Gateway Idol - The Main Thread

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The first ever Gateway Idol awards! Come nominate and vote!

Gateway Idol - The Main Thread

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In celebration of the first RoleplayGateway month, we bring to you all the first ever Gateway Idol contest! What exactly is this contest? Well, it's similar to an awards competition in that you guys - the members - will be able to nominate and vote for you favorite RoleplayGateway members (The "Idols") in a number of different categories that we staff have pre-selected for you. For the first week, the nominations will be held and in the final three weeks of the month, the voting will take place!

So how does a nomination work?
Well, each of the ten categories has its own thread (Categories listed below) and to nominate a member that you think deserves that particular award, all you simply have to do is post up a nomination with their name and a brief description of why you think they should win, and we highly suggest also including an example or two to further back up your nominee. Also, you may only nominate one person one time, if you choose to do so.

Are there restrictions on who can be nominated?
Yes. The nominee must have been a Gateway member for at least one month and must have at least 50 posts. Additionally, they must still be an active member and cannot have been banned or removed for some reason or another.

I want to nominate! What are the categories?!
1. Funniest Member - Self-explanatory. Who do you find to be the funniest member on Gateway?
2. Most helpful - Vote for the member who has helped you the most!
3. Biggest lurker - We all know them. We see them online all the time, at the bottom of the forum among those names, in chat. But do they ever even POST? Who lurks more than anybody?
4. Most Artistic - Including visual, performing, and musical arts, who on Gateway rules the artistic world and will one day bring fame and fortune to Gateway?!
5. Most Argumentative - Whether in Debate & Discussion or buried in Flame Wars, which member will make an argument out of everything?
6. Most likely to have Lycan/vampire offspring - You'd have to be blind to not be seeing the heavy usage of these two monstrous archetypes around the forums. But who is the most obsessed with them?
7. Biggest nerd - It takes something special to stand out on a roleplay forum at the biggest nerd. Who pulls it off best?
8. Most likely to still be here when they're 80 - Whose name is it that you always see down there in the list of online users, that person who is so addicted to Gateway that you'd swear they'll still be here when they're walking around as an octogenarian.
9. Biggest ego - Self-explanatory. Whose ego is so big that it eclipses all of Gateway?
10. Most personable - Who is that one person you can always come to for a good conversation? That friendly member who is always willing to listen and will make sure that you're gonna have a good time?

Now get out there and vote and nominate! Nominations end the 8th. Voting begins August 9th at Midnight!

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