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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Infinit World: Dawn Of Twilight”.
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Game Mechanics

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zetsuna on Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:48 am


Like I said before this is only going to be what you need to know for this rp.


As i said before try to post every day or two. If you can't post for a while, be sure to at least tell us or PM me, and make sure your character is not going to stall others. (Making them wait for the remaining time you're away).

Try to type three good/decent paragraphs with detail. (Dialogue has its exceptions)

By exception for dialogue, I know it gets frustrating trying to reply to someone through dialogue and asking yourself how to work up three paragraphs for a easy question. Don't worry i understand that but at least be descriptive in your answers. That's the least i can ask for when it comes to such answers but there are ways to length out your paragraph and that's by giving good visuals and inside thoughts and show your character's actions/expressions. This will also be easier for those you roleplay with allowing to see other character's gestures then guessing them.

When posting be sure to use the code at the beginning of your post.

Code: Select all
[b][u]Area Name[/u][/b][/center]

EXP and leveling up will be determined how on you RP, how active in the story you are, what you are doing (in character). I will be keeping track of all of this, however if you want to see your EXP or TNL then I can add it to your character sheet.

When you level up… you are given only 1 stat point to place anywhere on your character so long as it does not go over your maximum! The following gets +1 added: P.ATK, P.DEF, M.ATK, M.DEF.

HP/SP is increased by your current VIT (After spending the Free stat point.)

So for example.
I have 18 HP at level 1, meaning I have 18 VIT. So suddenly I hit level 2…

If I were to spend 1 point on VIT, that means I'll have 19 VIT which then means leveling up gave me 19 HP making my total 37

If I didn't spend that 1 point on VIT. Then simply add your current VIT.

The same method goes with your SP.

When stating area you can be general or place a sub area to be more specific in case people wont automatically assume they're close to you which shouldn't happen.

When in a dungeon battle/PVP battle be sure to add these for statistics...

So you can keep track of your stats and wont go overboard.

When describing someone your character may not know and you want to just describe the person as your character may see them to be. Please put the character your describing in parenthesis.

Ex. Medusa notices a small boy who held a lollipop in his mouth across the street (Kon). (Kon is someone i made up).

Another example is if your character is in thought. Just follow the same process. You should know if your character is thinking it, there should be " ".

When your in battle and say your beginning a ability. Be sure to describe how your character is doing the ability, the sounds one may hear if near, the environment effect it may have, etc.

Ex. Goku, begins screaming while crinching his fist. The pressure of wind increases around him as his aura intensifies. The earth begins to partially rise as his energy grow. Suddenly, his hair begins to brighten changing into a blonde color and his eyes go green. Suddenly his a explosions occurs and goku stands in anger looking towards Frieza (Super Saiyan).

(Wow... idk i feel like i explained that ok -- Goku's Supa Saiyan xD)

OK last thing I want to explain is changing areas. Know your character can't be in 2-3 different areas at once. Your character can only be in one area at a time. If through RP your character enters a different place, then state it please.

So say you got done with your full text. At the end put (Has left to The Valley Capital: Tyr)

this way people will know that your character no longer on this field.

Wave Gates/cities known...

The wave gates are a way to get from one city to another quickly. You must have explored and approached that cities wave gate to actually use it. For in-game purposes to use the gate you must touch the object and speak the name of the city completely.

For ex.

Para approached Heide's wave looking at it in thought before raising his hand up to it and speaking.

“The Highland Capital: Odin!”

He suddenly teleports before people's eyes disappearing his eyes suddenly close as he feels himself appearing before a different atmosphere and weather. His eyes suddenly open to Odin...

Monsters naturally I'd give a beastiary but I want to see your creativity and creating monsters in certain environments excluding the fact they can not be as strong as some of the monsters I have given in the area's explanation. The power of the monster is your choice but make the fight interesting, I did say you I wont be calculating the battle for you in battles you create, but I do expect you to be reasonable... like if you fight monster you will obviously take some damage... unless it's really just that low level without a benefit... Monsters in this RP hold no real benefit or meaning other then to be a limit breaker (to level you up) or for extra ideals. We may be RPing in a MMO but I want to see more roleplaying content then just x goes to kill x constantly... So depending on the level of the monster here is what you'll need.

Just multiply out each stat by level of the monster and you can make a fun fight with your ability.
Code: Select all
Monster Name
HP: Level x 15
SP: Level x 5
P.ATK/DEF: Level x 1
M.ATK/DEF: Level x 2

The monsters in story dungeons will be generated by me so you wont need to worry about it.

Dungeons, when we're in a dungeon... this is where I will do some actual Gming and combat phases will occuring in a good orderly fashion. I will be giving monster's stats at the beginning and depending on what's going on I will control the monster. In addition to combat control, I will be explaining the environment, what we see , hear, smell etc. Until the boss/monster(s) are done and dead.

For combat rules please read "

Each time we defeat / get through an arc, 1 week or more will go by granting EVERYONE who's currently in the RP a certain amount of levels and gold.

Now when this one week goes by everyone will do their own thing afterwards in the next post. You can do some actions that will leave you in the previous week at the start but after that paragraph or two, I expect you to transition into the next week.

I/we will eventually begin going to the next dungeon one way or another to keep with the story...

The max level for our characters will be 90

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