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His Story

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His Story

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Donny on Wed Jul 05, 2006 2:16 pm

The Unknown

Donny, human born in place unknown, comes into a long...long slumber.

The Beginning

Donny pushes through the forest as he hears cuts and screams in the distance, his little nine year old Saiyan body only able to push so far before growing tired. He steps out of the forest into the open, seeing another man with a tail just like him fighting a rather bulk being, a human. Donny leaps up, and wraps his arms between the man's armpits and holds him down in midair, letting the other Saiyan cut at him.

Donny drops the corpse, as the other Saiyan floats slowly over to him, having a cheery look stretched across his face.

"Hey, kid. 'S your name?" He said.
"Donny," I replied, then asked "What's yours?"
"M' name's Trunks. Some call me 'Outlaw Trunks.'" He replied, sounding proud as he stated who he was. "Donny, stick with me, kid. We make a good team."
"Uh..Alright, Trunks." I said it proudly, sort of childishly since I was only about nine years old.

The Past

For years Donny trained with Outlaw Trunks, Little Super Saiyan, and Goku. He increased his skills greatly in the short amount of time he had with them, his energy level increasing ever so rapidly. He was beginning to catch up to Outlaw. There was a tournament held, in which Donny lost to LSS in the semifinal round. He got angry, and began to demolish the arena, and he started to force LSS into another fight. He stopped, because Goku was glaring at him. Donny was...not ready for Goku quite yet. Donny left, and faded away for a year or two, training and training.

He came back, and meets up with Trunks once again about a year after the tournament. Trunks told him about Metro city, so he left for the city. Donny arrived there after about 6 months of walking, and getting lost countless times. He did petty work for awhile, just scrounging up for scraps and begging people for food. After about another year, he meets up with Bloodthirsty Spinal.

He was brought in by the Mafia], he was their top killer. He had more kills and the highest amount of successful mission completions out of all of their members. He was doing fine, until he was assigned to kill Tayrn, wife to Remy LeBeau. He tried, but was beat down and forced to flee by the Ultimates, he didn't stand a chance at that point.

The mafia was eventually destroyed, and Donny went drifting again for about a month before he went to Gambit's bar. He got a job there, and helped them around. He helped them fight off a man named Leon Black, and all of his goonies. He had earned their trust, or at least Gambit's. He stayed there, training on the sidelines up to the point that he had to fight with Chrost, his old friend Sinful having been turned into a demon.

Donny fought off Chrost, and Sinful's demonic self at once for a moment, before Sinful was distracted by Faith. Donny and Chrost fought in a small alleyway, then Donny was forced to flee. He was ripped apart, bleeding to death. Chrost eventually caught up with him, and blew him apart. All that was left of Donny was his blood on his blade, which had avoided the explosion. Master came and used this blood to bring Donny back.

Donny then went on calmly, before the darkness in his mind came out.

The Demon Days

Donny was sitting in the bar, when an odd sort of ')\/(' appeared on his forehead, his energy oddly turning to the negative/dark side. He had no control of himself, and he went on a rampage, and killed thousands. He wiped out most of Metro, and some of the executive district. He was wreaking havoc one day, then Sinful in his demonic state came to stop him.

It was an intense battle, Donny phased in and out dodging Sinful's ever oncoming attacks, both people beating each other down violently. Donny eventually pulled off an extremely strong ki blast, and put Sinful into submission, to the point he had to stop fighting. Donny left him, and continued on his plight to destroy Metro.

Ultimate Logan approached him, and swiftly took Donny down. He took Donny in and brought him back to his senses, and let him heal in the bar. For a few months Donny healed.

Past 2

Derek died. Derek was Donny's teacher, he had taught Donny more about fighting, and styles. He overall made Donny a much better fighter when he was alive, and was his teacher. He was the only one Donny would allow to teach him other than Trunks, ever. Donny was crushed, and went into a training frenzy for months straight.

Donny trained and trained, the mafia tried to bring him back in, but he instead destroyed the whole group and its leader. Gambit eventually faded away, as did most of his friends. They left, and Sinful died (who was later alive again, but still lives in hell.). Donny gained all of Sinful's assets, and the bar's deed also from Gambit. Donny kept business going, until Tayrn came back. He gave it to her.

