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I've got my life in a suitcase. {ooc&su}

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I've got my life in a suitcase. {ooc&su}

Postby Lavender on Tue Mar 16, 2010 1:20 pm

Inspired by this song

I'm ready to run run run away.

Hannah and Grace-Ann were the only two children born to Janice and Dave Montgomery. Hannah was the youngest, and Grace-Ann two years her elder. Their mother worked as a waitress for a Thai restaurant near the house, and their father... well, let's just say he did all of his work from the sofa. Most every penny brought into the house was spent on his alcoholism; therefore, physical and verbal abuse was normal. He had threatened to kill Janice many times, bringing out knives and trying to scare the kids. Sometimes he was drunk, sometimes he wasn't, you could never really tell. The thing was, nobody was brave enough to turn him in after the numerous times he threatened them. Fear kept them prisoners.

One night, when Hannah was sixteen and Grace-Ann was about to turn eighteen, their dad came at Hannah. Janice was at work, and wouldn't be home till late. Grace-Ann came downstairs to find her younger sister pinned to the refrigerator, being held up by her neck. She lunged at her dad, trying to get him off of Hannah; he just dropped the younger girl and turned to Grace-Ann, cursing and shoving her to the floor. He got down and straddled her before she could scoot away, his hands wreathing about her neck. A moment later, he was on the floor, unconscious... Hannah had smashed his own bottle of whiskey over his head. She was shaking. They were both shocked.

They had to get out of there. They went upstairs, packed their bags, and took what was left of the cash in their dad's wallet, along with what they had saved up themselves. They went to the bus station, and caught a ride to the farthest place they could get for the cheapest price. It took them to Ackerly, Texas, a small town with a population of only 300 people. They got a cheap motel room for the night, and in the morning went out looking for work. The only experience they had was in cooking and serving, so the only option was really the local diner. The owner, Sammy Wyatt, and his son Lucas, offered them the job. Hannah could wait the tables, and Grace-Ann was in the kitchen. While they are there, they begin to develop relationships with the Wyatts, and the diner regulars. After a month, they fit right in as if they'd lived there their whole lives. But what will happen when their father comes looking for them?

Main Roles:
Grace-Ann Montgomery - 18 - Lavender
Hannah Montgomery - 16 - SilentButterflies
Lucas Wyatt - 19 - Imagine That!
Jake Lewis, a diner regular - 17 - wednesdaysun

Other Characters:
Jacey Layne Walker - 20 - DreamingForever
Kyle Jo Walker - 3 - DreamingForever

Sammy Wyatt - 43
Dave Montgomery - 41
Janice Montgomery - 36

You may have a character from Ackerly. But I won't be accepting a million of them. I like smaller groups.

Character Skeleton:
Code: Select all
[right][img]URL of picture goes here. Realistic only. don't make the pics TOO huge.[/img][/right][size=85][justify][b]Name:[/b] first, middle, last.
[b]Nicknames:[/b] what do you go by?
[b]Gender:[/b] only goes two ways.
[b]Age:[/b] it's provided.

[b]Physical description:[/b] nothing too extravagant.

[b]Personality:[/b] be brief. let things come out in the story.
[b]Likes:[/b] minimum five.
[b]Dislikes:[/b] minimum five.
[b]Hobbies:[/b] minimum three.
[b]Fears:[/b] minimum three.
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Ooo, may I reserve Hannah please? :] I'm so loving the idea <3

Name: Hannah Montgomery
Nicknames: Han, sometimes Monty.
Gender: Female.
Age: Sixteen.

Physical description: Standing at a height of approximately 5'5", Han has a slender, almost skinny built frame and a porcelain complexion, her features looking a little dainty and kind of doll-like.
Framing her oval shaped face are straight locks of light chestnut brown hair that hang to just above her shoulders, a heavily side-swept fringe reaching just below her eyebrows, underneath that a pair of deep olive green eyes. Further down her usually nude face, are a pair of thin pale lips and you'll often find Hannah with no make-up on at all, or maybe a touch of natural colour here and there.
As for clothes though, Monty likes to wear things that are a little off the wall, but because of and her sister's quick departure from home, she doesn't have nearly as many items of clothing as she used to so you'll often find her dressed in similar things but styling them differently.

