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Good Evening, Monsters! Good Evening, Abe!

Good Evening, Monsters! | The tldr Thread.

a part of “Good Evening, Monsters! Good Evening, Abe!”, a fictional universe by Wudgeous.

"No, son, nothing so droll as a combating an apocalypse or fighting a war. It's just a job offer." <Open and Accepting! :)>

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Good Evening, Monsters! Good Evening, Abe!”.
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Good Evening, Monsters! | The tldr Thread.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Wudgeous on Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:46 pm

Link to the RP tab is helpfully up above! :) Thank you, RPGateway!


This is where I shove things that most people won't necessarily have the attention span for. It won't have anything life-threateningly important, but when stuff comes up, it'll give me the option of directing you here.

Upcoming stuff may include:
  • goofy vocabulary!
  • Locations and NPC sheets!
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Re: Good Evening, Monsters! | The tldr Thread.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Wudgeous on Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:19 pm


Part One.
(June 13th-23rd)

HELP IT GROW, GUYS!! <3333333
(And ah, I'm sure you can tell, but I write the more strangely worded questions myself. I'm not being pestered by some freak, don't worry. xD)

General Knowhow

The world. What's it like?
It's just like ours was! Teen pop on the rise, grunge movements, yellow smiley faces, the most epic of cartoons!

Main difference between IRL land and rp realm is this: the existence of the supernatural. Their influence is very, very behind the scenes, however, and not many people know about vampires and witches and whatever. Many people won't believe it even if they did. Those that DO believe tend to be fanatics and nutjobs and weirdo cultist fangirls.
As such, there's no real threat or consequence for you, supernaturals, until you get caught killing someone. Then you're just sorta screwed, as any human would be. Which sucks, because some of us need to kill to survive, right?
As such, vampires in particular tend to stick together, forming groups and guilds and organizations, helping to clean each other's messes, helping get rid of the "bad seeds" who would give their race a bad name.

The organization/job/whatever. What is it?
The best comparison I have is, indeed, Charlie's Angels. <:| The Angels work for Charlie. Charlie tells them to do things. I assume they get paid, but they still have their normal lives. Pretty sure Charlie often refers to the Angels as "his," which is supposed to be in a fatherly way, but I'm kind of twisting the concept and making it legit possession of people, as if they were objects. (This would be in Abe's mind; the Monsters might not necessarily think they are OWNED despite the contract and death threat and the everything).
WHY does Charlie's Angels Charlie employ them? To further his own agenda, I'd imagine. He happens to have a very noble agenda; save things he finds to be important (like the world and innocent people).
The Angels' jobs are just to be Angels. They do what they're told, and though often they'll know why they're doing it. Save the world, save everyone. Manipulate events for the best possible outcome. Make Charlie happy.
Likewise, Monsters' jobs are just to be Monsters. Kill things, wreak havoc when necessary, and otherwise manipulate events for the "best" outcome. Make Abe happy.
Sometimes Charlie has people contact him, needing the assistance of his Angels to further their agenda. He helps them if he feels like it. Same for Abe. WOOP WOOP! (\/)(o,,,,o)(\/)

Wait, Wudge! Won't our heroes have some potentially heavy supplies? No base of operations or such, or even a place to drop off their bags?
This is why you should always travel light, son!! You're flying to work, not to cruise around on vacation. So no, no base, unless someone suggests it to Abe. Then maybe a base. (But even then they'll be traveling all around the world for missions, so idk what good a static base would do haha).
Still, a character can always book a hotel, if he/she desires it. I'm sure not stopping them. :P

Soooo, among humans, are supernatural beings accepted or widely hidden?
Among Abe's priorities is making sure humans don't panic from finding out about how supernatural things exist and are killing on a daily basis. Because the human population is this:
They see on the news that some people died. No big, people die all the time. They see on the news that some people died from being attacked by a giant crocodile? SHIT, THAT MONSTER NEEDS TO BE KILLED! WHY AREN'T THE POLICE DOING ANYTHING? HOLY CRAP BIG DEAL!!! LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT IT SHOULDN'T EXIST RSMSFDKLERRAAAAAAGH!

Thus, many times, the assigned goal of a mission will ultimately have an undertone of promoting ignorance to avoid a giant panic (a la Witch Trials), not lessening the number of innocent victims. (YOU can think Abe wants that if you wanna, because he won't tell you his motivations for each mission. But really, he doesn't care much about innocents, your paycheck will be fine.)
Not to say there aren't some circles of humans knowledgeable about supernaturals though. These circles are allowed to exist (usually) because they keep quiet and don't throw their information into the media, or else are not really taken seriously outside hardcore fans, what with the emergence of photomanipulation and the internet.

Of course, this isn't to say a supernatural has never been on the news before. It's happened. Several times! It's a great big fad for a few weeks and... then forgotten outside archives. Why? Well, people just don't take these things all that seriously. The world's not going to get turned on its head just because a witch does a couple magic tricks on TV. There will always be the naysayers and the callous... and of course, people like Abe making sure the witch will be disappearing forever after the stunt.

