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Gundam Pilot Academy - AC 220

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Re: Gundam Pilot Academy - AC 220

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kaevek on Tue Nov 18, 2008 9:56 pm

As the beam is shot out towards the cluttered meteor packs, a craft would be seen shooting away from behind one of the large floating rocks just in time to avoid the shot. It seems to be a carrier rather than a Gundam itself, an unmarked carrier ship with seemingly no arms. It makes its way further away from the crumbling space station, moving parallel with the caravan making its way out of the station to get the students and faculty to safety.

The ship would quickly take a sharp turn to the left, moving to plow in between two caravan ships--but just as it comes close, a large, obsidian colored mobile suit would burst from the side of the ship out towards the caravan, leaving an exploding carrier behind. The explosion manages to take out two of the many caravan ships, which was primarily carrying supplies rather than people, as well as many meteorites that could've been used as cover--but instead making new cover which would be the debree of the two ships.

The mobile suit vanishes after a few seconds of zipping around in odd patterns in the middle of all of the debree--this caravan is not safe.

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Re: Gundam Pilot Academy - AC 220

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:40 am

The Red Alert had sounded throughout the Nahal Rysen. The entire crew, now in Normal Suits, were at their stations. Eota had his eyes closed as he road the lift up, his feet floating slightly above the floor. Due to the design of the ship, the primary Mega Particle Cannons were located on the two ends of the Gravity Block. To reduce the size of a target, it had been accustomed to have these two sections retract into the ship, giving it a sleeker shape. Gravity within the ship was then reduced to zero. Commander Teir was on his way to meet up with his team, and part of the Captain wished that he was right there behind him. Han Richards, his mentor and friend, warned him that the life of a Captain was much different than that of a pilot. Eota wondered if part of that was why Ethan insisted Kiyoshi stay dead.

The doors to the bridge slid open and Eota pushed himself as hard as he could through the opening. “Status report!”

“Our first barrage has missed,” came the Tactical officer.

“I want tactical data overlapped on the live feed,” Eota took his seat in the large Captain's chair in the center of the bridge, “Estimated capabilities of enemy vessel?”

“Inconclusive at this moment, Captain. We believe it to be a carrier of some sort, but it's speed is a bit surprising,” said the Science Officer.

“Move us in between the enemy and the Academy vessel, what's it's status?”

“It's holding together, students and faculty are evacuating to the escape pods, awaiting orders to abandon ship,” said the Communications Officer.

“There's no reason why she would fall apart from the previous attack,” Eota said bringing his right hand to his chin. “I suppose its time we go through our usual speech, eh?”

Eota cleared his throat as he stood to his feet, “Open all Communication channels,” Eota waited for his officer to give him the signal. His eyes narrowed, jaw tightened. His back and shoulders were straight and proud.

“All channels are open, Captain.”

“This is Eota Mars, Captain of the Nahal Rysen of the Joint Operations Task Force: Vanguard Prime. You are in direct violation of both Earth and Colonial Protocols and Mandates. Under International Law and guidelines, I must encourage you to disengage your weaponry and surrender your mobile suit. Any aggressive manner will be dealt with appropriately and will be left to the discretion of Vanguard Prime operatives.”

Eota gave the signal to cut the communication and then sat back down.

“Captain, Commander Tier is asking for permission to engage,” said the Communication's Officer.

“Permission Granted.” A smile crept across the young Captain's face.


“Spectre Team, report in,” said Commander Tier as he moved quickly through space. The drop off on the ship had taken a bit longer than he would have liked, but there didn't seem to be much that he had to worry about. His enemy wasn't too bright it seemed. There was no caravan to worry about, no escape pods had even been launched at this time. No station had taken any sort of hit, as there was no station for several hundred kilometers. It was nothing more than a simple escort. Well, as simple as being escorted by one of the most advanced warships being commanded by one of the most experienced soldiers at this time, and having the support of a supposedly dead super soldier didn't hurt things, Ethan thought to himself.

“Pursuing the enemy vessel at this point,” came Tamwell.

“Damn that thing can move,” added Lieutenant Harold, call-sign Spectre 3.

“We have permission to engage,” Ethan said bringing his beam rifle up, “I repeat, permission to engage.”

“Roger that Spectre Leader,” replied Lieutenant Morrison, call-sign Spectre 4, “Moving in to engage.”

The four moved into a diamond formation, Commander Tier in the rear due to arriving late. The blue verniers, were all that could be distinctively made out from afar. “Fire at will,” said Commander Tier as he began to open fire. “Break formation and let's take this thing down!” The four Mobile Suits broke off from each other, using the various sized asteroids (that shouldn't have been there to begin with) as cover.
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Re: Gundam Pilot Academy - AC 220

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ace on Sat Nov 22, 2008 12:20 am

Alec ran through the halls again, most of the students were already in the hangar, so it was an uneventful run. He stopped when he saw Christine. "Hey, you ready to get to the ship?" He said holding out his hand to her with a smile.

Christine was startled out of her panic attack when Alec spoke. She managed a meek nod, taking his hand and squeezing it so hard she was sure she heard a finger or two pop. She decided to stick close to him, not wanting to get separated again.

Alec walked her to the shuttle and looked off to the side, he didn't see any of the staff manning the mobile suits. He stopped and looked through the crowd, eyeing the shuttle. It needed an escort, especially considering the circumstances. He looked at Christine with a small smile. "I need you to do something for me..."

“Some…thing? What?” Christine looked at Alec curiously.

"I need you to go ahead and get on the shuttle, okay? Don't ask any questions... there’s just something I’ve got to do, okay?" He said, releasing her hand.

“What? No! You said you wouldn’t after earlier..” Christine sputtered, suddenly remembering the panic she was supposed to be feeling. “Please..”

Alec approached the nearest mobile suit, and climbed in, then patched himself into the PA system of the school, just to make sure everyone could hear him. "Attention fellow students and anyone else left alive in our academy-turned hell hole, my name is Alec Mishima, and I am now the Dice Elite Captain, by my own authority. If anyone has an issue, you can shut the hell up till this is over. As far as I can tell, most of the staff is dead, and based on that... the escape shuttle needs escorts, and as the new Elite Capitan, any able-bodied Dice members are welcomed to volunteer, and I ask that a high rankling Lain member keep radio contact with me throughout this operation... I'll see you all on the other side.....I'll wont let anyone harm the shuttle...I swear it." with that, Alec closed the cockpit to the mobile suit, and activated it.
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