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Gods Among Us: The Godslayer

Gods Among Us: Additional Information

a part of “Gods Among Us: The Godslayer”, a fictional universe by Venuskyy.

For longer than anyone can remember the Gods have been a staple of everyday life in our world. The ultimate gift upon a human would be to become a God and with that gift came the vastly familiar human emotion; jealousy.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Gods Among Us: The Godslayer”.
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Gods Among Us: Additional Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Venuskyy on Wed Sep 30, 2020 10:11 pm


The esteemed 'big bang,' may be less of a bang and more of a whimper than anyone thought. In the beginning, before man, before earth, before this universe was even a speck of potential at all. There was a moment in time. The first moment. The one that began it all. Some call it the birth of all life. A sentient wisp of omnipotent potential. A god in its own right, some could say. The mother, father, brother, and sister of time and space. The thread that links every living creature in this world together. Most simply called it what it was.


This was not the Big Bang.

But it did mark the start to the events that would lead to it.

Even something as powerful as Creation could become lonely, eons of solitary confinement to the deep nothingness of the universe leading down the natural road towards seeking out other Quintessent beings. But no matter how far Creation searched, never could it find anything alike itself. Therefore, Creation made the decision to destroy itself, rather than suffer a meaningless existence.

The destruction of Creation was not the end of the universe, nor was it a death by any means.

Instead, Creation split apart, exploding outwards into an infinite amount of pieces. Spreading through this universe the potential for its being; Creation.

This was the actual Big Bang.

The moment when life was born.

From Creation came everything, Gods, Humans, Creatures big and small. Worlds beyond imaging, things that could have only existed in the strangest of dreams. Though once, a very long time ago, when the world was at its beginning there were Gods that walked among men in their natural form. Not trapped to the dreadful cage of humanity, but existing in their own right. More than the Quintessence they are forced to be today.

Of course, that couldn't last forever.

Eventually the Curse came.

The Emergence, and its never ending cycle.

The battle between the want to touch humanity and the need to destroy it an ever raging battle.

and now for . . .


Disclaimer: this is fake science and absolutely so off the wall bonkers in some bits, don't @ me.

First off, Genetics.

Lets talk about Demigods. Because we all know that historically, Gods in all forms of media have been known to procreate.

Spoiler: show
Now Demigods are rare, but not impossible. Since the Gods are in a human body the act of procreation is much more likely. But it is all dependent on genes of course whether or not a God will pass along any genetic traits or abilities to the child. When a God emerges into a body there are of course genetic changes beneath the surface. Despite this, the God gene is still considered a recessive in the genetic makeup of the body. This is because the Gods genes are essentially creating new genetic material, rather than overtaking what exists. Hybridizing the body. Because I don't have the overwhelming need to actually break that down into a less convoluted explanation, I will sort of visually represent this.

Think of a punnett square.

Now assuming that the genetic material of a god is considered a trait.

We can sort of predict the rate of Demigods by assigning traits to each side of the coin.

Since the human trait is Dominant, it would be represented as A, therefore, a full human would be depicted as AA.

Emerged gods would carry the Dominant human trait A, as well as recessive God trait (gene) a, depicted as Aa.

Crossing these would get

AA x Aa - Broken down would produce, AA, AA, Aa, and Aa children. Where any child that inherits the recessive a would be born a Demigod.

Now the idea that Two Emerged Gods could procreate is also a possibility, though a tad more convoluted in theory.

This crossing would produce: Aa x Aa, which would be AA, Aa, Aa, and aa children.

Now since the child couldn't be born a full god the last set of genetics would be an impossibility. Therefore it can be assumed that the child would simply carry an extra God trait. Making them Aaa instead of simply aa. This could potentially make them a tad stronger than other Demigods. Or more likely to inherit abilities from both sets of parents.

So to summarize...

The Combo of a Human and Emerged God have a "50%" chance of producing a Demigod and "50%" chance of not passing along the God trait at all.

Two Emerged Gods would have a "75%" chance of producing a Demigod and "25%" chance of not passing along the God trait at all.

This is the simple version, but it gets a bit more complicated when supernatural based in human physiology are thrown into the mix.

I'm not even going to begin to try and flesh that out, but essentially, it would be exceedingly rare to find a demigod that was born with all three genetic traits.

Now, the idea of Demigods is tricky anyways. Because any child of a god could potentially be considered a Demigod. The genetic makeup simply dictates whether they are born with any form of power/ability/enhancements. The more genetic material the god passes along the more likely they will inherit abilities. Though none would be near as powerful as a true God. They also would not have a Domain, though they may exhibit more specific "powers". Demigods would also lack the Semi-Immortality that makes up a true god. Demigods could be considered "Supernatural" species.

