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Good Evening, Monsters.

Further Information

a part of “Good Evening, Monsters.”, a fictional universe by Wudgeous.

No war. No apocalypse. Just a job offer. [ Dead, but feel free to wander. :) ]

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Good Evening, Monsters.”.
Discussions pertaining to roleplay on RPG.

[OOC] Further Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Wudgeous on Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:17 pm

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Re: [OOC] Further Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Wudgeous on Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:20 pm

How to Impress the Wudge (Cont.!)

  • Life. Trick me into believing your OC is out there wandering the streets. Make him real and believable. Try to not pull too much from yourself, because the Wudge does not like self-inserts, but we want our suspension of disbelief to remain suspended please. "Round" and "depth" are two words you should love and invite over for dinner on a daily basis.

  • Originality. Look at what other people are doing, and be as different from them as possible. We want special snowflakes here. I don't mean you have the right to make your OC overpowered in any damned way, I mean they should stand out from the crowd. But Wudge!! You just said you wanted him to be realistic...! Yeah, find a way to balance the two, because they're equally important. Stand out from the roleplay world, blend into reality: That's your goal.

  • Be aware that I can reject your character. BE AWARE THAT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I HATE YOU! I like most everyone, I promise, I just intend this roleplay to be as enjoyable as possible. Could you blame me? I don't even like GMing.

  • Give me more than I ask of you! :D

  • Be aware that I can kill your character. You should have guessed it from the introductiony bit though. This is NOT something I intend to use often, but ties in with your level of activity (or desires, if you for some reason want your character dead). You have three weeks to get in touch with me about why you can't post, then your character is out. Also, if you want your character to get out of line, best to contact me first. The whole idea is that you can't just go home when you feel like it. You have a job to do.

  • Go get plastic surgery: attach an annoying little brother to your arm. You will need his constant "Why?"s and "How?"s. Try to always have a reason your character is the way he is. Back shit up with more shit. You are piloting a fail boat upside down if you even once put a one-word response to a field in the character skeleton.

  • Your character is NOT allowed to be "the best" at anything without consulting me first. No, not even bowling. However, unless this conflicts with other characters, I doubt I'll have a problem with any of your suggestions. Or else it was a dumb one like "BEST FIGHTER!!!!! NEVER LOST ONCE!!!!!! WILL NEVER LOSE!!!! Look how big my e-peen is gaiz, lookit!!!"

  • No overly angsty characters. While I won't be able to tell for sure until you put the kiddo into practice, I will probably hate you if you shove in too much angst potential. The whole point of creating this roleplay was to have a haven away from Deus Angst Machina guys, c'mon.

  • Start panicking if I'm coming up with more and better things for your character than you are. I mean, seriously. You realize I won't be roleplaying for you, right bro? Brainstorm, throw as many unique, flawless ideas at me as you can. Render me speechless.

  • Ask questions. I'm a friendly person, and I like talking to people. I'd rather you bug me than assume something major that I'll have to disappointingly correct you about later. Running ideas by me before writing down anything serious is also highly encouraged.

  • Be aware that the best man will win. This ain't a first come first serve apping operation, if you can't already tell, because this is going to be based on character developing ability. Don't worry; if you're cool, I'll encourage you to try out for a different race if your preferred one is full.

  • One character per person, unless you're fucking epic. That means better than me. Probably not thaaat hard to accomplish, but if you're that great, what are you doing even here? Go get a job! Get laid! Buy a big house! Then come back and let me lick your shoes. But no, for serious, ask me if you really feel you really, really want more than one, and give me a solid reason why you deserve it. I won't kill you. xD

  • Posts should range between 500-800 words average, no less.

  • Do your best to credit any images you use.

  • I HAVE AN ATTITUDE. I'M BLUNT. But I'm more laid back than I appear, I promise. :) I'll probably tell you I love you (and mean it) like, every other day. So don't mind me too terribly if something sounds mean, because I do nooot intend to hurt your feelings unless it will help you grow and flourish like the beauuutiful daisies that you are.
For bonus points, put cornflakes as your pm subject when you make a reservation. Yup, like the cereal with the tiger mascot. That will let me know you've read through this completely, and earn you respect points! Respect points means I am sixty percent less likely to flat out say "No." to your application and end it there. Beware; if I find out you used this cheat without reading the entirety of the tab, you lose more respect points than you would earn.
Last edited by Wudgeous on Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:30 pm, edited 4 times in total.

