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Hidden Truths (Berlin, Germany)

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Hidden Truths (Berlin, Germany)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Svetlana_Popova on Thu Jul 06, 2006 5:44 pm

The train slowly stops at a platform after traveling nearly 800 miles. The conductor announces that the train has arrived in Berlin, and that there will be a 2 hour lay over before the train continues it's way to Moscow.

Svetlana listens to the announcement and sighs. Another day and a half on this tin can.

She debates whether or not to get off and get something to eat at a little cafe that she used to frequent a lot as a teenager. But decides that she would rather stay on board. To many bad memories here.

She sits back further into the cushion of her seat and closes her eyes. The smell of the train station and the sounds of the Germanic language waft into her compartment, bringing back memories of a childhood she would rather forget.

"Alessandra, why aren't you ready?"Her mother, tall and regal in her black saffron gown asks her 16 year old daughter with bitter contempt.

"I am not going mother. I hate these balls. They are boring, and the boys there...She snorts with anger,"...they are not worth getting to know. They are all spoil..."

"Alessandra, I don't want to hear it. You are required to go so you can find a suitable husband. Now go get dressed. We are late as it is, so you better hurry." Alessandra's mother turns and walks back into the drawing room. With a resounding thud, the door slams shut.

Alessandra stands there and stares at the door, quietly seething about the injustice of being forced into marriage, when she so desires a life of near death experiences and danger all around. She gives the door one last fleeting glance, and before she turns away, she yells,
"I am not going and you can't make me!"

She turns and runs down the hallway and down a flight of stairs motorcycle and disappears out the front door. She spots her father's Ducati , and hops onto it, thankful that he left the keys in the ignition. She gets the motor roaring, peels out of the estate and races into Berlin.

A loud knocking on her cabin door snaps her back into reality.


"Miss, you can leave the train and do some shopping if you want.'

"I know, thank you.'

Her thoughts still lingering on the night she fled her families estate, she leans back into her seat again, her head tilted back, and looks out the window at the people rushing by, and they blur until she only sees herself on that motorcycle again, racing through the streets of Berlin.

The bike runs out of gas in front of a little cafe two blocks from the train station. Swearing, she dismounts and pushes it to the side of the street and parks it. She kicks the rear tire in her frustration, and then finds a seat at one of the tables sitting on the patio of the cafe. She pulls a pack of cigarettes from her back pocket and searches her pockets for a lighter. A hand reaches in front of her face, and she jerks back in shock. She follows the long arm to look up into the face of a young man with blond hair, and pale blue eyes. His face was covered in scars that hid the fact that he would have been handsome. Realizing that she was staring, she blushes and turns back to his hand, still holding the lighter. He lights her cigarette and then sits down in a chair next to her.

"Ich habe Sie nie hier vorher gesehen. Ich möchte gerade zum Sagen, daß Ihre dunkle Schönheit mich atemlos gelassen hat.

She blushes deeply at his comment and looks down at the table. Then looks back up at him.

"Dunkel? Ja. Eine Schönheit? Ich denke nicht. Ich nehme durch Ihren Verhaltengeehrten Herrn, der an, den Sie dies häufig tun."

He looks at her sharply and then laughs.

"IIhr Deutsch ist ausgezeichnet und Nr., tue ich nicht dies häufig. Für Sie sehen Sie, mit Kummer, wie Grube, ich nie hinsichtlich gekommen bis zu jemand wie Ihnen so fett sein würde, aber mir werden bezaubert durch Ihre Schönheit. Ich könnte nicht Ihrem Zorn an Ihrem Fahrrad auch helfen aber beachten, das aus Kraftstoff heraus läuft, und dargestellt Ihnen könnte eine Hand benutzen."

She stares at him in shock, and then smiles slightly.

"Sie sind sehr beobachtender Sir. Und was muß ich in der Rückkehr für Ihre Hilfe tun?"

He replies in english.

"Have dinner with me."

She frowns thoughtfully and looks him directly in the eyes. Not seeing or feeling any undesired emotions from him, she nods her head slightly in acceptance.

"I am Alessandra.'

He smiles at her, and takes her hand and kisses it.

"Pleasure to meet you Alessandra. I am Kazimir.

The sound of a whistle startles her out of her day dream, and she sits up to see that the train is pulling out of the station. Her eyes wander over the crowd one last time, hoping and not hoping to see a face she recognizes.

