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Heros of the land

a topic in Fantasy Roleplay, a part of the RPG forum.

If you would like to make your own roleplay based in a fantasy realm (dragons, elves, magic), use this forum. You will be in charge of all things related to your roleplay, so you're on your own here.

Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Sun Jul 22, 2007 3:53 pm

Pants Master here with a original fantasy rp.

No god modeing...every time someone god modes, a child is eaten.

Keep spam and flaming to a minimum plz.

No controlling other ppls chars without consulting them.

Dont use outside knowledge in the rp.(like one character is a spy. But things like knowledge of certain species and surroundings is okay.)

I dont really care how, but make sure you can do something to clearly tell out of charecter from in charecter.

If you join any time after the rp begins. Just make a profile and jump in.

In the rp you can have up to 2 main chars and around 3 side chars. (Main chars would be the ones you use all the time. Side chars would be like family, friends, co workers and other things revolving around. Just dont make them fallow around you to much.)

1. You need to make a profile for your main chars and if you want your side chars. Profiles need....
Species:(pretty much any thing will do. If you make your own, just describe them and a bit of background info,)
Appearance: (Pictures or info will do. But please dont take pictures of anime char and change there hair color and basic things like that.)
Skills: ( i.e person can fly or see In the dark. Things from being a certain species and traits they
they picked up.)
Magic: (if any. A rule of thumb is the more weaker your spells are, the more you have. The more stronger they are the less you have. I would say that people who use magic can have around 5-11 spells depending what they are. In order to use a spell, one must draw energy out of there body so keep that in mind for spell casting. When you make up your own spells, give a quick or long description about it.)
Bio: (It dose not have to be long, but that just makes it better.)
Extra Info:

This all takes place on the (extremely) large continent of Suelo . Near the middle of the oval shaped landmass. Is the capital city Oleos . Oleos is a large city where almost all races on the land can be found there. The rp starts in the town square where things are busy as normal.
(Note: since Suelo is very large. You can make some of your own cites, religions and races up. If you do, just make a ruff idea of where it is from Oleos. Plus do to the odd weather system you can have different areas next together. For example, surrounding Oleos is woods. About half a days walk left of that is dry, uneven land that has many ravens and cliffs.)
Technology and Other unique things.
just like any other fantasy there is magic, swords and scroll, ink and fire... more primitive things like that. Also there is Black powder technology (this is just coming in to the picture, many races and/or groups that stay to the old ways and shun this. Suck as forest elves and extremely primitive beings., other races and/or groups like dwarfs and wizards find it interesting), Golems, Magical trinkets (ex. For translation, communication ect, these items are (for the most part.) Purchased at your local magic shop (if you city has it. Oleos is filled with them.) ), Demons (witch are beings from the abysses) Monsters (species that are shunned in most areas but can have there own cities ex. Nagas, Griffons (not all monsters have to be evil.), Shpinxes, Insect Humanoids (see below), Hybrids, Orcs, Goblins, Knobles (Noe-blens see below) Ogers (not the Shrek kind, think big bulk humanoids that are bent over , not bright and strong.), Driders , you name it and it could be in this list. Angels (These are the beings that live in Sanctuary (that is like a universal heaven.) Angles, just like Demons can very.)
Spirts (can wildy very.)

Sub base:
-Nature (Earth)
-Ice (Water)
-Lighting ( Wind)
-Sun (Fire)
-Shadow (Dark)
-Holy (Light)
Extended Elements:
- Cronos (Time)
- Non Elemental Magic (This is very common, from offense to healing spells.)

Original species
Knoblens (Noe-blens)- Knoblens are a race related to Goblins. Knoblens are shorter, have sharper teeth, slightly more intelligent and have bigger ears and noses. Knoblens are sold on the black market as The perfect Ginnie-pig for scientist. They are found any where goblins live. There skin color can be in many shades of green.

Kiclecks (Ki-kleks) Kiclecks are a skinny race of reptile/birds that have a severe disliking to White/ Forest elves. They have a skinny humanoids body with skin tones ranging in different greys and sometimes brown. They have 4 fingers and a thumb on each hand like humans but only have 4 toes. They have two different kinds of heads. 1. The head is scaly and is shaped like a reptile head. These heads haves short hard beaks instead of regular jaws. 2. These heads are long and narrow with a hairless snout that is filled with a few molars and mostly sharp teeth. These kinds of heads also have a main of feathers coming out of the neck and the feathers can very in color. They have a long history ageist the elves for many personal reasons. They are one of the races/ groups that approve of the new technology being made. Kiclecks also are immune to poisons that occur in nature and have a amazing resistance against artificial poisons. Most Kiclecks are skinny, but noble males prefer to have meat on there bones and are sometimes obese.

