Glee: A new generation. [IC]

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Glee: A new generation. [IC]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sorella on Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:08 am

Glee: A new generation

Janessa had been dropped off at school this morning by her father Kurt. "I love your outfit Janessa." He said approving of her outfit like always. Janessa flashed her father a smile. "Thanks dad, I only learned from the best." She said and opened her car door. She kissed her father on the cheek and ran out of the car and up to the school. Janessa had been trying to get Seth to like her for the past month but so far she knew that she was probably getting no where. Walking up to her locker Janessa put her books away in her locker and smiled slightly at her self in the mirror, you would never see her wearing the same thing twice. Once closing her locker a male about the height of six foot two and shoved her into a locker. She remembered the male to be known as Oliver Karofsky the son of a man who had picked on her father Kurt when he went here.
Janessa got up and marched over to him. "What the hell is wrong with you!" She snapped. He just ignored her like a little fly. "I asked you a question and would liked to be answered." Janessa said her hands resting firmly on her hips. Oliver looked at her. "Your my problem." Then he started walking again. "What did I ever do to you?" She asked, Janessa had dated him just last year when she was fourteen and he was sixteen. "I think you remember what happened." He said in a mumble. Janessa searched through her brain then wondered. "Was it because I didn't put out for you? The fact I refused to make-out with you more than once a day?" She asked looking up at him. He just turned around moved closer to her until he was not even an inch away from her. He placed his hand on her hips, she looked up at him in disgust. "Get your dirty mitts off you pervert!" He had just held on tighter.

Ethan had been playing his acoustic while walking to school. He was playing random songs and what not. Finally when he had reached the school he walked in and started to walk around humming songs. When girls walked by he'd wink at them and possibly tap their butt lightly. Normally a habit of his. Smirking as he did it he was looking around for someone to laugh with. He knew that his friend Jamie would not be here yet. Walking for awhile starting to think up tunes in his head his focus was with drawn when he saw Jamie being pulled closer to Oliver, obviously Jamie didn't want Oliver to. "Let her go!" Ethan snarled. Oliver had than backed away and carried on. That was when he saw his friend Jamie start to cry. "Awe, Jay-Kay no need to cry, he wont be bugging you no more." That was when he played funny songs for her on the acoustic trying to cheer her up. "Come one Jamie, sing along and walk with me, I know you know the lyrics to this."
Just then he had seen the beautiful smile of Jamie's form on her lips. That was when he heard her voice starting to sing along to his playing. The song she had been singing was on her favorites and Ethan knew that. They were playing and singing Bubbly-Colbie Caillat.

(Sucky intro I know but best I can do for now.)

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Re: Glee: A new generation. [IC]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby TheOneAndOnly on Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:41 am

Amber glanced at the digital clock near the mirror in the bathroom and quickly looked back at her reflection. A toothbrush was clasped in her mouth as she frantically brushed her hair. See? This is what happens when you push snooze too many times she mentally scolded herself. She put her hairbrush on the counter and took care of the toothbrush that she'd been holding and before checking how she looked in the mirror one more time, walked out of the bathroom. She was wearing grey jeans and long black tee-shirt with a big metallic silver heart on the front. Luckily she had a pair of black flats with silver dots on them that matched her outfit perfectly. After she'd put them on, Amber practially ran down the hall into the main room of the house where her dad had been waiting for her. "Okay, I'm ready." she smiled grabbing his hand and pulling him out the door to the car.

"Can you drive a little faster? I don't want to be late." Amber told her dad after they had been driving for a few minutes. "I would but theres a speed limit. But don't worry, you have plenty of time before school starts." he assured. The brown haired girl let out a relatively dramatic sigh, "Okay, whatever you say dad." she said with a smile.
Not too long later they had arrived, with time to spare just like her dad said. Amber got out of the car, "Bye dad, I'll see you later!" she said before closing the door. The two waved at one another before he drove away. She smoothed her shirt out and walked inside the building. First she went to her locker and made sure everything she needed was easily accesable, and looked at herself one last time in the small mirror before she closed her locker and walked down the hall looking for anyone she might recognise. She turned a corner and saw (and heard) Jamie and Ethan coming down the hall the opposite direction of her. Instead of walking and meeting them she stopped and waited for them to reach her because...well it shouldn't take them long at all. "Jamie!" she chirped when the two had finally reached her.


"Sorry." Seth said as he walked down the hall trying to avoid a group of people but failing, bumping into one of them. He wasn't suprised when there was no 'it's okay' from them because some people were just like that. He shook his head and made his way to his locker. When he opened the door he saw everything perfectly organized perfectly. There was nothing in there that didn't have a place of it's own, or was out of place. His need for organization came from his mother which was quite apparant.

He didn't go to his locker to put anything in it or take anything out, he just needed to look at it. When Seth looked in his locker it kind of relazed least one aspect of his life was absolutely perfect. At least to him it was. After a minute he closed the door and made his way down the hall. He was going to the choir room to play his guitar before school started since he'd left it at school. Luckily there was no inturruptions from people he might not want to run into so far. But he still had a little ways to go before he reached his destination. Maybe instead of making it to the room he'd run into someone he'd actually want to and then he'd feel a little more safe. Because he really didn't feel very safe alone...well not with some of the people that went to school here.

