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RP Handy Tools

Tips: 0.25 INK Postby AppleSauce on Mon May 20, 2019 8:37 pm


Bellow are some handy tools, tricks and codes you can use to help you with character creation or with making things look pretty.

1001 Fonts is a great site I like to use for creating headings that I can't really create by entering a font name.
You simply type in what you want as a heading, click the font you want, scroll down, right click and save the image.

There's another way to use fonts by simply typing the font name in your code.
For example:
Code: Select all
[font=Palatino]Text Here[/font]

Will give you the font I've been using for most of my threads.
This website will give you a simple list of some fonts you can use. Just be sure to write it exactly as seen and use a capital letter at the beginning.

ImgBB is a site I've been using lately. Mainly because it quite fast which I like. There are many free image uploading sites you can use but I prefer this one. Once uploaded, click the image, then right click and copy image address (do not copy the share option url because that won't work for some reason lol)

Image code example:
Code: Select all

For image resizing, I honestly use Microsoft Paint still :') it's easy, simple, fast. You just can't do fancy things like you might in Photoshop. But paint is great for getting those 100x100 pixel images. ctrl+a or select all, move the image, crop it by dragging the borders in, then click resize and you're done! Simple.

Colour is always fun to play around with, and I found that htmlcolorcodes is a great site to get that perfect colour you want.
Code for adding colour to your text is actually quite simple and can be done by simply typing color=pink
and so on.

For example:
Code: Select all

But if you want to be more specific with your colours. You simply need to type color=# then enter the colour code. It's usually a set of numbers and letters. If you go to the website linked above, select the colour you like; on the right, bellow the picture of the color you'll see a # and the code beside it. Copy and paste that in your code and your done!

For example:
Code: Select all
[color=#6B5C8F]Cool Purple Nice[/color]

I can't think of a bloody name!!

We all know this feeling. You have your character fleshed out. But what should we call our magnificent creation?
I use behind the name to fix this problem. You can choose whether you want a male or female name, the country, or gender neutral names. There's a lot of options in advanced search and it's just great for getting some really cool cultural names.

Another thing I like to do, is think of something my character reminds me of or would symbolise, and look up the words for that in another language. For example if my character has golden yellow eyes, I might look up the latin word for yellow and use that to help with a first and last name.

But AppleSauce, where do you find pretty pictures to use??

There's SO many places you can find pictures from aside from google. Just to list a few there's:
- Pinterest
- Deviantart
- We Heart It
- Tumblr
- Even Instagram!

Just make sure if you're going to use someone's art, provide a link to their profile to give them credit for the art you're using. Sometimes you can't provide this due where you get it from.

If you're trying to find an Anime Face Claim then the anime characters database is the place to go. It can really narrow down characters and help you find the perfect candidate for the character you're creating.

These are some extra links that take you to places on RPG and can really help you with your RP

Visuals and Roleplaying - maccotango
RP Academy's Library of Guides - Alias


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