Insect Humanoids: A cross breed between Insects and humanoids, they very in sub species and act just like ordinary insects.

I will add any other original species that are introduced to the rp.

Outstanding things-
The war is coming: Normally all the Nations have there own ruler(s). But after 77% of all nations Leader(s) came together to form The Suelo Union a assassination attempt was made on all the leaders at once buy the Dark Revolutionaries.(see below) So , after the almost successful attempt, On the north shores of Suelo, All the rulers have a magicly enchanted Castel town call Revunie. It floats in the sky and is heavily guarded. In order to reach it you must get special permission from someone who has the authority to let you in. So all the Rulers now have, dukes, Viceroys and/or fammily members ruling over there lands and are sent messages, ether magic or by physical means, to instruct them and to carry out there orders. And there is a high concern with full scale war breaking out.

Dark Revolutionaries: Next to the south-east shore, 6 islands that are very close to the land are filled with monsters , demons, rogues and criminals
(For many of the criminals are thrown there to die, but join the forces there instead.) After the assassin attempts of all the leaders of The Suelo Union, The group had sent word to them that a Demon Warlord named Madiro (Ma-Die-ro)was assembling an army to take over all of Suelo. So many nations are on edge. The Dark Revolutionaries have not yet launched any armies yet.
Crescent Moon Knights (or Knights of the Crescent Moon): This order of highly trained warriors that directly take orders from Lord Benard. (He is the Viceroy of Oleos) They make up 1/5 of the army that guards all of Suelo.
Before the story starts, Im just going to wait for a few ppl to start off.

Extra rules......
Elements part 2-----------------------------
He is a quick look at the elements.

Earth- This is revolving around what the lands is. Examples of this could be move it to shape your will, turning it into other
types of ground and such.)

Wind-The magic of the sky. Some wind spells are attacks that use gale force winds or gives the gift of flight.

Water- Just like earth, but water.

Fire- The magic of pyro. Nothing new hear.

Light- the magic of the good. Usual healing and anti spells against darkness.

Darkness- The magic of the evil. Mostly casting curses and offence spells.
(Note about dark and light. You dont have to be evil to cast dark magic. And you dont have to be good to cast light. They are called light and dark due to the nature of the spells.)

Nature(earth)- Examples of these spells would be calling animals, talking to them, manipulating plants and such.

Lightning (wind)-This magic uses the power of lightning to do there masters biding. Most of the time this is offence spells.

Sun (fire)- This magic draws energy from the sun. This magic provides energy spells and offence spells for the most part.

Holy- Holy is the magic of a religion. Thus it can very. Most religions promote the light so for the most part. This is similar to light. But this can change due to the religion of the caster.

Shadow- The mix of darkness and light. Shadow is mostly summoning shadow creatures. (Witch are creatures that are pitch black and have a verity of shapes and weapons. Shadow magic also has a verity of spell types just like any other elements.

Cronos- The magic of time. Cronos is all about F@#King with reality. Cronos spells (for the most part.) Screw with time and reality. So there effects have some verity.

Non Elimental Magic: This can very. (For short “non-e”)

Casting spells-------------------------------------(...)
Here is the daily point system for casting.
Each pc has 15 points a day. (Or have 8 hours of rest before refreshing all there points. For every hour of sleep, you get 2 points. But if you char is set up just to cast spells and nothing else, then they have 17 points.)

Lvl= level.
Lvl 0 spells cost 0 points.
Lvl 1 spells cost 1 points
Lvl 2 spells cost 2 points.
Lvl 3 spells cost 3 points.
Lvl 4 spells cost 5 points.
Lvl 5 spells cost 6 points.
Lvl 6 spells cost all your points, regardless of how many you have (note* you need at least 15 points to use this spell. After using this spell. You can not do any magic related thing until you rest.)

Examples of Lvl 0 spell.
(Can very= it can be of 2 or more different elements.)
Cast light- (can very)makes a light at the end of your finger tips.
Sharpe Finger- (non e)Turns one of your finger tips to a weak metal you can scratch people with.
Lesser heal- (can very)cures a bruise or a tiny cut.