He stayed with his friend Kayne for awhile, and eventually left. He was confronted by a demon named 'Soul Slayer', and was beaten by her. He was transported to Treize, who released Donny soon after. Donny visited Kayne once more, and then left Metro City for his old home in Japan.

He became wise and read there, he reached his physical peak from intense training.

He woke up one day during light rain, and was all a dream.

The Wakening

Donny wakes up, pulling himself up from his long slumber. He breaths heavily for a few seconds before calming down, looking down at his body. He's wearing a black cloak like Sinful did, his long white hair draped down far onto his back, his bands hanging down over his eyes. He seems to be blindfolded with a black piece of cloth. He remembers now, he remembers who he is.

"It...was just a..dream?.." Donny contemplated about the dream, then continues on, " was very real...but it was not me. It was a real dream. Perhaps it was the darkness...? Oh well, it does not matter. Let's see how Metro City is doing without a dream." Donny gets up, and a vortex of darkness opens in front of him. He steps through it, traveling through the Darkness Abyss.

The Transition

Donny arrived in Metro, to see all that his dream had seen. He moves about Metro for quite a long time, fighting many people. He meets a good majority of those who meet his dream. He meet a fallen angel named Pisterzi, and fought with him--Donny coming out the victor.

He meet another shrouded in darkness named Mune. At first, Donny just saw Mune as some other feeble person, but eventually he saw what he truely was. They battled across Cathedral grounds, every object they touched along the way being demolished, the Cathedral being thrown into deep chaos. Donny emerged weary as the victor.


Donny stood facing the ruined cathedral, shrouded in the mist of the courtyard. Blocks away from the large clock tower in Metro City emerged Sinful, the Prince of Hell. Sinful charged for the Cathedral, in suspicion about what had demolished it. He stops to find Donny, who is oddly dressed in the same manor as himself.

Donny turned to him, and said, "..Sinful..Why are you here?"
Sinful replied, "To kill you."

Donny summoned his blade from the darkness, instantly charging towards Sinful. They fought in the courtyard, Donny only managing to get in a few blows, Sinful obviously overpowering him.

Donny was knocked against the wall, and decided that it was time. He summoned his dream, both standing by eachother in battle. They charged Sinful, pushing him back from his position. Sinful made a great leap into the sky, some sort of demonic energy surrounding him, preparing for his attack. He knocked one of the two down to the ground, the other soaring up to hack at his chest, but to no avail. Sinful struck him down, Donny landing behind his dream on the ground. He put his left arm around him, raising his sword as Sinful send a large ball of energy down towards the two.

An odd light came, the ball hit the sword, time seemed to freeze for the two remnants. They began to break apart into small blue streams of energy, forming into one where they sat. The form emerged from the light with his blade held high, defending himself from the attack.

This attack destroyed the Cathedral's courtyard, the only two objects remaining within it's confines being Donny and Sinful.

Sinful landed on the ground, confused about what had happen. His rage was building, and he went in for another attack. Donny spun his blade around in his right hand, slamming it down into the ground behind him. He swings for Sinful as he attacks, a blue beam erupting from the blade as it strikes Sinful in the chest, slamming Sinful away into the cathedral, Donny walking in after him, stepping over the rubble that was there from the explosion.

Sinful weakly stands, enraged. He turns, leaping into an odd vortex, leaving the realm of the living. Donny stood victorious, and complete.

The First

Donny appeared out of nowhere, in a plain, 400ft. all around surrounded by an army, all wearing matching uniforms. By instinct Donny stood, forcing himself into a stance. It was the first time his body has even functioned in awhile, but he had no choice, the army began to charge. They got into Donny's melee range, and he began his defense with his bare hands...

Donny was moving at an unhumanly speed, barely visible to the oncoming soldiers moving in to attack him. Anybody who went near him seemed to just drop out cold, lying bleeding and broken on the ground. They eventually stopped, moving back a bit away from Donny. He held his stance, stopping his movements to take out the soldiers, not sure of what to do.