OOC Translation:

K: I have never seen you here before. I would just like to say that your dark beauty has left me breathless.

Svet: Dark? Yes. A beauty? I think not. I am assuming by your demeanor sir, that you do this often.

K: Your German is excellent, and no, I do not do this often. For you see, with afflictions like mine, I would never be so bold as to come up to someone like you, but I am enthralled by your beauty. I also could not help but notice your anger at your bike running out of fuel, and figured you could use a hand.

Svet: You are very observant sir. And what must I do in return for your help?

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Svetlana_Popova on Fri Jul 07, 2006 10:30 pm

As the crowds of the train station slowly faded away and turned into city landscape and then into rural, Svetlana's thoughts continued to linger on the day she met Kazimir. She didn't realize at that fateful meeting, her life would change forever.

After spending a wonderful night with Kazimir, Alessandra returned to her family's estate. As she pulls into the circle drive of the estate, she notices a bunch of cars parked in front of the villa. Cop cars stood out the most in what looked like a parking lot in her front yard. She gulps in fear that they will arrest her for stealing her fathers motorcycle. She parks it off to the side, and walks up to the house. It seemed eerily quiet for the number of cars parked out front. Frowning, she opens the front door and walks in, and is assaulted by the sounds of sobbing and whispering coming from the largest reception hall. She begins to walk down the hall, her boots thudding on the marble floors.

ooc: This entire conversation is in Italian

"Alessandra. Come up stairs to my study."

Startled by her father's voice, she looks up the stairs and sees her father standing there. A bandage wrapped around his head, and a cast on his arm, he waves her to follow. Biting her lip she nods her accent, and follows her father into the study. He motions for her to take a seat on the brown leather couch, and he moves and sits in a high backed dark brown leather chair. The chair sits behind a huge mahogany desk which accents the somber green and browns of the room. The door closes to the study, and startled Alessandra notices her uncle closing the door. Where did he come from? She blinks and looks back to her father, ignoring the presence of her Uncle as he sits down beside her. Her father stares at her, his eyes dark with a deep and most recent grief, but overlaying that grief is an anger that causes Alessandra to blanch.

"Father, I am..."

"Cut the bullshit Alessandra. I am tired of your unruly ways. Because of the stunt you pulled last night, your mother is now laying in a morgue."

Alessandra just stares at him, shock rooting her to her seat on the couch. She barely feels the touch of her Uncle's hand on top of hers, trying to comfort her as she absorbs what her father is trying to tell her. She sees her father's mouth moving, but she doesn't hear a thing except for her own inner thoughts. The room begins to spin in endless circles. I killed her... A resounding slap echoes in the room. Her hand automatically goes to the spot on her face that he smacked, and she looks up at him with dark somber eyes.

"You didn't hear a word I said did you?"

The blank look on her face gave her away, and raging, her father hands her a slip of paper and a set of keys.

"Since it is apparent that you really don't care what happens to this family, you can leave. That piece of paper is a bank account. It will have money in it every month to cover your living expenses. The keys are to the motorcycle in which you seem to be very fond of stealing. You disgrace your mother's memory by your very actions. I will never forget the torment you put her through, as such, I never want to see you again. Now get out of my house!"

Her Uncle stands up in protest.

"Antonio, think about what you are doing!"

Alessandra still sitting on the couch as the two men argue,she looks down at the slip of paper her father handed to her, and then up at her Uncle and father. Still in shock, she stands up and speaks quietly.

"Uncle, it is alright. I understand perfectly what it is Antonio wants."

She spins on her heal and walks out of the study, her head held high.

"Alessandra! Wait!"

Her Uncle's cries for her to return to the study fall on deaf ears. She walks down to her room, packs a duffel bag of clothing, and jewelry. She grabs her sunglasses off her desk and jogs down the hallway and out the door. She straps the bag to the back of the bike, and speeds out of the estate and back to Berlin.

She stands up from her seat on the train and stretches. Now I see where Seraphina get's her sense of duty from. She thinks to herself as she grabs her wallet. You're father was a kind man Seraphina. She walks out of her compartment and heads down to the dinning car.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Svetlana_Popova on Fri Jul 14, 2006 9:40 pm

OOC: The continuation of this story line will be happening on the asia boards.

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