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[Ghalerion] Gent Al'Doran

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Name: Galadar Al’Daron
Title: Third son of Lord Al’Doran, and Bell Ringer
Alias: Gent
Race: Human – Mortal
Age: 23
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Dirty Blond
Eyes: Bright Blue


Basic: Gent can manipulate energy around him. He practices Symbology for the most part and excels in reading runes and can translate some of the ancient writings. He can also do illusions, good for parlor tricks and entertaining common folk.

Moderate: At his own normal level, Gent is able to manipulate the elements to an extent. He can whisper messages and send them on the winds, or purify water for drinking. He can also take heat from a fire and transfer it to things- like a copper kettle, allowing for hot water. Gent is able to further reach his audiences with a trick he calls ‘Voice of the Emperor,’ this trick puts listeners into a trancelike state for better story telling.

Advance: At the advance level, Gent is able to link several symbology circles together and use ingredients to bring out the full potential of the circle he’s drawn. The price normally is blood of the caster.

Darker Powers:
In keeping with the bloodline traditions. The family serves the Deity Lain. But they also serve a darker side of the worship. The family’s purpose is to calm the spirits of the dead and invoke Lain’s blessing to each restless spirit. Gent is no different, though his brother is the head position known as Gate Keeper; Gent’s own rank is Bell Ringer- a traveling priest of Lain. This also grants Gent some shadow powers at a cost to his own energy.

Bio: From a family of strict codes, and riches from the salt trade, and magical arts, Gent had lived a life behind high walls with no interest for what lay beyond. For him there was nothing beyond his family’s servitude to the Dead and to the Deity Lain. While in his last year of attending Sparsian Academy, Gent got into a duel with another mage. The result was a backfired spell and Gent falling from a balcony and breaking both his legs, crippling him. Scared, the other mage and his friends dumped the body into a ditch, leaving Gent to die. For three days Gent lay in the mud and cold until a knight came by ….

….. and saw….

…A pair of hate filled eyes….


A knobby stick that he carries around acts as a crutch and as a source of absorbing and storing power. Also comes in handy for knocking idiots out.

Hobbies: Gent's hobby is to create magical items that no one else has tried before. He's a mechanic at heart and loves making things.

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