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General Story Plotlines and Arcs

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The King of Life has called upon you to be God's Watchdog, a defender of The Faith, the hammer upon which you beat men until they are purified. Can you answer the call, and do your best to defend and promote The Faith?

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General Story Plotlines and Arcs

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Magus1108 on Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:14 pm

This here thread will keep track of general general storylines and plot arcs that are enacted during the course of the RP. This will mean that, as each "episode" is completed, I will post up a general summary of what happened in that episode, especially with the choices of the characters and how they resolved things.

I will also note that some decisions and choices made in the RP can have lasting repercussions in later episodes and storylines; like, how future NPCs will react to you, depending on what they've heard that you've done. Or how decisions and choices you made in one town may alter and affect the things that happen in another place (i.e., if a town burns to the ground under your watch, the survivors may immigrate to a new one, which could introduce new problems to this new place).

And of course, there will be overall story arcs to the RP that will be kept track of here. Most importantly, the issue of the State of the Deseret potentially seceding from the United States. That will be a big, long-term plotline in the RP, and choices and decisions made during the course of the RP may end up influencing what happens, to that end.

So! That's that. The Episode One plot will obviously not be filled out here until it's completed in-game, but I may jot down some notes for bigger story arcs and the like. We shall see.

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