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Halo: Combat Evolved OOC

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Halo: Combat Evolved OOC

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Seraph on Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:27 pm


For those of you that don't understand, Godmodding at the expense of others Godmodding occurs when a player already describes the outcome of their own actions against another character.

For example:

Joann Carver punches Jasmine in the face and breaks her nose.

In this example, Joann is forcing the outcome of her action on Jasmine. Joann can of course describe her own action, but a better choice would have been a swing at Jasmine with intent to punch, next to that she cannot already decide what the outcome of that will be. If Jasmine's nose is gonna break or not, is up to Jasmine as well, since it's up to both of them what will happen; they are in the role-play together.
It's like in real life; when you hit someone in the face, you never know for sure whether or not you will break their nose.

Godmoding or Powerplaying

Both terms pretty well describe what they mean; playing as if you're a God, or have invincible powers. Nothing is more tiresome for players to see someone going around who laughs at everything inflicted to them, who states to get a kick out of torture and more importantly; also doesn't have any other vulnerabilities which do hurt their character.

There is of course not that much wrong with playing a character who gets off on pain, but if it's obvious that other players are trying to inflict hurt upon you, then you should let out what the way to do that is then. Sure, you can say "It's up to them to find my weak spot", but that's like having people guess a number that you have in your mind and every time someone guesses it, saying "No!" and changing it.

Every good role-player knows how to role-play a defeat, for defeat is a part of role-play. If you believe that role-play only consists of winning, then this really is not the game for you; you will soon meet people who will get annoyed by your presence and who will ignore you. So, be a good sport, for this is a game.

Infeasibility is NOT an option here. However, if well enough explained, I MAY allow it. Nevertheless, SPARTANs are not indestructible. They can die. If you get hit by a hunter's plasma cannon-its game over. Stuck with a grenade, over. Period, end of discussion. I might be warping the timeline just a little, but not enough to break the 'spirit' of desperation by humankind against the onslaught of the Covenant.

SPARTANS AND ODST: SPARTANs and ODSTs will be 'earned' and not granted as a given. Two reasons for this. Someone who doesn't know enough about the halo universe to actually role-play a very expensive tool of war will only bog the role-play down. Two, as stated above, there are those that think they are M.C and can run out into a throng of Covenant and not have a scratch on them. Lethal or not, there are casualties. Especially if you go William Wallace from Braveheart and start butchering countless enemies. There are repercussions.

The way to earn the right to be an ODST or a SPARTAN is simple, but deceptively so.

SPARTANs require six paragraphs sent to me via P.M; Two for explaining to me the extent of knowledge you have about Halo be in games or books. I have read them all and played them all so I think that makes me a fair judge. The four paragraphs thereafter will be of a sort of response to a said situation of my choosing of how you would deal with the situation in a very detailed, coordinated effort.

ODST requires four paragraphs. One explaining your knowledge of the Halo universe, the other three explaining a response in a coordinated manner to a situation of my choosing. ODSTs can use heavier equipment, have less armor and are more trained than a typical Marine grunt. However, they don't have energy shields and if they are struck with burning hot plasma, will get hurt.

Remember, Both SPARTANs and ODSTs, are capable classes in their own right. But they can be killed. In the Halo universe, plasma is explained like a corrosive gelatin that dissolves metal plating very quickly in the books, and in the game it has been expressed numerous to be a quick and effective way to take down shielding.

Also, all SPARTANs are SPARTAN-IIs. The time frame this role play takes place is 21 years ahead of John-117 who is a SPARTAN-II though he wasn't yet 'formally' announced. So they aren't as fast, as strong nor as endurable as their enemy counter-parts. They are above humans in capabilities, but at the time frame--weaker than the Sangheili, or "Elites". The Elites are stronger, faster, more maneuverable and have far lasting shields which is why I say 'coordinated' effort. Going lone one somethings is fine, but all the time and you will be out manned and the only bullet you should have left in the chamber should be one for your characters head.

Have Fun: Just as it sounds. We are all here to enjoy ourselves and enjoy a common entertainment and mythology. So no being mean.

Be Respectful: Once again. Common sense people. But I would prefer it if you would, at least help those who don't understand as much as you do but also would like to enjoy the role-play. You see some one struggling with a concept; if its wrong then tell them, if you think it may help, ask them and formulate a plot. I'm not going to be babysitter for a bunch of seven year olds. We are all mature here, we can at least act it.

