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Hellblazer: Eternal Shadows

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Hellblazer: Eternal Shadows

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby John Constantine on Sun Jul 22, 2007 3:16 pm

Hellblazer is a mature D.C. Vertigo comic centered around the exploits of John Constantine. The Hellblazer universe is framed in present time Earth, but with a much darker atmosphere. The series is full of gore, horror, violence, profanity, hedonism, black magic, demons, angels, alternate dimensions, and plenty of other things that will make you lose your sanity. Hellblazer is Earth, in the worst way imaginable: All our myths, urban legends, and nightmares are reality and lurking just out of sight.

I was hoping to make this into an evolving, ongoing roleplay rife with angels, demons, and magicians controlled by the players, where decisions made by roleplaying will have lasting results, for better or for worse. Interested? Keep reading.
People can choose from the following three races.

Human – Your average, garden variety human. Humans are, by nature, usually weaker than demons and angel in physical combat, but some have found ways to train their bodies to match their adversaries. For the most part though, Humans use magic to get a leg up on their enemies. Humans using magic against angels and demons is especially potent, when used right. However, demons and angels still overcome humans on a regular basis with or without magic. Everything has it’s weakness. Intelligence goes a long way in the magic game. If you think you’re going to go human and physically beat down everything you see, think again. There will be some things in this RP that physical attacks…just won’t cut. Humans can be evil, good, neutral, or a little bit of it all. Ah, the beauty of humanity.

Demon - Creatures of the fallen and lower realms of existence. Some serve Lucifer, The First of the Fallen, and some serve other demon lords throughout the abyss. The thing to remember in the Hellblazer universe is that the Devil may or may not be the most powerful dark entity there is, and he knows it too. Some are their own entity, only fulfilling their own devious desires. Demons are usually physically stronger than humans, however many demons have died to a powerful blade.

Angels – Some serve the Light, the All, or God, and yet others serve other forces in the universe. Angels all, on some level, work for the good of the universe. Their logic, again, does not coincide with Humans, so their decisions may seem harsh or unrealistic to mortals. Angels are naturally faster than Humans and demons, partially due to their wings. Angels are messengers and guardians of the universe, so not everyone will be cut out to roleplay the whole greater good thing, obviously.

If you’re still interested, the next step is to create a character. Here’s my profile as an example:
Name: John Constantine
Age: 39
Weight: 158lbs
Height: 5’10”
Place of Birth: Liverpool, England
Current Home: London, England
History: Born in Liverpool, England, John was doomed to his current destiny from birth. His mother, Mary Anne died giving birth to John and his twin brother because an earlier abortion -- forced on her by John's father, Thomas -- had weakened her womb. Because he was unable to accept responsibility for his wife's death, Thomas blamed John and the pair grew up with a deep dislike for one another. Whilst in the womb, John strangled his twin brother with his own umbilical cord, proof that death and decay followed John, even before he was born. Over the years those he has loved most have fallen victim to the darkness of Hell. Later, the intense hatred of his father caused Constantine to curse his father, making him sickly, frail, and eventually withered away to nothingness. Attempting to run away from his past, and the guilt, John moved to London where he met his closest and longest surviving friend, Chas. Upon moving to London, John became involved in many Occult circles where he developed his magical prowess. He became fond of Punk rock music and even started his own band entitled "Mucus Membrane." Though largely unsuccesful, they did participate in a few tours, one of which led to the the great disaster at Newcastle.

On tour with Mucous Membrane at the Casa Nova Club in Newcastle, he found the aftermath of a magical orgy gone horribly wrong: an abused child, Astra, had conjured a hideous monster that took revenge on the adults who were tormenting her, and the monster refused to leave. With typical recklessness, John convinced some members of the band, along with several occultist friends, to try destroying the creature by summoning a demon of their own. Unfortunately, this demon was not under their control and after it had destroyed the child's monster, it tormented Constantine's friends and took the child to Hell. The "Newcastle Crew" was physically and psychologically scarred from the events. Years later, John managed to free the girl and all other innocent souls from Hell, but the mistake still weighs heavily on his soul. Even today, mention of the "Newcastle Crew" in the wrong tone will have John trying to make you swallow your own teeth.

Most of the Newcastle Crew, including John's past lover Emma, died in the years to come, all in someway connected to John or his actions. In result, John's friends haunt him as ghosts of past mistakes.

These days, John is somewhat of an urban legend in occult and magical circles. His face appears on three different tarot card decks, as well as other occult merchandise, despite he himself fervently avoiding the press.(Short history, basically excluding everything that ever happened in the series)

Personality: Although a compassionate humanist and occasionally even heroic, John pursues a life of magic and danger mainly for the sheer thrill of it. It is an adrenaline addiction that only the strange and mysterious can quell. He is a hard-drinking, hard-smoking, street-wise magus, full of wit and cunning. John is known to be extremely unpredictable and often relies on his intelligence and magical prowess rather than brute force. Constantine is usually seen as cold and uncaring, but his guilt-ridden soul almost forces him to keep everyone at arm's distance. It is a rare and valuable thing to make a friend of John Constantine, for once you are, there is almost no limit to the depths of Hell John will go through for you. John fights the good fight, but on his own terms, which are usually morally questionable by most.

Abilities/Specialities: John is a powerful psychic and magician, specializing in black magic and demonology. While excelling in magic, John is physically weak compared to most of the forces in the universe. His blood is also unique in the fact that it's a potent healing remedy, with severe drawbacks. While the blood heals the receipiant, it also causes them to endure intense pain for the next few minutes and curses them with a lifetime of demonic activity. Demons can smell the demon blood.

Alright, if you're interested in being a part of this RPG then post a character profile. You may add any fields to it that you like, as long as you are careful to balance your Abilities/Specialities and have a weakness. This is subject to my approval and if I feel like something is completely overpowered, I'll let you know. Also, I expect quality posts of at least 200 words. Not much character interaction can go down in a paragraph. Not much detail either, and Hellblazer's dark atmosphere is too good not to exploit. Allow your darkest nightmares and dreams to unfold into reality here.
"Intoxicated eyes, no longer live that life.
You should have learned by now, I'll burn this whole world down.
I need some peace of mind, no fear of what's behind.
You think you've won this fight, you've only lost your mind."

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Re: Hellblazer: Eternal Shadows

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby John Constantine on Mon Jul 23, 2007 2:49 pm

If anyone is interested in playing an actual character from the series or has questions about anything feel free to PM me.

Also note that Abilities are different from Specialities. While you may be a magician, you probably won't excell at all forms of magic. That's not to say you can't perform it, but someone specializing in a certain type of magic will have the upperhand in that field. One or two specializations a piece, please.

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John Constantine
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