"Move out of the way! Crimson is here!" Said one of the soldiers, as they started to part behind Donny. Donny turned around, to face the soldier Crimson, who continued onward towards him. He had odd glyphs tattoo'd in red on his forhead and hands, Donny just thought of it as some sort of 'look' for him. Crimson came into Donny's melee range, and sent a swift flurry of punches, all making small explosions at the end of his attacks. Donny barely managed to dodge the punches, but couldnt manage to get away from the unsuspected explosions at the end. Donny moved back away from him, before rushing in at him.

They were both extremely fast, each laying fast and hard blows on eachother, Donny suprised that a human would be able to have such mobility... The Burning alchemist stopped, backing away for a few moments. He ran up to Donny, forcing his hand up to his face quickly, grabbing Donny by the head. Donny was shocked that Crimson could do that without Donny hardly seeing his movements, and was stunned.

"You think you can take on the Burning alchemist? Stupid kid." An explosion was unleashed from Burning Alchemist's hand directly towards Donny, the plains being engulfed in a red light. When the light faded away, Donny was on the ground, his clothing torn, Crimson standing at his feet with an evil smirk stretched across his face.

"Move out, men!" He yelled, the army quickly getting into formation and leaving, leaving Donny lying on the ground defeated.

Hours later...

Donny awoke in a tent, with bandages wrapped around sections of his body.

"Our scouts saw you take on their army, and Crimson...Though he was one of many people that can use alchemy with little difficulty." Said a large man about seven feet to Donny's left, cooking fish over the small fire. This man was apparently a man who was a squad leader for one of the elitist groups in the army, who was assigned to keep Donny safe. For a week, he kept Donny fed and forced him to remain in the tent, to be sure he was in okay contidition.

"Aight, it's been a week. Come with me to the big man's room." Donny forced himself up onto his feet, stumbling around a bit seeing as he hadent stood on his feet in the last seven days. He follows out the man towards the largest tent in the camp, people staring at Donny in awe. Some of the younger recruits were stuck on Donny's stature, not sure how he managed to survive the fight, and being stuck on how he possibly has a tail. Donny came up to the tent, having ripped all of the bandages off of his body by the time he got to the tent entrance. He walks in, finding himself in a meeting with some of the higher-ups in the army.

"Ah, yes. Come, take a seat." Said one of the men, patting the back of a chair. Donny sat and began to take part in the meeting. They were discussing strategies on how to take their enemies main base, which was in a city which was the central city for quite a large amount of industrial cities. Soon, it came to an end, and all but two left--Donny and the commander. The commander stood at a height of 5'9", with short slid back black hair, wearing a uniform decked with medals and pins. He had similar markings on his hands like the Crimson Alchemist did, Donny taking note of this.

"Now, boy... What is your name?" He said, taking a seat across the table from Donny.

"Eh..Donny. Where am I?" he replied. He was confused, and feeling uneasy in the position that he is in, not knowing anything about this world, or about how he got here in the first place.

"You, Donny, are in the base camp for the 'rebel' or so we're called, base. We have taken you in, after seeing you from a distance during your skirmish with the central army." He said, sounding impressed. "Now, I'm going to offer you a position in our army." Without hesistation, Donny quickly replied "No." The man's eyebrow raised, grinning a bit at Donny's quick response.

"Donny, do you know what the war is about?" He asked.
"No, and I could care less. I want to go home." Donny said.
"Well...wherever your home is, if you go home now before this war is over, it wont be safe with you there. You've fought the Crimson Alchemist, he thinks you're dead." He said. Donny looked at him, seeming troubled. "You see, Donny...We're on the edge of this war, we can take them RIGHT now. This is our chance to strike, they're open on the west wall of their defenses. We can take their headquarters, not even their alchemy could push them to the point of vic--"

"Alchemy?" Donny asked, assuming that is what Crimson was using, recalling somebody referring to him as "Crimson Alchemist".

"Yes, alchemy. You know what alchemy is, don't you?" He asked, puzzled at how one could not know what alchemy was in this day and age.

" I've never even heard of it." Donny replied, confused.

"..Let me...teach you." The man said, beginning to draw odd things on the table."

...A few month later, having pounded endless knowledge about alchemy and wisdom into Donny's mind, the commander Whitefang decides that he is ready for the front lines, ready to make a press. Donny was assigned a special assignment, which would reopen a small undefended portion of central city to be the perfect opening for the 'rebel' army lead by Whitefang. Donny was to completely dismantle central army forces here, which includes Crimson in the end. Crimson was beyond the wall, in a small post on the near outskirts of the city.