Examples of Lvl 1 spells.
Minor Fire ball -(fire) shoots a ball of fire the size of a golf ball. You can shoot three balls per casting.
Minor heal - (can very)Heals cuts that are slightly deep and helps cure poison, and infection (note the help)
Summon water- (water)make around 2 lts of water.

Examples of Lvl 2 spells.
Lift object- (can very)you can move some objects through the air and such.
Fear- (can very)Makes something with a sate of mind recall something they fear. Thus interfering with there current focuses.
Seen Unnatural.- (can very)See something that the naked eye cant see (not microscopic stuff. Things like spirts and magic felid.)

Examples of Lvl 3 spells.
Cure poison or infection- (can very)completely cure a lesser, minor or regular poison or infection. If they are ones you have never seen before. Then it will take more effort.
Purify- (can very)Lift lesser, minor and regular curses.
Wind rift- (wind)Makes a large gust of wind that can topple stone.

Examples of Lvl 4 spells. Major heal-(can very) Heal saver injures, from deep stabs , burns and other very painful things.
Cronos stop-(cronos) Stop time around you for about 40 seconds.
Major Magic beam-(non e) Shoots out a powerful magic beam.

Examples of Lvl 5 spells.
Greater wave- (water)summons a large wave of water from a tiny puddle.
Frost plage- (ice)Summons a wave of frost that covers a large area with the flesh wrecking frost.
Summon Greater Creature- (non e)Summon a strong creature (ex. Griffon, a smaller dragon, Wyvern.) For a short period of time.

Examples of Lvl 6 spells
Cronos Oblivion- (cronos)Completely stops time for a minuet and bomb bards up to five targets with magical energy. (This spell is really , really, really rare.)
Void of insanity- (dark)Swallows a target with a mental state of mind and makes them gain mental conditions (This is dose not go away., unless magicly removed.)
Solar Wave- (sun) If is standing in sunlight, they can summon a wave of solar energy that melts things in its path.

Spell series---------------------------------------------------------
Some spells have more than one form. (Ex. Fear, Fire ball) Hear is the conversion.
Lesser=Lvl 0 spells (lesser Fire ball)
Minor= Lvl 1 spells (Minor Rain whip)
Regular (dont have to put the regular in front)= Lvl 2 (Holy wish)
Advanced= Lvl 3 (Advanced Plant growth.)
Major= Lvl 4 ( Major Poison claw)
Greater= Lvl 5 (Greater Lightning storm)
Complete or Total (ether one.)= Lvl 6 (Complete Shadow Offering) or ( Total Light ray)
Also if you have spells that you are not sure what level they should be, then just ask me.

lesser healing potion=Lesser healing spells (and that goes for the rest.)
a Mana potion regenerate the same amount of mana points spent buy the same Lvl spell.
Lvl 1 mana potion restores 1 point.
Lvl 6 mana potion restores all points.And so on.

Status Illness--------------------------------
Poison- can very depending on what kind of poison

Curse- Just like poison, it can very.

Burns- This makes the target slower and lowers there stamina until healed through magic, potions or time.

Blindness-....................sorta dose not need a description

Petrification- Turns organic objects to stone. Parts of the body that are hit with Petrification can not move. If a Petrified body part is smashed.................well I hope you brought some band-Aids.

Seduced-Seduction is used on a target that has a mind set. They do what the caster wants. Usually this only works if the victim prefers the gender of the casters sex.

Confusion- Can very, but for the most part. Its like a hallucination.

Amnesia- Victim forgets info or spells or anything depending on type.

Possessed-..... I dont think this needs to be explained.

If you ppl want me to add any thing extra to the rules or to explain something else, or hand drawn pictures, just ask
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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Le Cruise on Mon Jul 23, 2007 3:23 pm

First off, great RP idea, secondly, OOC can be used to say something in out of character, then IC for something in character, now then, my profiles : )

Name: Folening (just call him Foe)
Age: 38
Gender: male
Species: Human
Appearance: pale white skin, bald head, bright blue eyes, tattered brown robes, is sweating a lot, despite the condition of the surrounding area
Personality: Easily "tripped up", very worryfull, is easily frightened, feints often
Weapons: none
Items: clothes, a small bead necklace
Skills: can run 10X normal humans, but trips up on his feet every mile or 2, has amazing stamina(can run 100 miles in a day, given the conditions are right)
Magic: holy, rank 2 spells
Bio: Born in a normal human city, was raised by loving birth-parents, was very happy through out his life...untill he met Rickshan, who killed his entire family, and took in Foe as his highest servant as well as the cult's healer
Extra Info: Never leaves within ten meters of his master, is the highest healer in the cult

i will write more later, my hands hurt right now though, peace
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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lithitemir on Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:21 pm

Right. I'm going to go ahead and wing a character here. The only thing I don't like is the spell points.

