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Halix Kore

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As originally posted by Halix Kore:

Name: Halix Kore
Age: 23
Height: 5'11
Weight: 185lbs
Gender: Male
Main Job/Sub Job: Pilot/Smuggler
Race: Corellian

Character Description: Halix is of average height for a human, standing just shy of six feet. His hair is cut to medium length for a male, hanging just above the ear level in deep auburn curls. His eyes contrast sharply with his dark hair, possessing a bright shade of blue. He lives life on the run, and therefore ranges from clean shaven to a light beard. His skin, a light tan color, covers a considerable set of muscles.

Character Bio: Halix grew up on Corellia, though not in the high, upper-class areas. His house was situated near a starport in a relatively out-of-the-way town, and he spent his days and most of his nights within it. Being a backwater town, the spot was ideal for smuggling, and therefore Halix was exposed to smuggling at a very young age. His secret plans to one day join up on a smuggler's vessel were hastily enacted when his parents were murdered. They didn't die bravely, as heroes or martyrs. Their house, along with a portion of a neighbor's house, was demolished by a piece of an asteroid that hadn't burnt up in the atmosphere when a flight controller decided to allow a few meteors to come in with a shuttle, in order to save time. In his desperation to escape a life of absolute poverty before it ensnared him, he asked the first person he met at the spaceport following this event, and to his great surprise, he was brought on.

The man, a Twi'lek by the name of Zal Kelta, took him aboard the Slick Hand, a Corellian YT500 Transport, and showed him all the basics to the smuggling game: how to conceal weapons, how to fake ship codes, the works. Halix retained some of it, but not nearly all. Their only two companions on the ship were a D7 maintenance droid, nicknamed "Bolts" by the crew, and a fellow Corellian who was older by only three years, by the name of Corten Dent.

At the age of 23, Zal, Corten and Bolts were caught smuggling supplies off of, of all places, Corellia. They were imprisoned and the ship impounded. Unbeknownst to the Republic officials that had caught Zal and his crew, they had had a fourth person aboard the ship. Halix had stowed away in a maintenance passage, and broke the ship out of impound at Coronet, the planet's capital, only to take over the smuggling operations of the Slick Hand and contemplate plans of freeing his colleagues.

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