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Haruka Tenou

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Haruka Tenou

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Haruka_Tenou on Fri Apr 13, 2007 11:42 pm

This profile is a basic outline. Much was left out right now because I have been playing her for eight years and I have forgotten most of what has taken place. So yeah, Enjoy what is there. I placed the most important information in.


Sex: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 Lbs.
Allignment: That all depends on what will serve her best intrest.

Appearance: With her black hair reaching down to rest just above her waist, she tends to keep it pulled back losely. She has dark eyes that at one time were a bight blue. However they now show her soul and she is not a kind person any longer. She can normally be found in a fairly simply outfit. She wears a black tshirt with a v-neck cut at the neck over a pair of dark blue jeans. On her feet are a pair of black boots the zip up the sides. Often wears a trench coat that reaches her ankles when the weather is foul. On her lower back is a small birthmark that some mistake as a tattoo. It is hard to make out at times and at other times it is a very clearly a small star. Her fingernails are a decent length and she keeps them sharp. They are also painted a dark blue. Attached to each ankle, under her boots are two sheaths which hold a dagger.

Weapons: Though she rarely carries many weapons on her person any longer she still owns quite a few. The daggers are the only one's she keeps with her. Should need arise to use them. In her home she has a few guns locked away. Two 9MM's, A sawed off shotgun, and a 22 rouger rifel. She has plenty of amunition for them which she keeps seperate. Along with a few caster shells that have been collecting dust since she no longer has a caster gun. She also has multiple daggers in her home as well. Rangeing in blade size from quite small at five inches to twelve inches in length. Her main weapons are her palms. The Hand of Flesh, Her right hand and the Hand of Blood, her left.

Hand of Flesh: Very dangerous when activated. Haruka concentrates allowing energy to flow into her palm. If she touches a person while it is active the following happens. She shoves the energy into them with that touch and then closes her fist. The person begins to look strange as their organs are moved to the outside of their body while their skin sinks inward. Next the person begins to be compressed untill they are simply the size and shape of a basketball. The person is kept alive in this state of being, Only able to think. They can not see, speak or eat. They finally die when they starve to death. Only those who are immortal never die and stay in this form, an ongoing torture. She can choose to release people from it by chopping the ball to bits. Killing them.

Hand of Blood: Her personal favorite way of attacking a person. When her left hand is activated she can call upon all wounds that the person has ever received. She only needs to touch the person once. After that she concentrates, Her palm spred wide. The wounds begin to bleed. She can continue to make her enemy bleed and she can cause their death should she choose to. Even something as small as a papercut can become death if she concentrates on it. Just as she can bleed a person dry she is also able to restore a person's blood as well. She rarely uses it to help though.

Haruka is a medic. She was taught by Lady Une how to heal with natural means. She has a bag with her that carries her caterizing rod, bandages, medicine, thread for stiches, ect. She is also able to heal by becomming energy. She enters into the person as a white light and slowly heals them from the inside out. Making sure that each vein, each muscle is able to function fully and that there is not a risk of the wound reopening. Healing in that way drains her energy.


Told very quickly with much left out for the details are no longer as clear as they once were.

Haruka was born into a harsh family. They were Space Pirates and the Dark Fey blood ran strongly within them. Her brother, Munician was the worst. He placed a bounty on her head when she was just 15 years old. Fearing for her life she fled to Earth. He followed her and tried many times to kill her. She made friends however that helped keep her safe. Soon the bounty was forgotten. Haruka lived in oeace for many years. She was learning medicine under Lady Une. One day someone she had counted as family was distressed. Haruka tried to calm him down by speaking with him. It ended badly, He pulled out his shot gun and fired a round through her chest. When Anne arrived the only thing that was left to do was shot her with morphine. Haruka died. A few weeks later, Her friends and family brought her back. When she returned she had lost a piece of her soul.

More time went by, War came to Metro. Everyone was being attacked, Haruka ran out into the feild to help those who were wounded. As she was treating someone a man came up behind her and slit her throat. She died quickly from the wound. after the war was over she was brought back again. As before another piece of her soul was taken. She was no longer as carefree as she had once been. She liked to keep to herself and often could be found in a spar. Training, trying to become more of a warrior. She learned hand to hand combat and also began useing her blades at this time. During one of her spars she was badly injured.Aries took it upon herself at that time to turn her. She became a vampire and the blood lust consumed her at first. Her cousin, Faith helped to pull her back to sanity as Aries taught her how to survive.

Time as before passed, Changes took place and once more hard times fell upon Metro. Haruka stayed out of the way, She did not wish to be a part of the trouble. She was engaged to be married to Kail Gailent then. She did not get her wish, Once more she was attacked and this time, the assult was brutal. She fought for her life and for everything that she had worked hard to achive. She fell, Death had taken her for a third time and she had made her wishes clear. For seven months, to the day she was gone, untill finally her family and friends refused to be without her any longer. They brought her back.

She returned, Her soul was lost. She was no longer the person that she had once been. Instead a darkness rested within her. Her vampiric nature was in full control and she had only one wish. To take the life of those she had called friend. Haruka attacked and managed to damage her enemys at times. Most of the time however she fled, vowing to return and destroy them. A time came when everyone left Metro, taking up residence in Wing City. Haruka followed and began to watch her prey attacking at their moments of weakness with her hand of blood.

Faith, Who missed her cousin sought her cure. With Master to aide her they went down into hell to find her soul while Rain watched her, making sure that she did not run off. When they returned her soul was shoved back into her. Though she was not a mindless killing machine she was also still not as she had been so long ago. Things had changed. Now Haruka hangs out within the Oasis, drinking a pint of blood while conversing with others. She offers her skills as a medic when they are called on but mostly she plans for what is to come.


Munician - Brother
Shen Long - Her son
Faith - Cousin

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