Name: Nyx Bloodbane
Age: 237
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Elve (See description in Bio)
Appearance: Nyx stand's at 6'7", yet weights only 150 lbs. He is very slim, with little muscle and no fat. The muscles he has, although small, are toned and flexible, making Nyx incredibly agile. He has, short pitch-black hair, and his eyes are deep purple, almost black. He wears a black, hooded cloak, with a skull sewn onto the back. This cloak matches the black robes he wears under it, and contrasts his pale skin.

Personality: Nyx is not a people person. Ever since he was little he found other people annoying, and stupid. He revelled in the dark magicks often communing with the dead, late at night when his parents were asleep. Because of his dislike of other races, Nyx cares for no one, but himself. He will do whatever necessary to further his own means, and increase the power of his magicks.

Weapons: Nyx's main weapon is his magic. He will use it in nearly any situation. Yet, he also carries an enchanted stave, which had been carved out of ash wood, and burned, then polished given it a dark gleam. When necessary Nyx will use one of the many small daggers held within the many sheaths on the inside of his robes.

Skills: Being an Elve, Nyx is naturally dexterous, and has very keen eyesight. He also has a strong logical sense.

Magic: Nyx wields, magicks of darkness and shadow. Effectively making him a necromancer. (I’m going to make up most of my own spells as I go. I’ll try to keep them in the correct rank.

Bio: Nyx was born, Narthalas to an Elvin Senator, who hated almost everything magical. The Senator worked furiously trying to convince the rest of the Elvin council to join him in an anti-magic campaign. When the Senator found out about Narthalas’ use of magic, he officially disowned his son. But soon after the Senator learned the nature of the magic his son was using, (Dark) and outraged the Senator sought to murder his son. He learned the True nature of his son’s magicks however, only after Narthalas had slayed him with it.
Because of his actions Narthalas was exiled for Elvin lands, and forced to take a new name. (Which is now Nyx) His people labelled him a Dark Elve, and any Elves who even spoke with him, were to be considered dishonoured. Nyx was furious with what the Elves had done to him, and his furry fuelled his search for even greater power, and even darker magicks. As his power grew the Elves grew scared that as soon as he had the power, he would seek to destroy those who had exiled him, and so they placed a high price on his head. Constantly being attacked by headhunters, Nyx was forced to flee from the mainlands, and to the Islands in the south, joining with the Dark Revolutionaries.
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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Tue Jul 24, 2007 12:57 pm

To Le Cruise- Thx

To Lithitemir- about the spell points, they are there for a good reason. This rp was made on a site where every one except for three people godmode. So I had to put up limits. Then I found this site that lets you freely post rps and it looks like you rpers know what your doing.

Now im going to wait for a few more people to join.

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SoulsFlame on Wed Jul 25, 2007 12:14 pm

Name: Dorn Tallen
Age: 68
Gender: Male
Species: Elf
Appearance: Dorn stands at 6'3", and weighs 145 lbs. He is slim and strong, so can move quickly . He has short red hair, and green eyes. He wears a blue vest with small leather under armor. He also has the seal of the Crescent Moon Knights on the back of his vest.
Personality: Dorn is a good natured person who gets along with anyone. he joined the army because he thought he could get girls, sleep, and free stuff. Well, to his later horror he moved up the ranks and became part of the Crescent Moon Knights, working directly under Lord Benard (go figure) since then he has found out how to be lazy, even in the strongest unit in the army. Most of the knights think he's odd, but like most people like him.
Weapons: (New age) rifle, broadsword
Items:bags of gunpowder, tools for building guns, (He enjoys working with the new technology)
Skills: He can see in the dark and can design and build weapons or new technologies.
Magic: Lightning magic, but he doesn't much enjoy using it. rank 2 and 3
Bio: Dorn went through life not caring, he was good natured but very lazy. people got along with him and so he doesn't even hate the demons who killed his family. To him, everyone deserves a chance at life, so enjoy it. He joined the army at 64 and is relatively young for an elf, he doesn't really care who someone is, and he usually brings out the real person (Like they will talk about secret things on total accident. he's just got a lot of good luck.