Personality: Monty's a reasonably quiet girl that doesn't have much to say for herself at the best of times. She's rather thoughtful and likes to sit back and contemplate what's going on in her mind before she comes out and speaks, making her a little bit of a shrinking violet and almost timid in character.
Always preferring to sit back in the shadows rather than taking the limelight, Han speaks more with facial expressions and gestures than she does with her voice and you'll often find her emotions if you look deep enough into her eyes. Other than that though, in terms of knowing what she's thinking you probably most of the time won't have a clue. The only time you might catch a glimmer of something is if Hannah feels comfortable enough around you to open up. And if she does you might even find a completely different person, a girl that likes to laugh, smile and just generally have fun.
Always the gentle soul though, the brunette does share a love for everyone and nearly everything; she's definitely more of an optimist and likes to see the brighter side of life. When she can.
- Orange Juice
- A good book
- Writing, particularly poetry, or sometimes songs.
- Music, usually rock or classical.
- Flowers; her favourite's are poppies.
- Her father
- Alcohol
- Feeling afraid and vulnerable
- Pickled eggs
- Fizzy pop
Hobbies: Writing, doodling and she's been known to go through the odd phase of taking photographs.
Fears: Her father, people finding out about what she did and spiders.

Finished! :3
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Name: Grace-Ann Montgomery
Nicknames: Gracie, Grace, or just Grace-Ann.
Gender: Female
Age: About to be eighteen.

Physical description: Grace stands at a height of around five feet seven or eight inches, give or take. She is slender, having average curves for a person of her small build. She has just past shoulder length chocolate brown hair, that's naturally pretty straight, with bangs that sweep across her brow. Her skin tone is rather even, if not on the more pale side, with rosy cheeks in hot and cold weather that she despises. She has hazel-green eyes, framed by long lashes, a small nose surrounded by a few light freckles, and pinkish lips.

Personality: Grace-Ann can be rather reserved, not opening up to practically anybody. She believes love covers, and she is determined to protect Hannah; there's where her motherly fierceness arises. Their whole lives, she's been looking after her little sister, where her parents didn't do a very good job. As a child, she was loving and carefree, but when her father developed an alcoholic addiction, she began to slowly lose that childlike innocence and joyful disposition. She grew almost bitter, loathing her father with every fiber in her being, despite the agony it caused her; after all, he was her father, and she knew that the man he had become, this abusive monster, was not who he really was. She hates wearing her heart on her sleeve, and despises crying in front of people. She is sardonic, and tries to keep a positive attitude, but that never really works. She'll really only joke around with you once she can trust you. She loves to laugh, but hasn't in a long time.
  • Warm weather
  • Disney movies
  • Nutella
  • Watermelon flavored gum
  • The color white
  • Music, and learning how to play instruments
  • Messy rooms
  • Cats
  • Blood
  • Guys who put on too much cologne
  • Inconsideration
  • The color red
Hobbies: Taking people's pictures, singing when she's alone, making pancakes.
  • Ophidiophobia - fear of snakes
  • Cynophobia - fear of dogs
  • Aphenphosmphobia - fear of being touched (only slightly)
  • Agraphobia - fear of abuse

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Ooo, save me Lucas? I luuurve that name for a character <3

-- could I also, if allowed the spot, change the spelling of his namee? I'll be good :)
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Imagine That!
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Glad you guys came. :) If you could post partial character sheets on your first posts, that'd be great, so we can have all the profiles on the first page and we don't have to hunt for them.

Yeah, you can change it Imagine. haha
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Lucas Christian Wyatt

Luke, or sometimes even Luca to those who are close to him



Physical description:
With his dark chestnut locks and his grey eyes framed with dark lashes, Lucas is really quite popular with the ladies, who are only interested in the appearance of a guy. His hair is usually ruffled in a wind swept sort of way, and he rarely combs it, because he doesn't really see much of a reason to. The guy stands at about 5'11, and he likes being around that normal height. It's not too tall for the ladies, but he's not small enough to be ridiculed about at work and in college; where he studies music and sports. He's not very muscular either, but then again he isn't scrawny. Again, he's almost a perfect weight for someone of his age. His clothing is usually casual, jeans and some sort of t-shirt, accessory and jacket. Although, sometimes he'll wear skinny jeans, and his trade mark looks has to be the black hoodie under the black leather jacket.

Personality: Another <3
Lucas is what people usually label as a womanizer; the kind of guy that girls want, and have, and get used by, and then mourn but still want. He gets around a lot with most of the girls in the town, and he just doesn't go for those that society deems ugly and for that, he stays away from them. He's been with most of the popular girls in his college, used them and dumped them, but people still want to be with him. There's something there inside him that keeps him doing this sort of thing, even though he doesn't enjoy it much himself. He just wants to be a normal guy, but since he's got into this act, he can't get out of it. So, he just keeps picking up a new girl every couple of weeks, and soon they're apart and he's moving on.

But when he's not feeling up to that, he's usually a nice guy. He's the kind of guy that a friend can go to to make them laugh when they're down, or to go out partying with them when they're in a rave sort of mood. Honestly, he's a good guy. But it's just the image that he has on that's the bad part.

