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Gods Among Us: The Godslayer

Gods Among Us: World Species

a part of “Gods Among Us: The Godslayer”, a fictional universe by Venuskyy.

For longer than anyone can remember the Gods have been a staple of everyday life in our world. The ultimate gift upon a human would be to become a God and with that gift came the vastly familiar human emotion; jealousy.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Gods Among Us: The Godslayer”.
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Gods Among Us: World Species

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Venuskyy on Mon Aug 24, 2020 3:46 pm

Gods Among Us: Supernatural Species
Disclaimer: "Though these are a few of the more commonly found Supernatural Species in this world, there are many, many more that are not shown in any records. More obscure Species, or ones that are specific to their country of origin. Some are even offshoots of the ones listed here, and some are lumped together under one general term."

Image Vampires, Upyrs, and Dhampirs

Vampires tend to have a higher population in European and Asian countries. Though it isn't rare to see them in the Americas. Vampires tend to run in groups, either known as families, or covens, and choose a new nesting place every couple of years or so. Due to the violent nature of a Vampires feeding practices they are viewed badly and considered highly dangerous criminals, no matter what. Even those that abstain from drinking fresh blood, or human blood at all are normally considered bad.

Upyrs and Dhampirs are the offspring of vampires but do not always inherit the vampiric traits. Dhampirs are half human, and therefore living beings. They do not have to consume blood to survive but some do inherit a taste for it. The traits that a Dhampir inherits are entirely up to the individuals genetics and what gets passed along to them. Upyrs are similar, but are the offspring of Vampires and Werewolves. This is generally a volatile mix and fairly rare to come by. Many Upyrs originate from Russia and rarely venture out of their homeland.

ImageWerewolves and Shapeshifters

Werewolves and shapeshifters are commonly found all over the world and are much more accepted than most other supernatural creatures. Due to them being in a human form for most of their lives and only transforming into beasts on the full moon. Though newer werewolves tend to have control issues, once the threat of their first moon has passed most werewolves tend to lose their violent tendencies and are capable of running through the night without worry of harming anyone and winding up hunted down. Werewolves tend to pack together, though other shapeshifters generally do not.

There are generally two types of shapeshifter; human, and animal. Animal shapeshifters tend to be able to turn into animals, much like werewolves. Whether they are stuck in a static form or able to turn into multiple types of animal depends on their genetics. The human kind can generally morph their body into any shape they wish, man, woman, child. They are essentially capable of disguising themselves in any form.

Image Witches, Warlocks, Necromancers, and other Magic Practitioners

Though human in body, these people have generally sold their souls to gain their abilities. Making pacts with dark forces, demons, or even Gods. Magic has such a wide variety of applications and those that use it are known by many names. Its usually up to the practitioner to decide who and what they may be called. Though most stick to the typical Witch or Warlock. They can be found nearly anywhere in the world, and they tend to stick close to one another. The market for Witchcraft is in high demand at all times, and many magic practitioners run their own shops where they sell potions and spells to nearly anyone. Due to their more human nature they are very rarely outcasted. Only the darkest of them, those that dabble in black magic or the dead are considered a threat.

ImageSpirits, Entities, Poltergeists, and Other Non Animate Dead

The dead are highly revered in most societies but that does not often stop them from sticking around after death. Whether it be unfinished business, a grudge, or the act of a Necromancer, there are simply times when the dead don't stay dead. This usually isn't a problem unless the spirit is angry. Poltergeists are the most problematic types, but regular spirits tend to just be those that are stuck for some reason or another. Expelling spirits from a home is a common practice for Witches, though sometimes its their fault that a Spirit exists in the first place.

ImageGods, Essences

As far as gods go there are generally thought to be three types - Major, Minor, and Lesser. These types depend on their dominions. A God of War would be major, his dominion isn't categorized into a smaller sub-type but encompasses an entire idea. Minor gods would fall just below that and are more specialized, though they have a more broad scope of power than Lesser Gods, a Minor War God would be something like a God that has Dominion over, for example, Insurgency, Rebellions, or Blood Feuds. Lesser Gods tend to be even further sub-types. The lower down the totem pole a God is the less abilities they may have.

Gods that are not emerged are an Essence, invisible to the human eye but sometimes capable of being seen by or speaking directly with emerged gods. They communicate with humans and other supernatural species through dreams and omens, but cannot directly interfere in the physical world.