OOC: Is this ok?
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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Wed Jul 25, 2007 6:22 pm

OoC: Yeah, thats great, now if we can get at least one more person.

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SoulsFlame on Wed Jul 25, 2007 8:31 pm

Ooc: what about your character, aren't you gonna make one Pantsmaster?

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Le Cruise on Thu Jul 26, 2007 2:44 am

OOC: no one wants to join my cult : (

anywho, cult leader profile

Name: Master Gulthrob the damned
Age: 25
Gender: male
Species: Unknown (looks like a demon-knoblen hybrid)
Appearance: Bone-white skin (due to excessive magical exposure), Long tendrils of black hair, dark green eyes, extremely fine black robes, practicly gives off an aura resembling death, smiles a lot
Personality: Always calm, untill he is about to be exposed to his lord's demi-god powers
Weapons: constantly burning staff that is as long as he is high, daggers, is eye magics
Items: clothes,constantly burning necklace
Skills: incredible magical capabilities in darkness as well as pyro (Lvl 6+ possiblities)
Magic: darkness, pyro, both 6
Bio: After he was reborn into his demonic cult (all memories before were erased in this process) he took the staff which is never extinguished, and took his place as the head follower of Deamoferic (demi-god he worships) other than that, he trains in his magics constantly, unless, he under goes a ceremonius ritual, in which, he bathes on 5 of his follows blood, then dines on their brains. This ceremony extremly increases his dark powers, as well as making his alignment turn to extreme evil
Extra Info: Leads a cult, undergoes a ceremony that increases his magics to larger strengths, likes long walks on the beach, and fine dining ladies

PS: I'll talk to a friend of mine, see if he can get on this one.

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Thu Jul 26, 2007 10:11 am

To SoulsFlame- I control all the other npcs. Like random drunks to monsters and the villains.

To Le Cruise- Thx for trying to get someone else. Im going to try to get two of my friends to join.

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Domo on Thu Jul 26, 2007 10:54 am

Name: Kain

Age: Roughly 18

Gender: Male

Species: Nekomata, a feline like species that resembles humans, but there are noticeable differences. Nekomatas tend to be slimmer, and have sharper details in their physique. Unlike human hair, nekomatas have softer hair, resembling fur. They have feline ears in place of where there would be human ears, tails, and retractable claws instead of fingernails. Nekomatas tend to look feminine, and often young boys even are mistaken for females.

Appearance: Kain is five foot seven inches tall, and has pure white hair, and golden eyes. His skin is pale, and looks whiter than he actually is, his skin layered with a thin line of fur. He wears a black cloak, which goes down just below his waist, with large sleeves, and symbols indicating his family name running down the sleeves in gold. He has form fitting black pants, and light leather boots, also black. He wears a red scarf around his neck, the end of it looking like a hand. The scarf, in actuality, is Akebokun (See below)

Personality: Kain, being a mute from the accident in his childhood (See Bio), does not have much visible personality. With this defect, he tends to be shy, and does not like to approach people. Though, good willed at heart, he often finds himself caught up in mischief, whether intentional or not.

Weapons: Kain does not carry any weapons. He was taught briefly how to use a sword, but does not use one regularily.

Items: All Kain carries with him is a pouch which he stores money to meet his needs, such as food, etc.

Skills: Has an innate ability to see better in the dark than most, being of a feline race. He is also quite agile and nimble, and can leap great heights. Kain is skilled somewhat in martial arts, but focuses more on spellcasting. His rather weak physique, has led him the path of becoming a spellcaster.

Magic: Kain has mastered many spells, and has memorized others that have not quite been mastered. He has one basic spell from each element, and an expert spell to follow. He has also taught himself nuetral spells, and a Cronos spell he has to work with.

Fireball: Shoots a ball of fire (Fire)

Gale: Throws a cutting blade of air (Wind)

Burst: Rocks fly up from underneath the target (Earth)

Splash: A gush of water soaks the target (Water)

Fear: The target is surrounded in a small mist of darkness, and small skulls hover around and bite at the target. (Dark)

Shine: A burst of like hits the target (Light)

Wrathquake: A fist made out of rock flies out of the ground and hits the target (Nature)

Frost: The target is covered in a sheet of ice (Ice)

Bolt: A bolt of lightning strikes the target (Lightning)

Meteor: A flaming meteor falls from the sky and hits the target (Sun)

Evil Eye: A crimson eye appears from darkness, and glares at the target and drains their energy. (Shadow)

Judgement: A column of light energy falls from the sky and strikes the target (Holy)