English tea
Sweet smelling things; especially perfume
TV programmes like Supernatural, or Warehouse 13
Driving fast cars
Laying in the field opposite the diner at night, looking up at the stars
Music - he plays the guitar
His iPod

ø Lemons
ø Citrus smelling things
ø Screamo music
ø Nightmares
ø Headaches
ø Arguments - real ones, play ones are okay
ø When someone that he cares about is hurt, sad or angry
ø Having to be on dustbin duty

Playing guitar and piano
Soccer, but it has to be in school. He doesn't really play outside school
Womanizing - picking up a girl is always a good release, even though certain people wouldn't agree with him.

Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders
Coulrophobia - Fear of clowns
Coimetrophobia - Fear of cemeteries
Aichmophobia- Fear of needles

Right now, the girl in his life is a seventeen year old girl called Marion, but he's planning to ditch her soon. Sounds harsh, but it's true...

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Imagine That!
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Looking good, Imagine!

And PS, is there something else you go by? :) You guys can call me Des/Destiny. Lavender's kind of a mouthful...
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Woopness ^^ I prefer the second picture to the first, but it was too big to usee T_T

So is Imagine That! :) so you can call me Dee//Deanna.
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Imagine That!
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One Hannah finished. :] I'm loving how she and Grace really do look like sisters too. xD

Oh and you guys can call me Becca. ><
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May Lucus have a little sister tht I could play?
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I'm just going to keep it as just Sammy and Lucas. And I'd really like to fill up the main parts before I allow others, sorry! :3

And Becca, accepted. Haha, yeah they do! I picked out the picture and I was like "wow... how ironic." xD
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Majorly interested in that last spot you have. :)
May I take Jake? (Hey, that rhymed!)
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Your spot's reserved, Lee! c:

My profile is done, just to let you all know. <B

Once Lee is done with Jake's profile, I'll try and get up an IC.
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I'mma going to bed now, so I'll post tomorrow.
Ooh, Becca - I've given up posting in Together/Meant to Be tonight. My brain has gone all frazzleds.
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Imagine That!
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Name: Jacob Leigh Lewis
Nicknames: Jake or Leigh.
Gender: Male.
Age: Seventeen

Physical description: Jake isn't necessarily the shady-looking diner regular. No. But he does wear black hoodies which make people think otherwise. He occasionally wears decent clothes like a nice dress shirt or simply a nice graphic tee. He is very fond of sneakers, and everyone gets to see when he stretches to full length in the booth seats. The booth doesn't seem to be enough though, as he is almost six feet tall and is a big boy, having a good body structure, broad and lean, since the booth seat can only take as much.
When he talks to someone, the first thing you'd notice are his dark brown eyes, and how mischievous or sincere he can make them look. Yes, Blondie here is very good at convincing people, except for the people he already knows. They know his tricks. Well, not all of them. When he has tricks up his sleeve, he'd be glad to make a mysteriously funny face. When he is caught in the act, though, it's quite noticeable. You see, he flushes easily. Big hint for the girls.

Personality: Jake is comparable to Puck of The Midsummer Night's Dream, except maybe he doesn't really have an Oberon to follow around. He's a free spirit and enjoys good company and, most especially, laughing. Or making people laugh, for the matter. He loves pulling pranks, but he knows when enough's enough. If you show him any sign of weakness, he'd most likely run over to you and wonder what's wrong, worry about you and wonder if it was his fault. Even though he may be the resident prankster, it doesn't mean that this guy hasn't got heart.

Likes: Sour bubble gum, tennis, writing (yes, he does write), pulling pranks, making people smile, frozen yoghurt, video games, skateboarding around the place, running errands, all sorts of music, coffee, cigarettes
Dislikes: Cheesy '80s ballads, screaming at people, noise, the smell of roses, people with superiority and inferiority complexes, mocha cake, Brokeback Mountain
Hobbies: Writing short stories, doing some volunteer work over at the orphanage, playing pranks, tutoring
Fears: Being left alone, not being able to find anyone, losing inspiration
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Darn. I just found this and all spots are taken. >.> Well if I could become a regular at the diner, that'd be awesome. If not, I'm ok with that too. ^_^ It's really your choice.
The name seems rather ironic if I’m an insomniac, doesn’t it? :3
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Junebaby and Dreaming, you may play people from Ackerly/diner regulars. :) I'm going to have the IC up tonight, I think.

Lee, accepted! <B
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Yay! :D Thaaankies, Des.
Can't wait for this to start! :>
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Should I post CS or no?
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Yes please.
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