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.Hack//Project Genesis (OOC)

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.Hack//Project Genesis (OOC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Adrian Shadoan on Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:53 am


"If you loved The world V.2 the your gonna love the latest installment to the world known game... Genesis a world were you and your player become one. The latest in gamer Tech, We are happy to provide you with new Character upgrades as well. Aren't you happy you picked our World to be apart of yours".

The newest Slogan for The World Series a game that allows you to bend reality and become one with your very own customizable character. The year is 2042 its been quite some time since anyone had heard anything from the Creators of the World. They say they had to work back up their rep after the Doll Syndrome Out break. The CC Corp had no back up plan and no snappy lines to save themselves from the Devastation of the Virus so then sunk into the Shadows for a decade. But now their back claiming that The world is now Impervious to Viruses and Hackers.

CC Corp has just released that they will be excepting applications for people to try out the latest version, they will be excepting 20 to 30 people to check it out for themselves. Guess this is how there going to prove that there is nothing wrong with the latest version.
Though they were nice to provide a list with the places and Domains you can enter.

Towns List
Delta Diez Lavaton (a village built into the base of a volcano)
Alpha Dry Bay (A bay side village)
Ceta Dank Shade (an undergroud city)

Domain List
Growling Red Albert
Roasted Silent Curiousity
Last Glass Jump
Forget Blue Frogs
Trashed but Scattered
Angry Haize Curtain

Holy Grounds
Last Gray Sanctum (Much like the Catheral but underwater)
Fight Fight Flight (Monument to the Eight phases of Morganna)
Truth Fades First (The Crystal tree and the pond of Life)

More Domains will be announced later.

Detailed list of Jobs

* Adept Rogue- Unlike other classes, its users do not specialize in a single weapon, or form of combat. Instead of practicing in the use of a particular type of weapon, an Adept Rogue acquires several forms through Job Extend, each of which allows him or her to use a different weapon type

* Blade Brandier- "Blade Brandiers fight with a sword similar to a katana. It is said that all warrior classes derive from this class. Although their abilities are average, they can adapt to a wide variety of situations."

* Macabre Dancer- "Macabre Dancers are experts at status and ability magic. Since they are allied with both the light and dark spirits, they are proficient in healing and attack magic. They hold large fans in both hands during battle. Their dancing form is said to enchant those who watch.

* Edge Punisher- "Edge Punishers are a job class that prefers to wield giant swords. A blow from one of these weapons has enormous power. It can slice most enemies in half with a single strike."

* Flick Reaper- "The Flick Reaper specializes in attacks meant to keep multiple enemies away. However, they are ineffective at long range."

* Harvest Cleric- "Harvest Clerics are experts in healing magic and are allied with the light spirits. They wield a staff in battle in the name of Eir, the Goddess of Tranquility. They can use some attack magic after they reach a certain level, but most concentrate on healing and support magic."

* Lord Partizan- "Lord Partizans wield a giant lance. No other class can match its piercing power. They have high defensive power compared to other classes, but are weaker against magic.

* Shadow Warlock- "Shadow Warlocks are experts in attack magic and are allied with the dark spirits. They always carry a book of spells known as a Grimoire to heighten their magic power. Although they can use some healing magic, their repertoire is limited and not very efficient."

* Steam Gunner- "They specialize in long-range attack and are weak against close encounters, but if necessary their guns can be used as powerful melee weapons which keep most enemies away."

* Tribal Grappler- "Tribal Grapplers use their own fists as weapons. They have high agility similar to Twin Blades and possess high HP. However, their low defense value makes it crucial to pay attention in battle."

* Twin Blade- Twin Blades are extremely versatile, with more weapon types and subtypes than any other class. Their attacks are somewhat weak, but quick and easy to combo. Twin Blades have high agility and attack with two short swords. Their rapid attacks leave no opening for an opponent to counterattack.

* Neko Brawler- "Cat-Humanoid armed with powerful grappling claws, meant for close range attack".

* Inu Attacker- "Dog-Humanoid equipped with a long bow staff, strong and well defended".

* Dual Gunner- "Not just a an expansion pack class anymore, the dual gunner is strong at close range and far away".

Do to complaints from the last game Netslums will no longer be accesible.

The Story begins where V.2 let off.. With Cubiya gone CC Corp decided at first to abandon the project but after many years the believe to have figured out what caused the system to complete a god complex. They also believed that the Epitath users were viruses and deleted them from the system aswell. Its truly peaceful now or is it.

The plot-

All is peaceful until a group of players find an ancient relic left behind by a mysterious hacker who claims to work within CC corp. The new Virus makes it so that you can't log out or leave the game until the problem is solved. Your body enters the Doll Syndrome while you help the mysterious hacker bring The World back to safety. Everyone has the ability to activate epitaths but not everyone can control them. This plot will not go into effect until we are well into the rp. Oh and to stall early confusion the epitaths are more like armor or upgrading weapons or even the way your character looks could change.. yeah I know it sounds like Power Rangers but I'd like to see one of those fruits stand up against Haseo the Terror of Death.. yea it makes sense.

PKK-ing is still a very popular sport.. if your character gets PK'd just do this *Respawn* and say your respawn point.

1.As always please don't god mode
2.Not everyone is a super Epitath user there are still some that have trouble controlling them, the epitaths are no longer gods they are in the forms of animals.
3.Please don't start the Ic until I accept you.
4.Stick to the plot and if you have any ideas drop them right here in the Ooc and I'll accomadate you accordingly.
5.No one liners.. two liners are ok.
6.Have fun and stay true to the .hack// frame of game play.

Profile Skeleton:
Title: (Such as Terror of Death, please don't use that one I'll really go bonkers on you, if you don't have one or don't want one just erase the options its cool)
Weapon of Choice: (Make it up I don't care or maybe use your hack knowledge you can have 1.2.3.)
Rengeki moves: (Up to four make em up or Hack knowledge once again up to you)
Personality:(optional you could just let it come out in the rp)
Bio: (optional you could just let it come out in the rp)
Epitath Animal: (Try not to have the same thing as some one else, you can it just might get a little annoying)
Appearance: (describe it, picture it, whatever you like.. I do prefer anime pictures though)

*Accepted Applicants*
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Join .hack//project genisis

Chapter 2 of Sin City is up and needing players.. Are you ready to Return?

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Re: .Hack//Project Genesis (OOC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Adrian Shadoan on Sun Feb 14, 2010 5:11 am

Title: (The Fenrir)
Job:Adept Rogue
Weapon of Choice: (1.Twin Blades- Wraith and Thorn
2. Edge Punisher- Epic Flail
3. Flick Reaper- Grim's Bow)
Rengeki moves: (1. Dancing Dove- Twin Blades
2.Flat line- Edge Punisher
3. Deathly Arc- Flick Reaper
4. Detonation Slice- Flick Reaper)
Personality:For the most part Vega is a sneaky kinda guy, does what he wants and what he pleases. Can be rude and normally is.
Bio: Figure me out.
Epitath Animal: Wolf

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