Pain: The target feels excruciating pain (Neutral)

Dispel: Removes magical effects from the target (Neutral)

Stop: Stops time until user stops the spell, or all their energy is drained, having them fall unconscious (Cronos)

Bio: As a child, Kain was born into an aristocrat family. This family guarded a seal in which held their religions god, Akebokun. An enemy of the family, the devil Anima, had come to destroy the seal and absorb Akebokun's power. Upon slaying most of Kain's family, and members of the household, Kain had rushed to the seal room, to stop Anima. Akebokun's seal was removed, and Akebokun had used Kain's body as a vessel and unleashed his full power to destroy Anima. Anima was not completely destroyed, and in his final monsters, shot a devastating attack that diminished Akebokun's power greatly, and burned the lower half of Kain's face, leaving his mouth and neck burned terribly, and disabled him to speak. Akebokun decided to aid Kain from there on out, and acts as a scarf around Kain's neck, veiling the scars of that terrible day 12 years ago.

Name: Akebokun

Age: Many millennia

Gender: Presumably male

Species: A god

Appearance: A red scarf, with what looks like a large hand at the end.

Personality: Can be very cold, and serious. He tries to lead Kain in the right direction always. Though, there seems to be a fun side locked away in there somewhere.

Skills: Akebokun has an infinite amount of space stored within his scarf-like body.

Magic: Most of his god magic has been diminished by the incident 12 years ago.

Bio: The god of the nekomatas common religion, he is praised and worshiped daily, and like any god, has formidable power. Known as dangerous and unable, he was sealed away in a room to slumber, and to be safe. With no true body, he could possess a body, or object at will, or have his power absorbed by another. 12 years ago, the incident with Anima now has him guiding Kain, the last of the nekomatas, after Anima had destroyed the race entirely.

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Le Cruise on Thu Jul 26, 2007 3:39 pm

OOC:awesome, 4 people now, Im ready to start, btw, here's the person Ill mainly be using

Name: Guljorb Hardshot
Age: 18
Gender: male
Species: knoblen
Apearance: dull green skin, brown dreadlocks, flaming-green eyes, full black rogue out-fit, many piercings in his ears, and nose
Personality: the stay in the back, and watch the fools get killed type.
Weapons: short/long bow (because of his height) with a magical enchant to poison it's target
Items: clothes, compass, many piercings in his ears, and nose
Skills: very good shot, is good with chronos spells
Magic: chronos, lvl 3
Bio: After destroying his home, kiling his parents, and leaving his old life in a flaming ruin, Guljorb joined the demonic cult. Ever since, he has been serving out missions, and errands for the good of the cult, as well as the leader
Extra Info: is a skilled marksman, knows chronos spells, is part of the cult, is piercings may have some magical properties.

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Sun Jul 29, 2007 5:48 pm

Ooc: Lets start.

IC: In one part of the busy Market place of Oleos, Near the cities’s center, and two streets away from the small castle belonging to Lord Benard. In the crowded streets, A older man with plae white skin and long black beard / eye brows. He was wearing a long yellow robes with blue lining. Along the shoulders and cuffs of the selves was strange markings in black. He was standing next to a large brown carriage that had to large spiders harnessed to the front. There was a large sing mounted on the side of the carriage, in big red letters it said “ Looking for adventure and money? Now hiring people to accompany.” The Old man was looking around talking to any one near buy and shouted things out like “If you want wealth and fame, come with me and guard my caravan may even find someone of a sexual preference to you that you may want to spend rest of you life with!” But unknown to him, unfriendly eyes where already upon him.

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SoulsFlame on Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:39 pm

Dorn walked down the street, mingling with the crowds. This is boring i don't know why they wanted me to do this, i could be sleeping or something. He was really only half awake. Man though, just the Crescent Moon Knights seal was enough to get respect, and free stuff, so he didn't mind the walk so much. He saw an old man by a cart and walked up to him. "Hello," Dorn said, "Nice day were having inst it." He looked up at the sky and then looked back, "So what kind of adventure are you going on?"

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Le Cruise on Mon Jul 30, 2007 6:12 pm

Guljorb watched the old man under the banner. Ever since he had been stationed at this place by the clan,((cult member's refear to their cult by the clan)) he hadn't done a single exciting thing. He was allowed to leave whenever, however, he didn't have anywhere to go, his boredom was increasing rapidly, every day he went without going on a mission, or fullfilling a task. His usually sit-in-the-back nature was starting to change, he felt compelled to aid this old man. Finally, his mind returned to him, and he decided to simply wait it out, waiting for another person to join the old man, then he would assist the mission...

