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[Neo Nagasaki] Hirotahsi Kasima

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[Neo Nagasaki] Hirotahsi Kasima

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lord Saladin on Mon May 21, 2007 6:49 am

I hope that I am okay to put this here, in preparation for when I finish the Academy.

Name: Hirotashi 'Cognoscenti' Kasima

Age: 25


Standing at 6' 3" with a slim frame of compacted muscles, Cognoscenti is the consumate businessman. Dressed in a perfectly tailored suit of a plain black silken material, with a pristinely pressed shirt of white. His ties of varying shades are all knotted with the precision of a perfectionist into a Double Windsor. Black dress shoes upon his feet, polished to a shine.

His hair is black, hanging to his shoulders loosely, contrasts sharply with his pale complexion. Dark brown eyes stand out from that pale complexion, but seem at home below the black locks that frame his strong facial features.

His manner is one of confidence, walking with calmness and an air of authority. Even though he could be considered tall anyway, his entire manner make him seem perhaps two or three inches taller than he actually is.


A calm man, Hirotashi likes the solitary life of men like himself. He never gets angry, and even when killing, he remains perfectly calm, his heart rate never raising once. He takes life seriously, and is a deep thinker; planning his jobs precisely before executing them to ensure that they go smoothly.

The name that many know him by is more than appropriate for him. Cognoscenti most certainly has a deep understanding of his profession, which is shown not only by his calm, collected demeanour, but also by his immaculate track record. He has never once not hit his mark in a single shot to deliver the desired effect, regardless of the situations he is in.

Overall, this quiet man is enigmatic in his calm, secluded ways, and is sometimes never seen, even by those that employ, except of course, by a few who he considers friends. But those could be counted on one hand.


Hirotashi carries only two weapons: A modified Heckler & Koch revolver, and a small dagger.

The revolver, modified to hold nine bullets within the cartridge, also carries a silencer and increased barrel length to improve accuracy. Upon the lower side of the weapon, attached to the barrel, running narrow towards the end and wider at the cartridge, where it ends, is a blade, razor sharp, and made of polished black steel. The pistol is capable of firing many types of bullet, and is lightweight.

The dagger, ten inches in length, is a straight blade that is razor sharp, again it is made of polished black steel, and the hilt is made of a toughened leather.


He knows nothing of his childhood, or early teenage years, due to amnesia. He just one day, at around the age of 17, woke to find himself in the city of Neo Nagasaki. There, he was taken in by a man whose face he never actually saw, and was taught how to use guns, and how to kill.

The man who trained him was killed one day, it is unknown by who. And from that day, lost in the world, Hirotashi became a hired gun, and soon gained a reputation as someone highly skilled.

Now, at the age of 25, feeling he has mastered his art and perfected his skills, he continues to work for whoever gives him money, but has begun his search for the killer of the only person he could have called family

Please tell me now what life is, Please tell me now what love is... Again, tell me what life is.

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