Spelling and Grammar and Post length Requirements: Please, please spell correctly. Its frustrating, and non-exciting. I do NOT want to see "u" being used for "you". 'b4" used in place of "before" or anything of the sort. You will be banned, yes, banned for that. I understand a simple mistake here and there, but there are dictionaries and there is such a thing as an auto-spellchecker. Also, the post minimum is four sentences long. You don't think you can post that much continually, don't join. It will be hard enough trying to get a detailed image of what is going on with everyone, without someone not fully thinking something out. So, four sentence paragraph minimum. If you aren't able to post continuously, please note I will take your character and if he happens to die, he dies. I get you have a life but I do as well as hectic as mine can get, I still make time for it. As do others I know. So please, try to post at least once every couple of days.

Character Concept:

    Registered Code:
    Weapons: (All Marines are equipped with the standard MA37 Assault Rifle, two fragmentation grenades, and a M6G Pistol with KFA-2 x2 smart-linked scope under the barrel. Can use the M45 Tactical Shotgun in place of the assault rifle.)
    (If ODST)
    Weapon:(Has two Frag Grenades, can be equipped with the M45 Tactical Shotgun,MA37 Assault Rifle, or a M392 Designated Marksman Rifle and a M6G Pistol with KFA-2 x2 smart-linked scope under the barrel. Can equip themselves with Covenant Weaponry except for Energy Swords or Gravity Hammers. )
    Equipment:(Can deploy; Power Drain, Gravity Lift, Trip Mine, Flare Deployable Cover, Radar Jammer. )
    Class of ODST:


    Close Quarters:
    While designated as a CQB suit, this variant is also issued to demolition experts in the field. This BDU is specifically designed to aid an ODST in CQB type combat conditions. The standard left pauldron is replaced with a longer two piece ballistic plate, which aids in protecting the trooper's upper body while in a firing stance, and also to reduce severe injury from plasma-based weaponry. The helmet is also issued with an optics device that aids the user in relaying images and video to teammates or command.


    Sharpshooter:The Sharpshooter BDU is issued to sniper experts in the field. This BDU is designed to give an ODST sharpshooter more freedom in combat - the standard right pauldron is removed, allowing the sniper to aim better and move his arm more freely with a sniper rifle, while the standard left pauldron is replaced with a larger plate to protect the sniper's arm from counter attacks. The Sharpshooter variant is also issued with an optics device attached to the helmet, while the Oracle scope on the SRS99 can uplink to the user's HUD.


    Recon: The Reconnaissance BDU is a specialized Office of Naval Intelligence variant of the ODST Armor. The armor is only issued to ONI reconnaissance agents for high risk operations. The undersuit is the same as the standard ODST armor. However, the chest plate is replaced with a specialized one, to provide stealth capabilities with little or no loss of endurance, specifically by reducing its IR signature and reflective surfaces. The torso part of the armor also varies from the standard version, having a green, translucent orb in the center. There are no shoulder plates issued with this variant, which allows more freedom of the arm movement.

    (If SPARTAN)
    Weapons: Can use any Human or Covenant weapons. Can Hijack enemy vessels.
    Arrmor Permutations: (Each SPARTAN has 1)Armor Lock, Drop Shield (Functions like Bubble Shield), Hologram, Jet Pack, Sprint, and Cloak (Acts like active camo but lasts on a few moments.
    Equipment: (Due to the vast array of capabilities already available, the equipment will be limited.) Trip Mine, Deployable Cover, Flare, and Regnerator.

    Armor Colors:
    Primary Emblem
    Secondary Emblem
    Armor type
    (SPARTAN) Helmet type[/b]
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Re: Halo: Combat Evolved OOC

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Seraph on Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:46 pm

Testing Sub.

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Re: Halo: Combat Evolved OOC

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Veren on Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:26 pm

Well, it's almost time for me to get going to university, but I'd love to join. I'd like to try out for an ODST, so what is the situation I have to respond to? (so I can keep all 4 paragraphs in one PM)

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Re: Halo: Combat Evolved OOC

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jacobcariapreen on Sun Oct 24, 2010 5:20 pm

Hey, I'd like to try out for a Spartan, If I fail that, I'll be a marine :) But i'm in, sounds like a great RP.

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