Will it matter where they are currently living in relation to the start of the RP?
The technical answer is no, it doesn't matter too terribly, in that the OCs will have to travel around regardless of their permanent residence. Flight tickets will be more expensive for some than for others, but don't worry, Abe's got ya covered. If you call him and complain.

"That Ebenezer is such a loser. Can I kill him?"
Wh--Why would you do that...? :( He's so nice to you!
Sure, I guess you could. It's not like he can't keel over any given moment from being mauled, being stabbed, or choking on anchovies. Only problem is that he's also the plot mule. If you kill him, I would have to make a new plot mule lest the roleplay come to a halt. So, for now, no you may not, madam. >:|

Vampire-Specific Questions:

Because vampires don't necessarily have to kill their victims, I don't believe. Especially diligent and ~chivalrous~ ones could probably get their feed from multiple sources in shorts amount of time, so as to not bleed anybody TOO dry. Like a mosquito would.
But that's probably a very stupid thing to do if one values longevity and discretion. We can't all be mosquitoes. :'(

"About them vampires drinking blood. You keep using the term 'eat,' you tardy face. You suck at English, si?"
Well, maybe. But vampires do eat... flesh. It's a more common occurrence in modern times; because in the olden days, they would bite no deeper/more than the usual two marks to be sneaky. But welp, people discovered the marks and figured them out anyways, and it's since become awful widespread knowledge. Many vampires now have no problem just ripping apart someone's neck or limb and eating whatever was in the way. Still, there are old-fashioned losers who leave the traditional two point mark, to be... I dunno, chivalrous or some shit.

It's not particularly important, but do vampires still have their sense of taste? Can they enjoy food, and drink? And do they feel the need for both of those, or is their hunger only sated with blood?
Sure they can enjoy it! Why the hell not? They just get bloated as easily as girls during their menstrual cycles. Besides, blood is much tastier (in the case of fullbloods, they have no tastes to miss, since they'd most likely be bred on blood). Hunger is sated most effectively by blood, but blood also prevents the body from weakening. Normal food doesn't give them energy, weighs them down if anything.
Vampires can stave off their need for blood with animal blood, yes, but it's not as good in multiple ways. (Though, maybe some vampire scientist has discovered a very nutritious animal, who knows? Probably a species of monkey. I'm sure it won't be easy to access though, even for the ungodly rich.)

What about Vampiric abilities? Can they develop different abilities with time? I can't think of anything right off the bat, but some older vampires have the ability to mesmerise their prey by looking at them, controlling their thoughts to mild degrees and paralysing them.
Sure thing! But probably not mesmerizing, unless you're just so distracted by those old people lines on their faces....... I mean, whatever though, so long as you can make it logically sound. Claws work, if you're a woman and enjoy scratching people, they'll eventually be prompted to grow and harden. Filing them nicely is up to the individuals. Basically, it's partially an evolution thing and partially a honed thing.
Abe's mastered this paralysis business though: karate chop the spine.

Werewolf-Specific Questions:

Will the werewolf only have the ability to transform every full moon, every night, or at will? Or wait, I think I just read in the description "full moon." Is there going to be a subsequent full moon every night, since there's only one or two during a month.
Very experienced weres can change at will and control it dandy enough; but change will always happen during a full moon whether they want it to happen or not. Full moon transformations can cause them to be more wild and less sensible than usual, probably because full moons are their mating "season" or some nonsense.[/quote]

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Re: Good Evening, Monsters! | The tldr Thread.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Wudgeous on Mon Jul 09, 2012 3:38 pm

Q: So, that ignoring thing you were talking about on the tab....
Ah, yes. Let me explain. The ignoring thing is only a sin on a player level. Compare:

"Jacob punched Mary in the arm and told her about his day."
"Mary wandered off to see how far along the washing machine had gotten."

"Jacob punched Mary in the arm and told her about his day."
"Okay, that HURT. Rubbing her arm with a sneer, Mary decided not to say anything to the oaf, and wandered off to see how far along the washing machine had gotten."

The first one is BAD. Mary's roleplayer is not being a good roleplayer. I could honestly kick said roleplayer in the face unless they honestly didn't see Jacob's post.

So, why do I prefer the second one when Mary is still basically ignoring Jacob? Because the player is not ignoring someone else's post. An alternative (for those absentminded characters) could be
"Mary might have reacted to Jacob's teasing, but her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of that job promotion John was talking about. In a daze, she wandered off to see how far along the washing machine had gotten."

So long as there's an IC reaction at all, even if the reaction is ignoring the other character, that's fine. :) Silently expressing an opinion (however derogatory) is eons better than.... oh, I don't know.... having your character conveniently "zone out" so that you don't have to respond to someone who'd taken the time trying to interact with them.

And there you go! Hope that helped. <3

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