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Re: [OOC] Further Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Wudgeous on Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:22 pm

Did you really think I own these...?

The silly roleplay icon is from K. Beaton's "Hark! A Vagrant" webcomics. Print available!

The "GOOD EVENING" font image is from...fuck me, I forgot the website. :( It was one of those "Generate a font!" ones, and itwas STILL IS EXTREMELY AND WONDERFULLY marvelous.

Phonecall images near the top (not in order yet; many have prints available!!):
1 ... ecall&qo=8
2 ... ecall&qo=2
3 ... call&qo=17
4 ... call&qo=26
5 ... call&qo=71
6 ... call&qo=66
7 ... call&qo=68
8 ... call&qo=47

The hand holding the tie: ... call&qo=54

The vampire slot decoration is from this advertisement owned by O.B./Johnson&Johnson; googled.

The "Black Witch" half of the witch slot decoration is from this photograph initially titled "Mystic Eyes" by Katherine Henderson; googled.

The "White Witch" half of the witch slot decoration is from this stock footage owned by Dreamstime(?); googled and initially watermarked (cropping it out was very unintended!)

The human slot decoration is from this... but I doubt they own it. Would greatly appreciate a link to the real photographer; googled.

The werewolf slot decoration is, of course, from a promotional poster of Hugh Jackman starring as Wolverine; googled.

Images have all been mildly edited and drastically cropped from their original form, and as a fellow artist, I offer sincerest apologies if this has offended anyone. Free advertising makes up for it...? Yes?

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Re: [OOC] Further Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Wudgeous on Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:25 pm

HELP IT GROW, GUYS!! <3333333

Alright, what exactly iiiis the organization/job/whatever?
Oh god, not this question. NOOOOO...! GODDAMMIT I'VE BEEN AVOIDING IT.
No, just kidding, I answered it: The best comparison I have is, indeed, Charlie's Angels. <:| The Angels work for Charlie (not our one). Charlie's Angels Charlie tells them to do things. I assume they get paid, but they still have their normal lives. Pretty sure Charlie (not our one) often refers to the Angels as "his," which is supposed to be in a fatherly way, but I'm kind of twisting the concept and making it legit possession of people, as if they were objects. (This would be in Abe's mind; the Monsters might not necessarily think they are OWNED despite the contract and death threat and the everything)
WHY does Charlie's Angels Charlie employ them? To further his own agenda, I'd imagine. He happens to have a very noble agenda; save things he finds to be important (like the world and innocent people).
The Angels' jobs are just to be Angels. They do what they're told, and though often they'll know why they're doing it. Save the world, save everyone. Manipulate events for the best possible outcome. Make Charlie happy.
Likewise, Monsters' jobs are just to be Monsters. Kill things, wreak havoc when necessary, and otherwise manipulate events for the "best" outcome. Make Abe happy.
Sometimes Charlie (not our Charlie) has people contact him, needing the assistance of his Angels to further their agenda. He helps them if he feels like it. Same for Abe. WOOP WOOP!

FFFFFFFUUUHHHHHHHHHH. I'm sorry. Normally NPC posts won't quite as terribly long, but the first post generally will be, becauuuse: I do want you to get a feel of who you're talking to, since they won't have character sheets and I WANT YOU TO GET ATTACHED TO THEM AND LOVE THEM AND BOND so I can then, you know, kill them and hurt your feelings.
Also, Abe's chillin' like a villain in Hawaii or something. He'd have given you all a call, briefed you briefly on the mission, told you about your oafy guide. "He looks a bit like that Goofy character, but don't tell him I said that" blah blah. For the moment, you needn't bother him, except maybe to tell him when the mission's complete.
Goofy will be staying with you a while, because he needs to be giving Abe a situational report when all is said and done. Doesn't mean he'll follow you into the nest, however.

Wait a second Wudgeous! Won't our felow heroes have some supplies that they brung with them? (Charlie and her guns, Winston and his Chemicals, everyone else with their lives in baggage) No base of operations or such, or even a place to drop off their bags?
NO. NEVER EVER. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS--no, fine. This is why you should always travel light, son!!
THEY HAVE CARS TO DROP THEIR BAGS OFF IN. u_u Does that count? Two folks have cars. Also, I can make our lovely first NPC have a van if we need one more for realism's sake. Normally he's supposed to give you a summary and then push you on your way, but he can drive some folks if he needs to. But he won't be happy about it.
But no, no base, unless someone suggests it to Abe. Then maybe a base. (But they'll be traveling all around the world for missions, so idk what good a static base would do haha).
If someone's that desperate for a place though, find yeself a motel.