Donny left early, nobody realizing that he had gone. He made his way to the wall, moving at an amazing speed through the open fields, to the post. He flew about 30ft. in the air, coming to a stop when he was at a position where he wouldn't be seen, behind one of their own towers. He floated around to the front, quickly moving in on a soldier while his back was turned, knocking him out quickly before he realized Donny was there. He turned around, crouching down to the ground, the other tower guard looking over at Donny in confusion, thinking that he is just another soldier. Donny waved back, nodding his head, assuring that there is nothing wrong. The guard waved, being overcome with relief.

Donny grinned, his blood not pumping unusually, no adrenaline rush pushing through Donny's body. He quickly leapt from the tower to the other guard, taking him out quickly, slamming his face down into the ground. Donny phased out of sight, appearing back on the ground walking towards the camp camly, letting everybody see him coming. They all aimed their weapons at him and began firing. Donny ducked, bolting across the short distance between the soldiers and him, slamming his fist down into the ground, and explosion of ki energy releasing from his fist, blowing them all high up into the air. He continued in, wiping out all of the soldiers, not being subtle about any part of the mission at this point. Once he finished, he stopped, looking up at the wall. He grinned, walking up to it, as Whitefang and his army came up to the base camp, finding it completely dismantled. They looked at Donny, finding alchemic markings flashing off of his skin, them having not been on Donny's body the day before.

Donny's right arm lunged out at the wall, blowing it away under the pressure of his punch. The wall fell hard, dust and rubble resulting. There was chaos, as soldiers began to run into the base, destroying the central army. Donny stood from outside the wall, about fifty feet infront of Whitefang, the commander astonished at what Donny had done to his body. From a tent about thirty feet infront of Donny emerged Crimson, who was dashing full speed at Donny.

Donny lunged forward about one feet raising his arms, before coming into contact with Crimson, their hands meeting, fingers intertwining together.

"So, kid. You managed to survive? Stupid of you to DARE coming back." Crimson said, laughing wickedly. Donny grinned, not saying a thing.

Donny forced Crimson back, charging a ki ball in his hand before launching it at Crimson, who was sending explosions from the ground up from Donny's feet. When both attacks were released, there was a large explosion, which all stopped, turning to face the dust which rose from the blasts. When the dust cleared, Donny was found with his left foot on Crimson's right thigh, his left hand on Crimson's face, which held a wicked grin.

"Please kid, you don't have the guts." He tried to laugh, as Donny applied pressure onto his face, pressing his skull into the ground, Crimson beginning to wince in pain. Donny let up, Crimson laughing.

"I told ya so, kid. You screwed yourself right there!--" He got up, lunging towards Donny. Donny snapped, explosions of energy cutting in the air around Crimson's wrists, blowing his hands off of his arms. Crimson flew down to the ground, and began to shake wildly, holding his open wrists to his gut, trying to not have too much bloodloss.

"Alchemy..can make or break you." Donny mumbled, sighing.

Donny clapped his hands together, the tattoo's in his skin lighting up with a azure blue. Donny began to transmute himself.

He turned, seeing Whitefang fade away, two others coming into view. It was a white room, that wasent a room. It was pure emptyness, pure nothing. Nothing around for miles, oh so clean. Empty.

Donny looked at them, one in a hooded outfit alike what Sinful wore, the other with blonde slid back hair, and a black leather outfit.

"Wh--" Donny began, as the hooded one cut in.

"So, you're the one. We finally truely meet." Said the hooded figure, looking at Donny. The blonde turned to him also, staring at Donny.

"You're...the one, you're him.." He said, sighing.

" I?" Donny said, confused.

"Nowhere." The other two said, the blonde crossing his arms across his chest.

"I..don't get it." Donny said.

"This, is your reality..or is it?" The hooded one said.

"Huh?" Donny said, suddenly blacking out.

The Other

From the darkness emerged Donny, Way to the Dawn in his right hand. He seemed to be in a forest of ice, with an odd feeling in his heart...

"This...isn't right...Where am I?.." He pondered, his hood over his head. He began to look around the forest, leaping across the tree branches.