More powerful Demigods are sometimes subject to awful fates at the hands of other Gods or humans. Locked away, hunted down, or killed for a variety of reasons. The Pantheon frowns upon the creation of Demigods - but lets be honest, they're already hypocritical about most things so its highly likely a few of them have produced some of them themselves.

TL;DR: Demigods exist, but do not always inherit abilities due to parentage. They are also somewhat frowned upon and in some countries killed due to religious, heretical, and various other reasons. The Pantheon has historically been involved in the killing of Demigod children, but does not always consider them to be worth the effort.


Edens Sword / Minerva's Sword / The Godslayer - Though known to the Gods as simply Edens Sword, it is known in human circles as the Godslayer. Though it is the sword that Minerva used to slay her sister, Minerva has since lost possession of the sword. Though the sword may seem deadly, it is only as dangerous as the user wielding it. As the sword has a mind of its own, and tends to only work for those it deems to have enough power. This sword is most notable for the flames that ignite once the wielder has expressed their intention to battle. This weapon was originally made by the God of the Forge, as a present to be given to his lover, a human warrior known as Eden. But as it were, the weapon proved too powerful for those of such a simple mind to handle. Since it is a weapon that came from the hands of a God, it is capable of killing Gods.

Rva's Diadem - A Diadem created by the God of Wisdom, Rva, that stored an immense library of information within it. Wearing the Diadem would imbue the user with the ability to know almost anything in the world. Except for Forbidden Knowledge of course. Though when Rva was slain this item fell to earth and began to pass around in human circles. Due to the immense nature of this object, the wearer is prone to insanity. Whoever had possession of it had to be strong of mind to be capable of navigating the onslaught of information held within. Currently, Rva's Diadem seems to have found a home in a display case at the MUSÉE DE VRIES.

Ra’s Sun Disc - Gilded of gold in the fires of the sun by Ra himself, he infused the winged sun disk with his power tethering it to him. Worn as an amulet, it allows the wearer to command Ra’s power. Originally gifted to the humans so that they may tell Ra when they wished for him to fade the sun’s light so that they could sleep, they grew greedy and began asking him to enact acts of wrath on their behalf. The other gods smote the humans wielding the disc and returned it to Ra. Afraid that someone would use it to command his power again, Ra has hidden it somewhere not even his vessel knows.

Spite’s Deliverance - The dagger goes by many names across many histories, always the blade to have enacted the ultimate act of revenge. It’s said to drive the wielder mad with vengeance. It’s material is of divine origins, able to maintain its integrity in any temperature. It’s decorated with ornate designs and is slim enough to go unnoticed up a sleeve or tucked in a waistband - or as Catarina preferred to wear it, strapped around her thigh.

The Book of Revelations - A text that was written time immemorial, its authors identity has been los, even to the primordial gods. Though the book appears to be a weathered, leather bound tome, it bears seven runic symbols: three on the cover, three on the spine, and one on the clasp. Try as one might, those who are unworthy of its contents will be unable to open it and those of sinister blood will burn at the slightest touch. The book of Revelations houses the knowledge to part the heavens, fissure the Underworld, and unleash the Apocalypse. It need only a pure and prudent soul to unlock its contents.

The Tome Of Possibilities - A tool created by the Major God of Fate and used by Minor and Lesser gods under her domain for eons to record the past, present, and future of the universe. It has no uses for other gods, as it is only readable by those who have written within it.

The Cup of Nor - An artefact of unknown origin, with nobody, God, Supernatural, nor Man willing to take credit for its creation. The Cup of Nor is a forbidden object and has been locked away deep within the Pantheons walls for many, many years due to the nature of its abilities. Its ability to contain anything, and to transform anyone that drinks of it. It is a cursed object, and those who seek it for its transformative properties are doomed. It is the cup that was once used to store Rva's essence, and then to transform that essence once drank by Mnr into an amalgamate god. The newly formed God of War Minerva.

Extra Lore Regarding Minerva/The Cup of Nor/The Godslayer
Spoiler: show
Minerva's history is a rather long affair. A legend lost to time and memory. The tale of two gods, twins, created to serve under different domains and yet forever twined through fate. Mnr and Rva, the minor gods of Strategic Warfare and Artful Wisdom. Destined towards hatred of one another. From the moment of creation these two Gods fought one another. A battle that seemed to never end. It raged across the universe, burning bright as dying stars, destroying any and all that came upon their path.

For Mnr was too bloodthirsty for the glory of victory. And Rva too proud to allow their twin to get the upper hand.