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Re: Glee: A new generation. [IC]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby UCTigerette on Sun Dec 05, 2010 1:57 pm

Haily had been up for hours. Earlier that morning she'd jumped up, taken a shower, got dressed, fixed her hair and makeup, and brushed her teeth. Hails had been anxious to get to school that morning. Last night she had been browsing different songs on the internet and had finally found one that she wanted to try. With the lyrics of Raise Your Glass by Pink in her right hand and the CD containing the song in her left hand, Hails had left for school almost two hours early. The parking lost was vastly empty as she pulled her VW bug into her spot. Even so, it hadn't bothered her too much. She was used to being alone. Sure, Hails had friends, but she'd never gotten really close to anyone.

Sitting in the choir room, Hails slammed her hand down on the piano. She couldn't get the second verse down. She'd been over it at least a million times that morning, but she just couldn't do it. The words got mixed up and once that happened it was impossible to reach the right notes. Hails let out an aggravated sigh and she laid her head on her hands and then laid her arms on her knees. Music was her passion. It always had been. Restarting the music once more, Haily began to sing. The second verse came and went and Hails was still singing through her triumphant smile. Finally, she had nailed it. Finally.


Zach pulled off his shoulder pads and wiped the sweat from his brow as he padded off the football field. He always hated when Coach called for morning practices, but that didn't mean that Zach was about to skip them. Football was important to him, even if his father had disagreed with it. It made Zach happy. Five minutes later, Zach was standing in the showers washing himself, getting ready for the school day. He hummed a bit and at times he would sing. He could sing and he knew it. His father had made sure that Zach could sing. Since Zach could talk, his father had put him through voice lessons. Zach liked singing, but when he was alone. The couple of times the other guys had caught him singing they had laughed at it. He had shrugged them off, but he was more careful about his singing lately.

Zach was walking out of the locker room fifteen minutes later and heading towards the main building of the school. As soon as he entered the hall, Zach could see Amber, Ethan, and Janessa. Amber was gorgeous. It was that simple and Zach found himself staring. The trance only lasted for a few seconds before Elizabeth, a cheerleader who had long been taken with him, tapped Zach on the shoulder. "Hey Handsome," She casually whispered in his ear. "when are you gonna take me out on a date?" She asked. Zach politely laughed it off. "Whenever I get some time on my hands. You know how busy I am." He replied before slipping her arms from around his shoulders and walking towards his locker.
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Re: Glee: A new generation. [IC]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby RaeRaeButterfly on Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:15 pm

"Ben, you downstairs? Or upstairs?" Ben's father, Artie, asked, as he wheeled into the kitchen. "Ah, there you are. Do you know where your mother is?" Just as those words were spoken, Brittany, dashed into the room. "Has any body seen my keys?" But she spoke those words, with a piece of toast in her mouth, so it came out strangley. Ben just gave her mother a look, and she yanked the toast out of her mouth, gently. "Sorry, have you seen my- Ah, thanks Ben. Where were they?" Ben laughed a little. "In my jeans pocket. You put them there when you were washing my clothes." His mother sighed. "Right, of course I did." Brittany was chewing on her toast, and she quickly finished it off before going to brush her teeth. Ben finished off his cereal and went to dump his bowl in the sink. He had already brushed in his teeth, when he was grabbing his back, and his mother finally came back down. "Have fun at school, sweetie." She kissed Ben on the forehead, but he didn't flinch. He was used to it. Brittany then kissed Artie. And the kiss wasn't on the forehead and it wasn't a quick one. "Alright, I'm going to school. Now." Ben warned his parents, and before long, their kiss was finished. "Alright, come on. I've got to drive your father to work aswell." Ben slung his back over his shoulder and start pushing his father towards the back door, and once they were out of the house, he pushed him around the side of the house and to the car. Once, his mother and him helped him into the car, Ben also got into the car and so did his mother.

About twenty-two minutes later, Ben was jumping out of the car at school. "Have fun at the office mom. And, dad, remind mom that she's picking me up tonight. After Glee, okay?"Artie nodded, and soon enough, the two lovebirds, were going on about how it was cute that Ben had joined Glee and Ben turned around. "Just go. Or you'll never get to work." Ben sighed and when they left, he headed into school, humming a random tune. He opened his locker, and start putting his books and bag away, still humming, as he closed his locker.


