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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zee All Knowing Peacock on Sun Jun 17, 2007 8:53 pm

He awoke covered in sweat, though the night air coming in through the open window was cool, almost cold. He was shaking uncontrollably, his fingers twitching and kicking. He rolled out of bed, his feet touching nimbly upon the ground. He moved to the window and looked out, his toned, naked body shining in the moonlight. Gaunt features and prominent cheekbones, underneath a well-shaven and well-kempt face, gave him the features of a handsome man. He looked out upon the moon-drenched fields, out over the pastures, and to the faraway mountains. He was leaving for town again tomorrow, but the nightmares persisted in keeping him awake. His glance shifted to the stars overhead, the small crystalline objects eternally suspended against that dark backdrop.

He turned and strode from the room, grabbing a bundle of clothes on the dresser out in the hallway. When he was downstairs he quickly stripped into some simple wool leggings and a thin leather overvest. Standing around five and a half feet, he looked even smaller in the house made for the former owner. He grabbed a one-edged longsword off of a large wooden table dominating the room, and grabbed a long black leather cloak off a hook, swinging it across his back. He tied it in place with a small bronze broach that held no decoration. He strode outside, and moved towards a small stable off to one side. His piercing green eyes looked around in the gloom, until he reached the stables. He reached the stable and burst into the stableboy's quarters.

"Ready my horse," he demanded, his tone impetuous and commanding. He saw the stableboy roll off of his straw-filled mattress and give a lazy salute.

"Captain Faete," the boy said nervously, before marching quickly around Faete and into the stables. Faete turned and followed him, before exiting and crossing the yard towards the servants' housing. He walked up to the front door and turned the handle.

Locked... go figure... he thought. He quickly tied his sword to his belt using a thin strap, and lifted his fist. He pounded it against the door, hoping old Udinaas heard him. He heard sounds of shuffling on the other side of the door, and stepped back. Udinaas was there, thin, wispy strands of hair blowing in the wind.

"Udinaas," began Faete, "I will be taking an expenditure into town, and I do not know how long I will be gone. I am leaving you in charge of my manor, and expect to find it in top condition upon my return." The old servant nodded and turned back into the house, moving into the shadows. Faete closed the door and turned, moving back out towards the stables. He arrived there and moved inside.

His horse, tall with jet-black fur, stood over 18 hands tall, with good conformation and long legs. Its mane was long but styled as was the old fashion. He vaulted upwards into the saddle and looked down at the stable boy. He felt his front chest pouch and felt the sack of gold coins there, a small fortune on their own. Were he any less skilled he would feel scared, vulnerable even, with so few. But as it was, he felt safe. He nodded at the stable boy and kicked his horse into a slow canter, pulling out of the stable and onto the dusty road outside. He followed that road north, towards the outline of the small town just a few miles in that direction.


He arrived in town just as dawn was breaking, his horse sweating and chopping at the bit. He slowed her down to a slow walk as they moved onto the cobbled street. He moved towards the local inn and jumped off of his horse. He hobbled his horse at the post outside the tavern and walked in. A few drunks still remained there from the previous night, mostly passed out or generally incapacitated.

He walked forward and sat at the bar. He banged the counter and the bartender scurried out of a backroom. He ordered a pint of mead and sat back. The inn was a bit run-down, with a hearth at one end of the room, and various tables placed haphazardly around. The bar stunk of urine and vomit, almost to a point where Faete had trouble breathing. He heard footsteps on the stairs, and turned at them.

There stood a large man there, dressed in all blacks. He wore steel plate armour died black, and a massive axe was strapped to his back. He had sharp features, and a piercing gaze. His hair was cut short, and his eyes were a deep blue.

"Ex-commander Faete, former commander of all the Emperor's armies," he paused then to look around the bar and sniff the air, than continued, "A bit of an auspicious place for you to call a meeting between us. And what might be the purpose of such a meeting, may I ask?" He rose an eyebrow quizzically, then leaned against the wall.