It wasn't until the God of Forbidden Knowledge approached that their fighting came to a stall. To each of them this God whispered a secret. Just one, simple, little way to end this battle once and for all. As the forbidden knowledge filled the Gods the binds of Fate began to change. Their chains of destiny unbound, snapping under the weight of this new path. The Gods set aside their battle, just for the moment, and for the first time in eons parted from one another on a new mission.

For Mnr, it was to find the Sword of Eden. For it would be the only way to permanently get the upper hand in their battle. As for Rva, they were on the hunt for an artefact that had long been locked away in the dark depths of the universe; The Cup of Nor would allow Rva to stop Mnr from pursuing this foolish battle further.

It seemed at first as if the God of Forbidden Knowledge had put a stop to the destruction. Though none could determine the reason for their interference. For these items should have been impossible to find. Mnr and Rva would be on the hunt forever.

But that was not the case. For the God of Forbidden knowledge had their own reasons for sending the twin Gods on this never ending journey.

In their quest to find Edens Sword, Mnr found that it was still in the possession of The God of The Forge, who was locked away in a pocket dimension constructed by The Major God of War for crimes against divinity. In order to be allowed access to the Dimension, Mnr, under the dominion of War had to garner the God of Wars favor. Easier said than done. It took several thousand years of grueling tasks and legendary battles fought and won before The God of War finally relented.

Mnr spent much time searching high and low for the God of Wars prison… Mnr was nearly going to give up when finally, as if by fate,, the prison was revealed… Mnr found the God of the Forge, nearly powerless and suffering. Mnr befriended the lonely, imprisoned God, and was eventually told the story of the Sword. The God of Forge had fallen in love with a human, a warrior that lived among the wilds of the earth travelling far and wide, that the God of the Forge watched over for many years. This love burned so bright that the God of the Forge tried to reveal themself to the warrior, to the absolute dismay of many of the other Gods. At this point in history Gods and Humans did not interact. To love truly, love one was taboo. But the love of the God for this human could not be tempered.

But it was dangerous to love, and be loved by a God. The God of the Forge decided then to craft a weapon. A sword that could defend the warrior from any known threat on earth. Even the Gods themselves. This sword was Edens Sword. Named so after the Warrior themself and created with Fates blessings. It burned bright as the love between God and Human, its sharp steel blade consumed by fire as it was wielded.

This was, to the other Gods, a personal attack from the God of the Forge. No human should ever have the power to slay a God. Therefore, the Major God of War stepped in to handle the situation. In a twisted turn of fate, Eden had managed to stab the God of War with the blade before being smote. The wound made by such a weapon could not be healed. It would slowly leak the powers of the God of War throughout the universe until the God ceased to exist altogether. In anger and fear of being usurped for the incurable wound, the God of War locked the God of the Forge away forevermore and hid the truth of their ailment.

After hearing this story from the God of the Forge Mnr was asked one simple favor. One favor and the God of the Forge would use what remained of their power to call the sword back into existence.

Destroy the God of War.

It seemed an impossible task, how could Mnr, a Minor God destroy that which controlled their own domain? The highest tier of their kind. Even wounded a Major God was more dangerous than all of the Minor gods put together.

The God of The Forge however would not relent. Either revenge was taken against the God of War or Mnr would be leaving empty handed.

Mnr accepted their task grimly. Despite knowing that this action would cause chaos within their domain…

Destroying the Major God of War indeed left a rift in the domain, one that caused all those within it to begin fighting one another. Vying for the power left behind.

With the sword in hand Mnr sought out Rva once more. Determined more than ever to end this once and for all. Rva though seemed to have changed after having sought the Cup of Nor. Though they fought once more, chaotic as ever, Rva seemed to be holding back. Finally, Mnr struck Rva with the sword. Spilling the other Gods essence outwards into the universe. Mnr however did not feel victorious, as their own power felt as if it had dimmed at the moment where the blade pierced Rva.

In those final moments of their battle Rva came alive, gathering their own fading power into the cup.

"Mnr, twin of mine, I am defeated." Rva spoke, "But I ask of you one last request, for our fates are bound, and we shall die as one. Drink of my power, consume the essence within, for I no longer need of it."

Mnr, feeling their own power fading, chose to honor the last wish of their twin.

The moment that Mnr drank from the Cup of Nor a great sensation came over the god. A nameless rush of power unlike anything ever felt before. It was ecstasy. Pure. It was overwhelming. Mnr seemed to fall into a void in the aftermath. As if their existence had thinned out into nothing at all. When they awoke, it was not as Mnr. Drinking from the Cup of Nor had seemingly fused the essences of Mnr and Rva together. No longer twin gods bound by fate but rather one god. Mismatched and forced into chains with each other.