"Hannah Victoria Schuester, get out of bed before I have to come up there and drag you outta it." Will's voice drifted up the windy staircase and Hannah called out, in reply. "Yeah, I'm out..I'm out.." Hannah sighed, getting out of bed as she spoke. "Good, now don't take hours getting ready." He replied, and Hannah grabbed a few items of clothing, and went straight into her small ensuite, closing the door behind her. After half an hour or so, Hannah appeared at the top of the stairs, her damp hair resting down her shoulders. "Don't wear that, it makes you look fat." Her mother's voice, suddenly said next to her, as her mother came down the stairs. "What??" Hannah was hurt now and she hurried down the stairs, to face her father. "I don't look fat do I?" Will shook his head. "Not at all sweetie. Your mother was just on the phone." Hannah nodded. "Alright, thanks." But her father opened his mouth to speak again. "If there was something wrong with it, it would be that it is, too short. And it is, Hannah. How did you even get that into this house? It looks trampish." Hannah gaped at her father. "But you said it was okay." Will shook his head. "I didn't say it was okay. Sue? Is there anyway you can make Hannah's dress longer? She looks like a tramp." Hannah frowned, hurt again. "Well, she would look much better in the cheerleadng uniform. But no, little miss whiney doesn't want to be in my incredibly awesome team." Hannah frowned harder, as her mother entered the room and start tugging down at the bottom of the dress. "Don't frown, love, I'm just worried about the amount of guys that are going to be staring at your butt. And your chest. Instead of your face." Will tried to sooth as Sue yanked down on the dress a little too hard and Hannah was left standing there, in her bra and underpants, before she burst into tears and ran out of the room, covering herself up. Sue was the one that had to go get her down from her room, when Hannah didn't come down twenty-minutes later. She was dressed in this t-shirt, which made her chest look bigger (but her father hadn't figured it out, so don't tell him, he'd march her back upstairs and make her get changed), and her dark denim short-shorts, with yellow flats on her feet. "Hannah. It's fine. We've watched you grow up. Were not going to laugh at you and we aren't going to tell people." Her father joined her mother and they said that, together.

So, half an hour later, Hannah, Sue and Will were all walking into the school, Hannah trying to walk away from them, as quickly as she could. She was about, twenty metres away from them when she heard her name get called out. It was her mother and Hannah turned and walked up to her. "What?" They both gave her a long and squeezy hug, which made Hannah blush as it was in the middle of the hallway, and after a few mintues, they let her go on her way, calling out "Have a fun day," and "Remember that you've gotta come to the staffroom for your lunch today." Hannah cursed, under her breath. "Shit." She murmed. She forget about it, she didn't want to have to sit with her parents...and other teachers, who she knew and who adored her, and eat lunch. "I heard that, Hannah." Her father warned her and Hannah set off, quickly going to her locker and shoving everything away, before heading down the hallway again. But someone tapped her butt, hard, and Hannah turned to face the guy. "Aw look, it's daddy's little girl. I've heard all about you." Hannah frowned at the person standing in front of her. "Well, 'thanks' for the butt bruise, I'm going to leave. Now." Oliver shook his head. Hannah had heard about his dad, and what he did, and he didn't like it. "Your gonna stay with me. If I can't screw with Janessa, I may aswell, screw with you." Hannah, using quick thinking, kicked him in the nuts and ran off, the water works starting, hoping he wouldn't follow her. She came to the choir room, and walked in, crying. But Haily was in there. "I can go if you want." She choked out, her beautiful face being ruined by her tears.

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Re: Glee: A new generation. [IC]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby bambi on Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:12 pm

Gracey Jenks looked in the mirror at her reflection, and smiled. Her blonde hair, weaved into a messy plait rested against her shoulder and swung down to her waist, she mussed up her thick, full fringe and laughed, looking down at her outfit. She was wearing mint green skinny jeans on her long legs, worn out brown lace up boots, and a black sweater, with a skull printed on the front. She checked her make-up, her big blue eyes thickly lined with smudgy black, her lashes thick and long, her full lips painted a mat red. She blew herself a kiss with a giggle, and picked up her tattered brown leather bag before tip-toeing downstairs. She reached for an apple from the fruit bowl and scribbled out a note onto a piece of scrap paper as she ate
'Mom, don't freak out, you slept in so I got ready on my own, yes, I ate breakfast, I'll see you after school x'
After sliding the pen into her bag and slotting her drumsticks into her back pocket, she walked out the door and shut it silently behind her..

Gracey had needed to run to catch the bus, but it was better than having to walk to school. She put in her ipod headphones, letting the sound of My Chemical Romance soothe her nerves as she stomped to the empty seat at the back, with a soft sigh she slumped into it, frowning when her knees bumped against the seat in-front. Her long legs really irritated her sometimes.

Gracey chewed on the inside of her cheek as she approached the school. As a girl from Oxford in England, she knew her accent would stand out here, and she wouldn't like that. Not at all. She walked to her locker, whacking her hand against it so it would open. As she put her things inside someone walked past and tapped her ass. She swiveled around and winked at the hot stranger, then shoved her locker closed, and walked towards the choir room. That was the place the freaks went, right? She knew she wasn't the best singer, but she wasn't the worst either, and being able to play the drums should count for something, right? She made her way to the corner of the room and sat down, 'Teenagers' now blasting through her ears as she ignored the crying girl and the one with the grin on her face that made her look like she'd just taken something she shouldn't have. Her knees hit the seat in-front again, and she rolled her eyes before closing them, deciding to nap before the teacher arrived.

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