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Genetic disterbance

a topic in Futuristic Roleplay, a part of the RPG forum.

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Re: Genetic disterbance

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Corvan on Sun Sep 30, 2007 7:22 pm

He stared at her. " for all you know..well..for all i know you could be someone who kills people in there sleep, but im still telling you all this. its trust and its few and far between to find." He stared at her watching her movement. His heart was steady wondering what her reaction will be.

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Re: Genetic disterbance(may I join?)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kiskis_Naboo on Wed Oct 10, 2007 1:19 pm

Name:Naboo Nonoka
powers:ability to heal, and read minds
skills:very stealthy,achrobatic, strong hand to hand combat fighter
bio:years ago naboo was in a tragic accident,she had been blinded temporarily and was beaten brutally,and left to die, but she lived long enough to be found and saved. but the tramatic expierence brought on amnesia and ever since then she hunts for clues to bring back her memory and for her attackers.
personality:kind,enjoys company
apperence:( Ivory skin, with a pale long silky hair to match.Her eyes differ however, one day they may be the average gray but other times , varying with her mood, they change from a vibrant blue, to red and completely black. Her ears are pointed like an elf's but she is a Lycan Wolf.
In her wolven form is the color of her hair, and again, her eyes are always different.
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I love you Michaell, SUPPORT IT!


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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kiskis_Naboo on Wed Oct 10, 2007 1:30 pm

I am doing all this on my PSP and its difficult to do much and will get an appearence discription or picture up later OK?

EDIT: done ^__^

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Re: Genetic disterbance

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Blindsite on Sat Dec 08, 2007 1:49 pm

Name: Adam Rain
Age: 24
Species: Vampire/Lycan hybrid
Breed: Panther
Powers: Enhanced strength, speed and senses. Adam's ability to change is intimately linked to his thirst; so much so that to lose control of one is to lose control of the other (though if he is careful he can still change at will).
Skills: Pyrokinesis (requires emotional control) and telekinesis.
Biography: Born of lycan father Vincent Rain and vampire mother Romona De'Sol, Adam grew up wedged painfully between three different worlds. Unable to pass fully as human and therefore incapable of hunting by deception as a vampire would, and cast out by his fathers pack and barred from most others for simply being what he was. When Adam was seventeen Vincent challenged the Red Moon's alpha for his sake in hopes that their family would be accepted. The alpha lost but the pack would not tolerate a werecat as their new alpha. Adam lost a father that night. Of course the term "pack" became looser and looser as Adam grew older and continued his search for a home. First organized lycan clans and vampire covens down to street gangs. Then nothing. And in such a search, combined with his own unstable instincts, he found himself on the wrong side of the law. Now a fugitive as well as an outcast Adam continues to try and find a place for himself in this world that would call him, at best, an anomaly.
Personality: Adam is determined not to be ruled by his instincts. Since his thirst and change are so closely linked he sees them as one entity and tries his best to remain in human form most of the time. In his mind, it is only when he surrenders to his thirst that he changes. This being said he is slow to make familiar attachments, although he is friendly and will help others whenever he can. Artistic in nature Adam can often be found deep in thought performing flame dances or chisling out some small sculpture with his mind. However one must not mistake these works for submissiveness. Should he be challenged Adam's thirst is quick to rise and should his mind not be fast enough his fangs are brutal.
Appearance: Red, unkept hair sits atop his head and covering his ears. A fine layer of stubble often, but not always, adorns his chin as Adam rarely gets the chance to shave. Adam's natural eye color would be green, though that is often subject to change to gold with slitted pupils. Thin and limber he slides through the night as he knows he owns it. Coiled muscles ripple down his body but not obviously so. However one look at him and anyone would know he is not human. Even when fully fed his thirst still lingers. One cannot simply ignore the scent of prey outright. And so at the best of times small changes occur: his eyes golden, retractable claws appear on each fingertip, ears taper and concave. If his thirst increases downy, and then silky, black fur might appear or a tail may sprout (one reason he is careful always to wear specially designed pants). In short his appearance is subject to change from an athletic caucation redhead to a great black panther depending on the severity of bloodlust.

Adam hurried out of the strip joint just in time to hear the snaps in the back of his pants poping open. His eyes half closed he hurried down a dark alley way and tried to will his thirst to subside but even here he could hear half a dozen heartbeats. Tail lashing in aggitation he moved deeper into the shadows and tried to think of what to do. He needed to feed, that much was certain. There was still time, he still had some control but it wouldn't last forever and in his present condition, Adam reached up and ran a hand over his already mutating face, it wasn't going to be exactly easy to find prey. Willing or not no one would let him get near them. Most definitely not if they knew what he had in mind for them.
As he went over his options Adam created a tiny phoenix and sent it soaring in tiny loops in front of him. The light from its flaming wings flickered off the brick walls of the alley and apparently he wasn't the only one who saw their light. More heartbeats could be heard and voices too as they drew closer. Adam snuffed out his artwork and began to move on. Prey he wanted but not a masacure.

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am i in?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby DJAtomika on Thu Dec 27, 2007 10:00 am

Name: Josh Stevenson
Age: 26
Race: Lycanthrope
Breed: Grey Wolf
Powers: Quick healing abilities, heightened senses. Able to manipulate the basic elements : Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
Skills: Good aim, excellent tracking abilities, plus good at sneaking around.
Background info:

Josh's family has 3 generations of lycanthropes, Josh being the latest addition to their pack. His family discourages the use of their supernatural powers for uses other than justice. Josh disagreed with them, and subsequently left his family to wander.

Personality: Josh is a bit of a loner, preferring to be by himself rather than be in the company of others. However, when he's with others, he has a strong sense of teamwork and loyalty.

Appearance: ('s a bit long)

In human form

Black 'Crossed Sabres' bomber jacket.
Plain white undershirt.
Sandblasted black denim baggy jeans.
Combat boots.
A pair of red and black 'Flaming' gloves.
Red-and-black 'Flaming' bandanna.

Round and full.
Mischevious glint.

A ring on his right ear.

Long black dreadlocks

Hands and arms
Big and strong.
Fingernails neatly cut.
Right arm has scar from elbow to wrist.

Scar running from left eyebrow to chin.
Slightly pale skin.

In wolf form

General Appearance
Silver-grey fur.
Scar down left side of face, through one eye.

For I, am The Darkness...

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