Greetings! From one writer to all others

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Greetings! From one writer to all others

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby BeachedWhale on Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:50 am

So. I used to roleplay all over the place we call the internet. Last night, in a bout of nostalgia I went through some of my saved documents on this laptop. How I wish I still had the rest of my RP works and collaborations...then tonight, a similar mood struck, so I literally googled "oneworldroleplay" to try and hack into my old accounts, all memory of passwords lost. Site is no more, a shame. RolePlayer.Me seems to still be kicking, but again, my brain is fuzzy about logins.

I still have a few FaceBook accounts for roleplay that have gone to the wayside, my friends no longer active. You name it, I was there. MySpace, One World, Fan-Fic, on IMDb message boards...even way back when on MSN Messenger.

Then, I found an article about how roleplay had gone mainstream. Sad how the links in the article to Facebook groups were no longer valid, then the article gave a shout out to something called "Roleplay Gateway." What is this magic?

Then, I paid this place a visit. And this is honestly pretty awesome! I've been feeling the itch lately, especially since one of my RP buddies has published their first novel (very cool!!!) recently. I still dream of that for myself, or perhaps a screenplay, but nevertheless...this site looks very promising and I only wish I had found it sooner. I began RP in 2007.

Any tips would be appreciated, and I hope to make friends here and share our muses and world-building together. Am I able to play as multiple characters here? How limited is the profile creation? I have tried and dismissed some characters, grown fond of others, and kept a familiar few for the most part in my RP life. It is very neat how there are sub forums for locations and whatnot. I would love to pop in and say hi, meet new creative characters and dive into this site! Spark my muse..........

If anyone wants to see some of my stuff, let me know, but any starting points would be appreciated. I would really like to have a hub for all my characters that I still care to play as. It's been a while since I've gotten serious, but part of that was always finding enough of a footing and friend base.

In closing, thanks for this site. My name is Jonathan. I'm approaching year thirty, myself. Let's have some fun!

Write about your family,
write about the talking whale,
the one trapped in your imagination,
desperate to get out. -J.M. Barrie

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