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Heathrow Airport London

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Heathrow Airport London

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Seraphina Alighieri on Thu Nov 03, 2005 1:21 am

It was raining hard as the 747 taxied to the gate. IT was 3 pm Greenwich mean time. Seraphina watched the rain pour down the Windows distorting the outside world into a wash of grays and blue. The landing itself had been smooth very little turbulence.

She closed her book and laid her head back on the seat, closing her brown eyes and remembering the warmth of Venice, and Gabriel's touch. I am such a fool, to have done this I should have said goodbye at least.
She breathed deeply trying to push him out of her mind, but for the moment there was nothing more important. She stared out the window as the plane came to a stop in front of the gate. The Man next to her muttered something about the weather. She just nodded.

She waited until all of other passengers had disembarked before standing up and puller he bag and black leather jacket from the over head compartment. She shoved Gabriel's lighter into her right jean pocket. Feeling the memory chips in her pocket she remembered that she had to call Maestro and tell him that she had been called away on business to Ireland. Confident he would understand.

As she walked into the Terminal there entire crowd was silent. Every eye was turned towards one of multiple televisions as the news was broadcast.
Images of a city destroyed and carnage filled the screen.

Seraphina dropped her bag, it hit the floor with a dull thud. Her hand automatically went to her throat to hold the Crucifix. It wasn't there. The idea of Gabriel's death became an grim reality. I will never know. Her heart raced a mile a minute, as her throat closed. Slowly the world faded to black.

She was jolted awake be the stench of smelling salts. The back of her head ached. The light hurt her eyes as she tried to open them

"It's alright ma'am you just fainted."

AS her eyes focused she saw an older man leaning over her in a security guards uniform. The badge had a red cross on it in the center it was small but obvious as he held Seraphina's head up off the floor.

She started to try and stand

"I have to catch a flight to Dublin."

Her voice sounded far away, and as she tried her head spun. She would have fallen back to the floor if the security guard hadn't been holding on to her.

"Don't worry, Miss, we will get you to your flight but take a minute to recoup. You took a nasty spill."

His voice was full of grandfatherly concern.

"Let me help you up."

He took one hand and placed the other on her back, and slowly helped her to her feet. Once standing her head swam and she stumbled foreword a bit but caught herself before falling.

"Grazie, Signore."

she whispered.

He flagged downthe standard airport transport and helped her into the seat.

"Get her some water on route to Gate G5,"

He said to the driver, before turning to her. "Are you OK miss, no medical condition or anything that would have brought this on?"

Does being hopelessly in love with a potential dead man qualify.

"No Signore, just a reaction to the news."

His blue eyes became sad, and he shook his head.

"Yes, it can be too much at times, Miss."

He handed her her bag.

"Travel safely, Miss."

He banged the hood of the transport and the driver took off toward her gate.

Everything she passed was a blur of those standing dumbstruck only moving to board their planes. Some whispered about tragedy and revenge, but she didn't hear it, She stared at the Gray sky and the rain pouring down the windows. Fear and heart ache was all she felt.

She didn't feel the transport stop


she spun her head around to look at the driver who had startled her, her vision blurred and head swam.

"Are you alright, Miss. This is your gate."

"Thank you,"

Her English was very broken.

"Uh...How long have been.......out?"

"Maybe five minutes or so, we came as soon as it was reported that a woman fainted."


She nodded, and looked at the desk at the gate. 1 hour until boarding. I can't do this, I can't sit here for an hour with those screens blaring at me. She began to look around for her book. As he looked around she patted her right pocket. She could feel the lump that was Gabriel's lighter. She let her hand rest there as she prayed silently for his safe return. If he is going to return.

"Miss What are you looking for?"

His voice drug her out of her dark thoughts.

"My book."

"The Prince by Machiavelli?"

He asked as he produced from behind her seat.

"SI, Grazie."

"You are welcome, Miss. Oh by the way her is your water."

Her hand was trembling as she took the water from the young driver next to her. His brow wrinkled with concern.

"Let me help you out."

He began to rise, she reached out and motioned for him to sit down.

"I will be fine, but thank you."

She stood up slowly using the edge of the cart to steady herself. She picked up her bag and slowly slung it over her shoulder, putting her book in her left hand she stuffed her right into her pockets and fingered the lighter.

She set her bag down in a seat where she could not see a television, and leaned her head back, and began to recite the descendants of Cosimo the Great. Until she boarded the plane. Then she fell asleep holding his lighter in one hand and clutching her book with other

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