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Mon Jul 30, 2007 10:20 pm

The old man gave Dorn a frighten look. The look turned in to that of pondering.

Old man: Did the knights send you?

About two streets away at the Lord Benard’s castle. One of the large windows facing the market place was being used to spy. A tall pale human wearing fancy blue cloth dress vest over a long sleeved under dress shirt of the same color. He had silk white lance around the cuffs of the sleeves. The coat had gold buttons on. His well groomed short black hair was combed back. His pants where made of a highly expensive black cloth. He was holding a small pair of bronze binoculars and was eyeing the old man next to the carriage. He turned to face the room. It had a square shape to it. In front of him was a large oak desk that was littered with papers, inks, quills and other trinkets. To his left against the wall was a long rectangular shaped table with maps and odd looking objects.
A few steps in front of the long table were a large red arm chair. Laying across the arms of the char was a female Naga, completely coved in light greenish blue scales. She had a Cobra like head fan. She had a white cloth wrapped around her waste and was wearing An odd torso piece that looked like it hade a wire frame to support the odd structure. She was wearing sliver earrings that looked like small over lapping disks and a necklace to match.

(In the east and south east of this continent, Sliver is very common and fancy, most people of any noble background from there would have high quality silver).

There was also random furniture throughout the room. The man looked at the older man in the market and gave off a twisted smile.

Man: Every thing is in place.
Naga girl: What is it?
Man: The old man came hear and now he is going to regret it. Butler! (A old dwarf with a long red beard and was wearing a dress jacket and black pants shuffled over to him.)
Butler: Yes, my Lord Benard?
Benard: Fetch me Captain Reve for me.
Butler: Yes sir? (Walks over a few steps to the female Naga.) Can I get Lady Nefari any thing?
Nefari: No thanks red. (Dwarf shuffles off.)
Benard: Befor this day is over , I will have that wizard and this time I doubt he can pull anything out of his hat this time.

Nefari: Why don’t you just send like.... 500 knights at him all at one time?
Benard: On a political scale that would draw to much......unwanted attention to me.

(The dawarf enters with one of the captains of the Crescent Moon. Also a note about the appearance of the knights. There armor is a sliver color. The wear black cloth over the entire body except for the head. The have metal gauntlets. The strap on metal plate to every limb on them, The helmets very depending on rank and class.The have a face plate that comes to a point upwards near the top of the head. There is a eye slit in this helm and a few holes on each side to vent air. Some time they have fance desinges or add spikes and/or fans depending on ranck..etc.) This Knight was in full armor. He had a blade like fan coming out of the front of his helm. He also had two fans that were placed horizontally with his shoulders on his shoulders. He also had a silk white cape with a crescent moon on it.

Captain Reve: You called my lord?
Benard: Yes, There is a old man in the town square wearing all yellow. You remeber him?
Reve: Yes, Im good with faces.
He has come back in to my turf. I want you to take a few soldiers down and arrest him. No need to make a public scene.
Reve: What reason should I give if any commoner or outside noble asks? (Lord Benard gave the thought.)
Nefari: How about littering?
Lord Benard: (lets out a quick laugh) good. But a noble would know that wasent true. Hmmmmm..... How about he is a twisted wizard who tried to kill me in my sleep? He sees our land as weak and wishes for us to pay him with our leader’s blood!
Reve: Gold my Lord!
Nefari: That’s a good one.. I still like the littering idea.
Benard: I did to, but it would not fly with other nobles.
Nefari: What ever. I still cant wait!
Benard: Me too.
Reve: I shall take my leave and bring in this man who has committed an act of high treason.
Benard: Good Day.
Nefari: Give him a good slap in the face for all the trouble he gave me!
Reve: Will do my lady. (Leaves. Benard and Nefari go back to the window to spy on current events.)

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SoulsFlame on Tue Jul 31, 2007 11:28 am

"No", said Dorn "I'm just on my daily walk. But you haven't told me where your going yet, so why dont we go into the bar over there, I'm bored of walking, I'll pay and you can tell me some interesting stories, ok?"