Also, among humans, are supernatural beings accepted or widely hidden?
VERY GOOD QUESTION, SIR! But I need to grab something from a PM so I'll be right back on this with an edit.
Among Abe's priorities is making sure humans don't panic from finding out about how supernatural things exist, making sure humans don't know supernaturals kill on a daily basis. Because humans are like this:
They see on the news that some people died. No big, people die all the time. They see on the news that some people died from being attacked by a giant crocodile? SHIT, THAT MONSTER NEEDS TO BE KILLED! WHY AREN'T THE POLICE DOING ANYTHING? HOLY CRAP BIG DEAL!!! LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT IT SHOULDN'T EXIST RSMSFDKLERRAAAAAAGH!

Many times, assigned goal of a mission will ultimately have an undertone of promoting ignorance to avoid a giant panic (Witch Trials for example), not lessening the number of innocent victims. (YOU can think Abe wants that if you wanna, because he won't tell you his motivations for each mission. But he doesn't care much about innocents.)
Not to say there aren't some circles of humans knowledgeable about supernaturals though. These circles are allowed to exist (usually) because they keep quiet and don't throw their information into the media, or else are not really taken seriously outside hardcore fans, what with the emergence of photomanipulation and the internet.

Will it matter where they are currently living in relation to the start of the RP? I'm pretty sure I read through everything so sorry if I missed that, feel free to berate me to your hearts content if I did.
No berating for you! All that was mentioned about living space was in Equipment, pretty much.
Your character will be required to fly from their house (wherever that is) to Ohio, USA before the roleplay begins. Some people might start their first post in an airport, for example. One or two might be from the area and drive in. Or if you have a witch who knows levitation....
The technical answer is no, it doesn't matter too terribly, but it would if your OC has little means of getting arou--no, actually, Abe will arrange something for you if he musts. Pay for it and everything. SO NEVER MIND, IT DON'T MATTER!~

"That Ebenezer is such a loser. Can I kill him?"
Wh--Why would you do that...? :(
Sure, I guess you could. It's not like he can't die from being mauled, being stabbed, or choking on anchovies. Only problem is that he's also the plot mule. If you kill him, I would have to make a new plot mule lest the roleplay come to a halt. So, for now, no you may not, madam. >:|

Vampire-Specific Questions:

"About them vampires drinking blood. You keep using the term 'eat,' you tardy face. You suck at English, si?"
Well, maybe. But vampires do eat... flesh. It's a more common occurrence in modern times; because in the olden days, they would bite no deeper/more than the usual two marks to be sneaky. But welp, people discovered the marks and figured them out anyways, and it's since become awful widespread knowledge. Many vampires now have no problem just ripping apart someone's neck or limb and eating whatever was in the way. Still, there are old-fashioned losers who leave the traditional two point mark, to be... I dunno, chivalrous or some shit. Or make goth kids feel cool.

It's not particularly important, but do vampires still have their sense of taste? Can they enjoy food, and drink? And do they feel the need for both of those, or is their hunger only sated with blood?
Sure they can enjoy it! They just get bloated as easily as girls during their menstrual cycles. Besides, blood is much tastier (in the case of fullbloods, they have no tastes to miss, since they'd most likely be bred on blood). Hunger is sated most effectively by blood, but blood also prevents the body from weakening. Normal food doesn't give them energy, weighs them down if anything.
I don't feel like copying your other related question so I'll just put up the answer: Vampires can stave off their need for blood with animal blood, yes, but it's not as good in all ways. (Though, maybe some vampire scientist has discovered a very nutritious animal, who knows? Probably a species of monkey. It's not common knowledge though.)

What about Vampiric abilities? Can they develop different abilities with time? I can't think of anything right off the bat, but some older vampires have the ability to mesmerise their prey by looking at them, controlling their thoughts to mild degrees and paralysing them.
Sure thing! But probably not mesmerizing, unless you're just so distracted by those old people lines on their faces....... Just, anything that makes sense. Claws work, if you're a woman and enjoy scratching people, they'll eventually be prompted to grow and harden. Filing them nicely is up to the individuals. Basically, it's partially an evolution thing and partially a honed thing.
Abe's mastered this paralysis business though: break the spine. :D

Werewolf-Specific Questions:

Will the werewolf only have the ability to transform every full moon, every night, or at will? Or wait, I think I just read in the description "full moon." Is there going to be a subsequent full moon every night, since there's only one or two during a month. I'm just being difficult, and you asked for questions, so I'm asking 'em.
I DON'T CARE. THE WEREWOLF PLAYER IS COMING UP WITH THIS---hahahaha, no fine, I'll give you something for now (which can be changed by the player if they so choose, so it ain't solid). Very experienced weres can change at will and control it dandy enough; but change will always happen during a full moon whether they want it to happen or not. Full moon transformations can cause them to be more wild and less sensible than usual, probably because full moons are their mating "season" or some nonsense.
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Re: [OOC] Further Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Wudgeous on Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:33 pm

Let's Learn Some Vocabulary!!

[Control+F] or [Command+F] your desired term for quick and easy browsing.

Old: In vampire terminology, a very powerful and veiny codger. 150 years old or more.

Feed/Food: You, sometimes! But in terms of the usual meals you would find on a plate, such as noodles and rice: vampires don't need it, but can consume it if they so desire (but they get fat easily, so beware). Humans and werewolves need it, but it can be interchanged with flesh and blood num-nums if either one feels like it (and is a cannibal, in the case of humans eating other humans). For witches, see "Fetish."

Quelling: Exclusive to werewolves. Helps them chillax and not rip people limb from limb; basically, a method of keeping yourself under control during full moons. Isolation is considered a quelling, and is commonly used in addition to a more personal quelling. My quelling, your quelling, her quelling.

Fade: Full term, "The Fade of Life." Happens to every witch after five or more years of actively using magic. Does not ail witches who think and act like muggles™.

Flesh and blood: "Delicious num-nums" to vampires and some witches and most werewolves. Means "relatives" to humans, for some bizarre reason. It's silly because humans eat flesh, too! Like chicken and pork and cows and sharks!! They don't often eat blood though.

Birth/Newborn: Terminologies concern supernatural noobs. Means "infantile wailing bag of flesh" to humans, for some strange reason... no fine, it means "infant" to every race, but in daily conversation, the former definition is more likely the intended one. Many of said noobs don't know their limits, and tend to feel a sense of "I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD, MA!!" immortality, much like teenagers. Their recklessness tends to kill them.

Sunlight: "AUUUGGGHHH HIIIISSSSS!!!" to vampires and most nerds.

Fetish: The younger witches giggle about this word; but a witch's fetish is an object (like a lucky charm or an idol or "magic wand"), location (like a body of water or a wooden house), food (like fresh meat or cheerios)... anything that enhances a witch's magic. It is up to each individual witch to discover her fetish. Some suspect it's all in their heads, but a witch will bite your nose off for suggesting their fetish isn't magical.

That mirror thing: You mean how vampires are not supposed to have a reflection? A giant accidental hoax. One vampire used to be a magician. Didn't turn out so well for him, but it sure spread a nifty falsity for his buddies. Besides, how would most vampires be so vain if they didn't have any stinking reflections they could admire? Speaking of stink...

You smell terrible, Count Chocula. I'm sorry bro, the excessive cologne is just making it worse. Why don't they like garlic? Maybe because it smells just like them. Despite their dandy appearance, vampires are still... you know, dead. Scholars have suspected this to be the true cause of the ancient, natural feud between vampires and werewolves. Of course, such a ill-harbored sentiments no longer exist, at least not with such vigor.

Gay: If Wudge is using the word, it is meant to be a good thing. It means happy, sweet, and adorable. Usually Wudge will call you this when you give Wudge presents.

"ABE'S YO' DADDY!": The eternal truth of everything, and ultimate solver of problems in Good Evening.
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Re: [OOC] Further Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Wudgeous on Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:43 am

NPCs and such!

Anastasio "Goofy" Mossel.

But never call him Goofy, though it's true he just is. Goofy is bald, wearing a fedora that matches his suit. He's unforgivingly loyal to Abe, possibly even his biggest fan. You can't say a damned remotely bad thing about the old man without Goofy muttering under his breath at best, telling you off at neutral, and pummeling you at worst. Abe didn't even have to pay the man to get him to drive into Ohio. Also, Goofy might be on the strange and dopey side, but he's not stupid. Never try to trick Goofy, it'll only piss him off.
Goofy has major anger problems, but his anger management classes have been helping somewhat--especially after he started eating his private anger coaches. He has a human girlfriend named Jessie, and they live together in Michigan.

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