eruption caused a massive earthquake to ensue, the tectonic plates not penetrated by the ball of energy itself being knocked about and grinded into other plates. The shockwaves spread for miles, consuming all that would stand in their way. A powerful dome of epic energy settled over the exact location of impact as if guarding the saint.


Hope you enjoy the long read. o_o

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