"If you wish to submit your own species please post below in this format."

Code: Select all
[left][img]250x250 pic here[/img][/left][font=times][/b]Species Name(s)[/b][/font]

Description Here[/font]

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Re: Gods Among Us: World Species

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ on Sat Sep 05, 2020 2:44 am


When gods emerge from essence they overtake a human, often one that was either offered or chosen at random. Yet there exist five gods with predestined forms: War, Conquest, Famine, Death, and in the right conditions, Pestilence. No matter how many times they emerge, they always take on the reincarnation of their previous vessel. It's unclear why or how Horsemen came into existence; however, their driving force is simple. They seek to end the world, to be harbingers of the Apocalypse. Any goals or motivations that their vessel once had become influenced by their desire to form a coalition. All of their attempts have failed so far, but it is theorized that should they succeed, the curse may finally end; however the Pantheon is not willing to fall so easily.

It's generally accepted that all Horsemen possess nigh immortality, a form of emotional feasting (i.e. the ability to sustain and gain power from feeding off certain emotions), and the ability to summon their steed. Any other powers will be dependent on the Horseman's domain.

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Re: Gods Among Us: World Species

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ivisbo on Mon Sep 14, 2020 11:01 am


Salvaxe, God of Beasts, was created when the balance between humans and beasts tipped in favor of man. With his power to take any shape, even a humans form, Salvaxe serves as the bridge between the advancement of man and the tenacity of beasts. Shapeshifters were created by him, given his powers so that they could live in both worlds. Being one of the few species that belong to both, they are tasked by Salvaxe to bridge the gap and live in the middle.

Historically Shapeshifters live in small groups on the outskirts of human civilizations and wilderness. They are called upon when conflict arises between humans and beasts- when a flock of sheep is killed, when a tree that was the home of hundreds is cut down. Though they are meant as peacekeepers, human expansion and ferocity tipped most Shapeshifters towards being protectors of beasts. Their numbers fell as they fought against human development and they are now considered rare.

Modern Shapeshifters either live with humans, using their many forms to their advantage within cities, or solely in the wilderness. Shapeshifters have the ability to take on any animal form that they know, but many have preferences based on familial lineage and the habitat they were raised in.Some Shapeshifters prefer one single form, some stick to specific biological families, while others will happily shift into anything asked of them.

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Re: Gods Among Us: World Species

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby leisurelyatwar on Wed Sep 30, 2020 10:24 pm

Naiads and Dryads

Naiads and Dryads were originally a species who looked after the forests, and the rivers, and the valleys, and the lakes.They served the gods, the naiads the water deities and the dryads the natures ones. Over the years it evolved, becoming more of a practice than just a species. Most communities accept any species who is female-identifying to join them if they wish to serve the gods and practice their traditions. Notoriously reclusive, it is rare to see either a naiad or dryad living outside of their own communities.

ImageSpecies Notes

Both naiads and dryads can only conceive kin of female sex. They are able to mate with any species, though they can not conceive hybrids their offspring may take on personality traits associated with the fertilizer’s species. While they only accept those who identify as women from other species to join their communities, it is very common for those of naiad ancestry to be trans or nonbinary and identify as otherwise. All children are raised by the entire community and often within multi-family homes. Most children grow up with at least 3 full time parents, and some times as many as 6. Their children are considered sacred. Some communities still believe to serve their gods they must offer a child as their vessel once a century, though many have phased this practice out.


Often living along bodies of water, they are not as easily secluded - though some communities make their own island sometimes by tying houseboats together, or a network of tree houses over a river in a dense jungle. Their skin quickly develops a thin scale-like layer when exposed to water that protects their skin and helps regulate their temperature so they are never cold in water. Additionally they are able to breathe underwater and see clearly providing there is light. Their skin and hair are naturally exceptionally moisturized, often giving a natural dewy look.


Dryads occupy many different types of terrains. Some live in mountains, others prairies or jungles. They are much more elusive than their naiad counterparts, very innovative with the design of their communities. Among nature, they are able to blend in with their surroundings creating a chameleon effect, which is another reason why they are so much more difficult to spot than a naiad. Transversely they’re easily able to track others through their own domain with relative ease. Their skin has an additional layer that protects them from sun damage, dirt and exposure. Many prefer to walk around barefoot, some even falling asleep right on a soft patch of dirt and yet they’re never dirty.

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