They had become one.

From the ashes of their battle they stood anew as Minerva, a new diety. One that contained both War and Wisdom beyond their previous incarnations. Enraged by this new predicament, Minerva raged through the universe. Leaving in their wake a path of destruction and pain like no other. The merging of the two Gods caused the one to become more powerful. On equal footing with the Majors of other Domains. As such, once calmed, Minerva forced their way into the role of the major God of War. Of course the other Gods were not thrilled about this as Minerva had stolen power that did not belong to them. This alone caused many problems, though none of those are relevent today.
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Re: Gods Among Us: Additional Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Venuskyy on Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:33 pm

A few further notes on the Gods

Semi-Immortality, and what that means for the Gods!

For starters, this simply means that they do not die by human means. A god will never get sick, nor diseased, and are usually (but not always) in peak physical condition. They can be injured, but their rate of healing due to the essence inside of them is at a much higher speed. Usually, if the injury does not come from another God, or a weapon meant specifically to injure/kill a God then they can rapidly heal and be fine in no time at all.

That being said, many Gods have their own weapons or artefacts that have been crafted with the intention of causing the maximum amount of damage to another God. Gods can injure and kill each other if they truly want to. The killing of fellow Gods however is a taboo. One that is often punishable by the wrath of the Pantheon. Even the Pantheon refuses to kill a fellow God, often choosing to lock them away until the natural span of the body they are in expires.

On that note, human bodies still age. They are boosted by the essence and can live long lives but that does not stop them from eventually becoming frailer and useless. A God can only do so much to preserve the body.

Elaboration on aging below -

Spoiler: show
As far as aging goes in emerged gods that have chosen human vessels it is fairly simple. The bodies continue to age as normal. The essence within the body acting as a booster. Due to this the humans lifespan is generally much longer than the average. Most live well into and past their 100's. However where death from "old age" is concerned, its actually more that the Essence of the God within the human body will begin to burn out the vessel. Eventually, causing the death of the human body.

So like in this case. What happens if you have too much medicine? A normal dose would heal you. Sustain you. Whatever its intended to do. But take too much and...well. Its almost always more harmful than good. This is how Essence acts in the body.

Gods do not die with the body, they simply return to an essence form and exist in a state of waiting until the next emergence cycle begins.

Abilities and other things.

While all Gods have abilities that relate to their domain, they also all have other abilities outside of their domains. These abilities are shared by all Gods. Such as the semi-immortality. Gods are also able to sense one another when they are near, it is how the Pantheon is usually able to find new Gods as they emerge. The more powerful a God is the bigger their power signature is. The easier it is to find them.

There are however a few ways to limit other Gods from sensing a fellow God. This can be done through very powerful and tricky spellwork. Though it usually requires some form of physical Sacrifice on the Gods part. Or there are a handful of artefacts out there designed by Gods in the domain of Deception and Secrets that are capable of muting a power signature until in close enough range.

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Re: Gods Among Us: Additional Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Venuskyy on Wed Oct 28, 2020 11:22 pm

Further Information On Types Of Gods

Major - This is of course the highest classification for the Gods. Major Gods hold power over the entirety of a domain, and tend to have abilities that surpass those of Minor and Lessers.

Minor - Minor Gods are a secondary classification, more powerful than lesser but not quite on par with Majors. They exist under the Domains of Major Gods, but usually have very specialized roles within those Domains.

Lesser - The lowest classification for a god, lessers tend to be the least powerful of the Gods, and like Minors exist under the Domains of Major Gods. Usually with very specialized roles and abilities that reflect those Domains.

A few examples of more specific "Types" of Gods.

Spoiler: show
Triplicate - These Gods tend to come in three's and though they may all have a particular role in common they do not always have to within the same Domain. An example of Triplicate Gods would be the Fates, who cannot perform their duties without all three of them.

Psychopomps/Liminal/Cyclical - Gods that deal with death or cycles. Often being those that guide the dead to the afterlife. They can also be those that judge those in their final moments. As well as the representations of life cycles.

Celestial/Rustic/Primordial - These Gods represent the cosmological bodies of the universe. The sun, the moon, the sky, stars so on and so forth. They can also be seen as Primordial Gods, or those that have aided in creation.

Personifications/Civilized - These Gods are often numerous, more minor deities, who are usually aspects of human existence and emotion. Gods that rule over these personifications tend to be the most common of them all. These Gods can also represent craft concepts such as the God of the Hearth.

Tutelary - These Gods are guardians. A broad concept that generally includes a few different meanings. Firstly, deities. Such as those that hold Domain over more specific aspects of the world, rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, and the likes. Another would be the personal guardians of certain creatures, species, and beings.

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