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Tue Jul 31, 2007 9:53 pm

(The old man thinks for a second.)
Old man: Sure! I could use a break. (He reaches in to his pocket and pulls out a wooden figure of himself that had a blue ribbon around it. He places it on the ground. With a blink of light it turns into a exact copy of the old man.)
Copy: Ill take over hear for a while. You should take a breather.
Old man: Why thank you. (Turns to Dorn) Id love to tale you up on that offer! (The to head for a pub around a corner.)

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SoulsFlame on Tue Jul 31, 2007 11:51 pm

"That was a neat trick", Dorn smiled dully, he walked into the bar and sat down, "Hey bartender can we get two beers here." The bartender looked over angerlly, "Does it look like I have an extra hand to-" He stopped when he saw the small seal on the front of Dorn's vest, "Sorry sir, right away. "Good," said Dorn then he smiled, "Now, i think you ow me some good stories old man."

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Le Cruise on Wed Aug 01, 2007 3:23 am

Guljorb watched the old man cast his copy spell, and walk into the bar with the knight. Guljorb thought for a moment why a knight would want to dine with some street monger. He didn't linger on that thought to long, he felt a certain someone's presence towards the west side of the town. Once Guljorb had finished walking to the out-skirts, he could see a large cloud of dust, with a black speck at the front of it. As the speck grew larger, it became noticable as Foe. Guljorb was excited at the chance to go under another mission, expecially if it was from Foe, that usually ment a big mission. About 50 yards away from Guljorb, Foe saw his sub-ordinate, and his sweat started to subside. Foe began to slow down, unfortunately, his feet decided to pick that moment to become better friends, and met with each other. Foe hit the ground hard, face first, then rolled forward, his built-up momentium pushing his rolling body up to Guljorb, who just stared blankly. No matter how many times he had seen Foe fall in mid-run, Guljorb never could realize why it happened. Foe finally stopped a few feet in front of Guljorb, his chest brought up in the air, layers of dust and dirt covered Foe. Once the dizzyness wore off, Foe snapped his head back and forth, and looked at Guljorb, straight in the eye.

"I...have...*wheeze*...a...mission"Foe barely managed to say, before the nausea set in again. Guljob's heart missed a beat however, his mouth cracked open into a smile. Once Foe began breathing normally again, he talked some more."Over in this town, there is an old man." Guljorb nodded, not saying anything, Foe continued," he has been making quite a comotion among some higher-ups in the government." Foe decided to pick himself up at this, then continued, looking down at Guljorb," the clan has recieved information that he is wanted dead, or incapacitated, the information wasn't sure either way, but the point remains, and this old man is wanted." Foe stopped, and pulled out a scroll, a seal written in blood across the stamp, it had a single rune, which would instantly ignite an un-athorized clan-member, or anyone else, with a magical flame. Foe handed the scroll to Guljorb, then continued," Your task, is to protect the old man, and make sure that no one harms him, the more we can upset some higher-ups, the better." Guljorb nodded, then unsealed the scroll, a small hiss went out as he unrolled it. Inside, a picture of the old man who had entered the bar, was shown smiling, the ink was shifting slightly, this ment that some one had drawn a picture of him, which would age as he did, recieve scars as he did, etc. Although, this was very powerfull magic, someone must really want this person taken care off, for the clan to go this deep into him. Foe began talking once more," By the way, do you know of any inn's in this town, my feet are killing me." Guljorb nodded, and led Foe into town, where Guljorb's next target was waiting for him, he just didn't know it yet...

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Re: Heros of the land

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Wed Aug 01, 2007 8:33 am

Ic:In the bar, The old man and Dorn sat.
Old man: I think I do owe you a good story. My name is Zauberei.
Zauberei:(whispers) I am here on a very important mission that was given to me by the leaders at Revunie. I have found some...information that they need to hear about. Let me ask you something, When you joined the knights, did Lord Benard pick you out by hand, or where you promoted by some other person and you where sent there?

Out side, a few streets away. Captain Reve had four knights with him and was carrying a fance spear made of metal and had a short sword on his left side. Three of the knights are female. (You can tell because there chest armor is crafted to give extra breathing room on the front of there chest.) One of them had a cross bow, another had two scimitars and the last one a shield and long sword. The last male knight had a pricy long bow.

Captain Reve: Jack, Milea! Go to the roof top of that building and cover use if anything goes out of control.(Points at building next to them.)

Jack & Milea: Yes sir! (The Knight with the cross bow and the Knight with the long bow run up a flight of stair leading to a roof top of a building overlooking the area.)

Captain Reve: Coal, Nasha! Your with me, lets go.
Coal&Nasha: Yes sir! (The three march off.)

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