He went on for hours, not finding an end to the forest. He had seen many odd things along the way from where he started to this point, such as odd creatures, odd statues covered in ice. Eventually, he hopped down to the forest floor, finding himself infront of large steps that lead up to a what looked like a ruined temple. Donny began to climb the steps.

He found himself just feet infront of the large 100ft. tall entrance to the temple, the door looking down at the forest floor. Donny moved in, his hood still over his head, his face shrouded in the shadow which is let off of his hood. He moved into the temple, water trickling from the ceiling of the ruined temple. It seems as if it was crippled somehow by something quite powerful, allowing the years to go by with the forest starting to overtake it. Walls of water pour down from the ceiling down into the temple floor, which empties into streams run underground of the temple, which were broken open through the ground by something. Moss was forming around the temple, the moonlight shining down into the temple from high above.

He stopped in the middle of the room, in the middle of what seemed to be an alchemic inscription.

"Hmm...what happened here was no accident." He said to himself, as he stared down at the inscription. Behind him something moved, the entrance doors slamming shut. Donny turned around, bringing his blade up to parry his foe's oncoming blow.

After the fight, he found himself in a part of the temple that was just a large room, and a big door. The door seemed sealed, not that Donny cared. The door slowly opened, Donny gazing into it for awhile before smiling weakly.

"So...this is it."

The New

Donny set off down the street, leaving Metro on his bike. His blades set tight in their secure spots in the front of his bike, his goggles over his eyes. He didn't know what he was going to do, but he planned on living any way he could make it.

He traveled around to places, keeping to himself. He wandered endlessly, finally coming to a stop in Japan. He went to Donny's old home, finding his way down into caverns where he supposedly emerged onto the planet.

He stopped, hearing a voice. He turned to the water, shaking his head.

"So...time's up."

The Truth, or so We Think

Donny woke up, falling from the sky, plunging down into Metro bay. At this point, he didn't even care what happened. He pulled himself out onto a dock, looking up at a familiar city. The first place he went to was Gambit's Bar's ruins. He had an overflow of memories both happy and sad, so he decided to move on to a new location. He then wandered the earth, without a purpose. He had no clue what was to come of him.

He entered into a tournament and lost his matches. Broken, he left for Valormok city where he would try to get away from everything that would remind him of Metro City, of the tournament. There he meet a man named Circ who helped raise Donny's spirits. Donny had meet another true warrior, one who could understand what it meant to be a warrior. There in the bar moments after Circ had finished his conversation with Donny, there was a gunshot. Pisterzi, one of Donny's old mob partners, shot and killed a rather large man in the corner of the bar.

Donny swiftly took him out, after having some past problems with him.

Back to Metro

Donny returned to Metro City to completely obliterate the last parts of the mob. He planned to take Leon out for good, along with his goons.

He went to the docks and slipped into warehouse 12. Once inside, he took out the minor patrols inside just the cargo portion of the warehouse. He moved downstairs, the warehouse smelling of fish to cover up the smell of the crates full of things the mob sold. Donny arrived at the bottem of the stairs, then began to unleash hell.

On his arrival he let them see him, they began to scream towards Donny in some foreign language he didn't understand. He didnt care though, he thrusted his arm out towards them, launching a massive ki blast down the middle of the room. It not only took out a good half of them, but blew a hole in the warehouse, breaking the support beams that went down into the water. It began to flood quickly, Donny bursting out across the water to find the mob boss.

He found himself infront of a large door, the boss inside. He kicked down the door, a bullet bursting past his right ear. Donny quickly moved in towards the rather large and obese man, clenching his face with his right hand. Donny transmuted his head into a 10-second time bomb, kicking him down to the floor.

"You're a pig." Donny said, seeming to just fade away two seconds before the mob boss' head exploded, along with the warehouse falling apart down into the water.

The Reunion

Donny wandered into another city, it seemed far too much like Metro. It felt like he was in a mirror image of Metro City. He ended up oddly meeting Zhelir, who was with Master..the one that had once revived Donny. They sent out for the others, the old 'gang'. Donny was able to stay at Zhelir's ship for rest, this being the first time he had stopped and calmed down for about six months.

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