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Ghastly Mistake

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Ghastly Mistake

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Dark_Descendant on Wed Aug 23, 2006 4:15 am

The Descendant's icy, ocean blue orbs continued to advert onwards around the detereolating entrance of the small tomb. A frown spreading across her facial expressions as she gazed upon the decaying structure, the arch of the opening, to enter the tomb, had been decayed badly be the harsh effects of constant weathering and time.

It was quite a mystery as to how the building had remained standing through the ages, maybe the grand building of it ages ago had helped to keep it standing all these centuries.

She growled slightly, allowing this sign of annoyance to emmitt from her throat, the growl echoing around the surrounding ruins. Her orbs shifted towards the surroundings of the tomb, each building seemed to be in ruins.

Large rocks crumbled and decayed all around her, it was indeed a no man's land, thank-god, she thought to herself as she moved towards the entrance of the tomb, the hot sun seeming to glow as it shone upon the desert - like island.

She moved forwards, gaze narrowing towards the dark entrance of the tomb as she moved onwards, lifting herself over a few large crumbling boulders that were scattered upon the way towards the entrance, she reached the entrance of the tomb and gazed upon it for a further few moments, icy gaze seeming to glaze over as she halted, fists clenching at her sides. One hand upon the tsuba of her trusty Daito as she gazed upon the sight before her.

She seemed to remain haulted for a further few moments as if contemplating if she should enter now, or run, run as far away from this ghastly place as she possibly could. She shook her head vigirously as if trying to drain these contemplating thoughts from her mind. It indeed had to be done, something had drawn her back to this island after so many years, could her dream really be being awakened as she pondered? A ghastly nightmare..If it could even be called that..

She took in a deep breath, exhaling outwards, gaze upon the entrance of the tomb once more as if attempting to push herself into it, it was quite obvious that she did not really wish to enter the tomb, too many memories had come from this place, bad memories, nightmares even.

The very sight of even the outside of the tomb was sickening to the heart, she could indeed feel an icyness about this island, one that she did not wish to remember, but of course, entering the tomb after so long needed to be done.

She moved forwards, entering the darkness of the tomb, eyes upon the darkness infront of her frame, upon the depths of the shadows that veiled the air around her as she moved onwards through the ruins of the tomb, she would simply look and make sure the tomb had not been meddled with.

She halted once more, a flow of thoughts over-whelming her once more, thoughts that seemed to unnerve her so much that she did not wish to take another step. What if the nightmare had been awakened? What if her deepest terrors had re-awaken as she moved towards the tomb?! She would indeed be moving right towards them..

She shook her head once more, fists clenching at her side. So what if her deepest nightmares had been awaken once more? even if they had she would have to fight with pride to die...But obviously, she knew it, there was no way she could fight these nightmares on her own.

But she would indeed have to try to fight if it so happened they had been awakened, and if she....would be defeated, havoc would be dealt upon the realms of the world once more, like it was centuries ago.

The very thought of it caused a sinking, a sickening of the heart, an unredeemed icyness that no groading of the imagination could ever torture into aught of the sublime....She knew not what had brought her here after so many years, only that if these so called 'Nightmares' were to awaken, no-one across the Realms of Earth would be safe, not the people...the elves, the witches, the trolls, the goblins, the nympths....Not even the Gods would be safe from these nightmares, utter destruction...

She sighed slightly, soon her form seeming to disappear into the depths of darkness as she moved deeper into the decaying tomb, her gaze shifting around as she moved, glowing blue orbs darting around, heart racing. One could lose their mind in this place, the very thought of such an awakening was terrifying enough without having to approach the tomb that held the weapons. An image that could easily cause insanity....Simply imagine one's greatest nightmares coming true all at once, everything that anyone had ever feared, coming back to haunt them and everyone else.

These 'Things' were indeed that nightmare, every mans greatest nightmare awakening. Although with this nightmare, one could not simply pinch themselves and awaken. This nightmare remained, and destroyed everything in it's sight, children, women, men, animals, forests, villages even the ocean bed.

They would not stop until everything had been destroyed they would not stop until everything was in chaos, until everything was ruined. They had no concept of enemies nor allies. They were simply destructive weapons that millions were killed by, these creatures felt no remorse and it had taken many of years to actually trap these beings. Many had tried to kill them and indeed failed.

She moved forwards, hand dragging across the wall of the tomb as she moved onwarrds, glazed over gaze squinting as to see even two metres infront of her frame, the darkness around her seeming to thicken as she moved forwards, hand running across the decaying walls, bricks crumbling under her touch. She brought her hand backwards as light began to become visible in the distance. Her gaze narrowing, heart sinking as she moved towards the light.

Her heart began to beat faster as she moved forwards towards the light, her beat seeming to be so loud that she thought it could wake up the Nightmare, just as one who is being chased by an enemy, their heart racing, believe their enemy can hear the beats of their heart and therefore know where they are hiding.

She scowled slightly. Taking in a deep breath she came to a stop, eyes widening slightly towards the 'grave' or 'box' that the beings remained in, frozen in time. Their frames remaining motionless as they remain dormant in the air, seeming to be encasted in some sort of glass surface.

She took in a deep breathe, gaze adverting around at the many seals seeming to float in the air, her seeming to be slightly relieved and yet still terrified by the sight of the seals.

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Re: Ghastly Mistake

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LeoOfVgCats on Tue Nov 18, 2008 11:05 pm

bump from the dead.


didnt bother to read this though. xD
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