Faete smiled as his drink arrived. He turned and grabbed it, and shot the bartender a look that made him scramble back into the kitchens. He took a large swig of the drink and wiped his mouth. Then he turned back to the man.

"Harothed Manaris, rogue and scoundrel alike," Faete said, "it's been a while since we last met, and I'll admit, those were under... more strained circumstances. I need you to gather me the strongest of your mercenaries. A cloak has fallen upon the world, shrouding it in darkness unseen. There are forces at play darker and more sinister than anything this world has seen.” He smiled and set down his drink, looked back at the man who now wore a pensive, concerned look.

"Well, it just so happens a few of my best agents just got back from their latest mercenary campaign. I think you'll find that they're more than suited to aid you. Saving the world is just the icing on the cake." He grinned then, a large, full-toothed grin, which was surprisingly infectious.

"Well then, I suspect you have them on hand, because we have some planning to do..."

[OOC:] Alright, Harothed’s an NPC who’s only in this part of the story. Everyone can join. If you can’t see in the chat it’s basically us trying to become gods.
"Some things are important. Others are not. Yet all would claim a mortal's attention. It falls to each of us to remain ever mindful, and thus purchase wisdom in the threading of possibilities. It is our common failing that we are guided by our indifference to eventualities. The moment pleases, the future can await consideration." - Steven Erikson's Midnight Tides

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Re: Godlike...

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Yuko-Chan on Sun Jun 17, 2007 9:40 pm

Her bare feet pounded against the earth, as she ran away. Runing away from all the choas and pain. Her lungs burned and her legs ached, begging her to stop and rest. But she knew better. If she would stop, she would be killed. She had to find shelter, somewhere to hide. She slowed her pace as she realised that she finaly reached the edge of the mountain. She stopped, gazing at the lush green valley that was layed out before her, luminated by the bright moon. She had never left the mountain before. She looked over her shoulder to see the forest, her home, ablazed. Tears stung her grey orbs as she tried to fight them back. With one swift movement, she wiped her tears on the back of her hand and began runing again, towards the empty valley.

After awhile, she couldnt run anymore. She hardly had energy to walk. Panting, she clutched her staff with both hands, using it as a walking stick. She was only about five foot tall, and the staff easily towered over her. It was made of polished silver, yet it was very light and thin made for someone her size. A crescent moon rested atop of the staff, with three dark blue gems engraved within the moon.

She raised her grey eyes to see that the sun was slowly rising proudly above the mountains. It gave her hope. She lowered her gaze and squinted against the bright sunlight. Someting was in the distance. She tried to focus more, trying to make out the shapes against the light. Her eyes widden in shock. A town! It wasnt too far either. She would be able to find water and food.

"Oh no..." she whispered to herself.

A town meant that there would be humans there. And she was taught to never trust humans. Yet, she had no choice. She ran her slender fingers through her long, tangled silver hair over her pointed ears. She might as well try and blend in with them if she was gonna survive. She took a deep breath to calm her nervous, fast beating heart.

Slowly dragging her bloody bare feet, she pushed herself with her staff and resumed to walk towards her destination.


As she arrived at the town's entrance, the sun had fully risen in the sky. She wiped the sweat and tears off her face, trying to not bring attention to herself. She tried to cover most of her face with her hair, to hide her red pouffy eyes. She stood up straight, ignoring the pain that swept through her body. Bravely, she took her first step in the tiny town. Her eyes darted around at her surrondings cautiously, luckily there wasnt that many people out in the streets, it was still early in the morning.

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Re: Godlike...

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Himros on Tue Jun 26, 2007 3:37 pm

Pulling his Knife out of another victim Valyn breathed in the scent of death, Looking around he emerged from the valley His gaunt face smiling wide. The city gaurd would find the mutilated corpse in a few day's and the hunt for the killer would increase, they would not find him though. he would be gone, enjoying the sun Valyn walked smiling throught the streets.

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